cosmic war


November 16, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

As regular readers here know, we've been suggesting that a hidden system of finance was created shortly after World War Two, when President Harry S. Truman took the decision to use recovered Axis loot as the basis to create an entirely off-the-books, top secret system of finance, with the collusion of a few prime banks. I have suggested in two recently books, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, and Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, that the creation of this system injected American intelligence into the world of international banking, international crime, and that the whole purpose of the creation of this system was to fund a long-term mega-Manhattan project to develop technologies of the emulation of the UFO, and eventually, to expand the human presence in space, by covert means and technology if possible, and by overt and publicly known means if necessary.

In return for using this vast haul to leverage a vast credit system, the long term objective, space, was collateralized to offset the enormous risks the bankers involved with it were taking. Recently I've been pointing out that the recent increase in the talk and media attention given to asteroid mining was, perhaps, a minor corroboration of this hypothetical scenario. Now, thanks to Mr. J.K., a regular reader here, there is more information, and more corroboration, that the scenario may no longer be in the realm of "high octane" speculation. It may, on the contrary, quite true:

Companies want a piece of the Moon

The first sentence says it all:

"Corporations are interested in partnering with NASA for lunar and other deep-space initiatives, but will want property rights in exchange, a NASA-commissioned report released on Tuesday shows."

I've suggested this is fundamentally the "Venetian" model that was subsequently used so successfully by the Dutch East Indies Company, the British East Indies Company, and even the Russian-America company under Baranov.  For our purposes, it's important to note that during the period of the existence of these companies, the fleets that they provided were not merely merchant fleets, but, in order to protect their investments from the competition, armed men-of-war, that would eventually become the ships-of-the-line of the Royal Dutch and British navies.

Now, we are being informed in no uncertain terms that the price of private corporate involvement in space is a stake in what's found (collateralization), and this will inevitably imply the creation of corporate "space fleets," inclusive of the creation of armed "space men-of-war" to protect the investments from competition and "whomever." I suggest that we are looking at the "same old players" here: Lockheed-Martin, for example, long involved in U.S. black projects, and the home of skunk works chairman Ben Rich. Rich, it will be recalled, at the end of his life made statements to the effect that "we" had the technology "to take ET home."  So if one can look to the Bransons and other private ventures to privatize and extend the idea of property to local celestial bodies, so too the secrets that have been kept about other technologies by private corporations will gradually come out.  Indeed, Mr. Richard Dolan, who formulated the idea of the breakaway civilization, and who also elaborated what I have called the "three corollaries" of the concept, has also pointed out that the perfect way to maintain UFO secrecy was precisely by corporatizing it: since those corporations involved in defense and armaments would be the same corporations used to analyze and, if possible, emulate UFO performance by technological means, secrets could be closely held and kept.

So what's the bottom line? I suspect that we will see a very slow and very gradual leak of information concerning some of those technologies, as the discussion about "space property" proceeds.I suspect, too, that we will see the transformation of the space efforts of Europe, China, India, Russia, and Brazil, along the lines of the corporatization well under way in America. We will see the very slow but  inevitable rise of "the British Lunar Company" and the "Dutch West Mars company" and the "Russian-Saturn Corporation" and so on, and with them, a replay of the vast colonial-commercial enterprises of the 17th and 18th centuries, along with the privatized militaries they represented.

There is a caveat here, and the reader should bear it in mind. This news does indeed suggest space is being collateralized. And that is corroboration of a very loose sort of my high octance speculation that it was collateralized decades ago. But corroboration is not proof of my wider scenario. That remains high octane speculation, but perhaps the octane levels aren't as high as they once were.

See you on the flip side.