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November 20, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. D.W. in the United Kingdom sent the following article to me, and many of you sent similar articles. Apparently we were all thinking the same thing: something "smells," something is not quite right, with the typhoon in the Philippines and all the resulting human suffering there. In fact, when this occurred, I was searching the internet looking for articles when my email inbox started getting articles being sent from many of you... another strange testament to the fact that the internet revolution is also spurring people to question the spin of major "approved" media outlets.

Did the Philippines Become a Target of Weather Weapons?

As most readers here are aware, I've been in the camp of those who are suspicious that the tsunami and earthquake that led to the Fukushima-Tepko disaster in Japan may have been the product of sophisticated geo-weaponry, weather weapons or both. In that instance, I've argued that the Fukushima disaster, if viewed for the sake of argument that it was an engineered disaster, evidences the emergence of a new playbook by the western financial and technocratic oligarchs. Consider the elements of the recipe: (1) a foreign government that looked like it was beginning to stray off the reservation (recall the quiet overtures about state visits of the Japanese Emperor to China, and the Japanese request to the USA to close its base on Okinawa, long a festering sore in Japanese-American relations); (2) a sharp "warning" (basically a threat) delivered by the USA from then Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the Japanese government that if they continued on that course, there would be unimagineable consequences; and finally (3) the tsunami and earthquake, and the equally suspicious meltdowns of the Tepko nuclear reactors (not to mention, the suspicious indicators that the Japanese may have been up to far more than generating power with those reactors).

Then as this was taking place, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bush I administration, Catherine Austin Fitts, indicated to me and to others during radio interviews, that there was suspicious sell-off activity in the bond markets in southeast Asia... with no apparent reason on any conventional scheme of financial analysis for the sell off.... until a week later when the Indonesian tsunami hit.

Now, with the Philippines, we may have another indicator that a new playbook is in the making, for note that the article indicates that the US "pivot to the Pacific" in response to growing Chinese power in the region, would inevitably involve a renewal and upgrade of American ties to the Philippines. Note that the article clearly indicates there was opposition within the Philippine government, not only to the plan but also to planned US strikes against Syria. Then there's this, which I think is a clear indicator of a new meme being developed for the "playbook:"

"In August of 2013, while the situation in Syria was reaching a boiling point over false chemical weapons allegations, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Filipino President Benigno Aquino to discuss the expansion of the U.S. military in the Philippines. The Obama administration had already been negotiating a deal to secure space for the US military to conduct military maneuvers at several locations in the area. This military deal was met with harsh backlash from the public as Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin of the Philippines was looking to finalize the deal:

We’d want them near disaster-prone areas so they can help out if problems occur“.(Emphasis in the original)

In other words, "we need military bases in your country in order to be able to help you quickly with aid and assistance in case a natural disaster occurs." And oh, by the way, here's a "natural" disaster for you, just to reinforce the point. I strongly suspect this is the new meme, the new playbook, and of course, weather weapons, geo-engineering weapons, both afford the perfect platform for plausible deniability, especially since most of the public still thinks such horrendous weapons are the impossible stuff of the wildest science fiction, rather than a current reality.  To appreciate the somersaulting silliness and arrogance of this meme, imagine China or Russia insisting on military bases in the Amerikan midwest, to "assist localities" hit by tornados (and the Russians could make the point that they have experience in the matter, since they have tornadoes in that country as well).  And, just to reinforce the matter, imagine "high level talks" between Russia and Amerika, where the Amerikans said "no thanks," and while on their way home, various cities in the country were suddenly hit by tornadoes, and Russian Illyushins full of aid (and soldeirs) suddenly descended on Amerikan airports to give "assistance."

If this is not enough to indicate that a new "meme" justifying the placement of military bases around the world is in the works, then it is important to recall that a number of military exercises have also been staged in the Pacific, with the ostensible object of gaming out "disaster relief", and oftentimes in conjunction with other militaries in the region, including the Chinese!

So what's missing from the recipe, the new playbook? only one thing: asteroid impacts... And in that context, simply recall that strange fact that nearly a month before the Chelyabinsk meteor, Prime Minister Medvedev was calling openly for an asteroid defense system. So, yet another reason for those forward military bases; asteroid impacts are "natural" disasters too. for it.

See you on the flip side.