November 22, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Today is the 50th anniversary of the conspiratorial murder of President John F. Kennedy during his open motorcade through Dallas, TX. It is perhaps fitting that the date of the perfidy in 1963 fell on a Friday, and that today, the 50th anniversary of the deed, is also a Friday. For me, it is a bitter memory... I remember where I was when I was a six year old boy, and first heard the news. I was home sick from school, sipping on chicken noodle soup my mother had just cooked, and had just finished watching the old tv game show and was a few minutes into the old soap opera, As the World Turns, when the CBS announcer broke into the program with the flash news from Dallas... and the rest of the day was spent watching in disbelief.

The murder of President Kennedy announced a half century of the theater of blood, a surreal bizarrerie which to contemplate can only leave one - if one is truly honest and paying attention to the details - with a sense that everything is connected to it. It ushered in a new era of the political murder, as Senator Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, HRH Princess Dianna, Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme, Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, and many others, were added to the list of suspicious deaths and bizarre murders. There were serious attempts on the lives of Presidents de Gaulle, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan. On and on one could go.  It ushered in an era of unbelievable scandals, each of which, to the attentive eye, had connections with all the others: the Watergate fiasco, Iran-Contra, Mena Arkansas, the BCCI banking scandal, the collapse of Franklin Bank, Penn Square, the Savings and Loan Scandal, Nugan Hand Bank in Australia. There were the Ruby Ridge and Waco Sieges (remember Janet "it's for the children" Reno?). There were the strange allegations of voting fraud via computerized voting, "Votescam"... a trial run in Reno's home county of Dade county, Florida. There was the Oklahoma City bombing and the strange disappearance of suspects, the suppression of the State of Oklahoma's own investigation and grand jury, the quick demolition of the Murrah Building and the destruction of evidence, the allegations of retired USAF brigadier general Benton Partin that showed clear evidence of demolition charges in the building; there were the 1993 WTC attacks. There was the Baader-Meinhof gang in Europe, the Saville scandal in the United Kingdom with allegations stretching back to the Heath government; there was the Franklin scandal in the USA; there was the P2-G affair in Italy, the murder of Roberto Calvi at London's Blackfriars Bridge; there were the bizarre school shootings from Columbine to Sandy Hook with Batman murders in the theater; Anders Brevik in Norway and the Oslo bombing; there has been all of this and so much more besides, and, of course, the defining "JFK" event of more recent times: 9/11.

For these reasons alone, the conspiratorial murder of JFK still matters. But there are other reasons, deeper and more disturbing reasons, that it still matters. Ask most Americans, and, I suspect, most Canadians, Australians, British, French, Spanish, Italians, Russians, Germans, if they think JFK was murdered by the "lone nut" Oswald, or by a conspiracy, and I suspect one will find that most people think it was a conspiracy. But ask the talking heads of the American media on the left or right, and you will hear answers that basically parrot the Warren Report. The same for 9/11... most people I encounter at least entertain a suspicion or a doubt about the official 9/11 story, and yet, one cannot ever hear of any alternative theory on the mainstream Amerikan media without, at some point, hearing the words or phrase "conspiracy theory" uttered in context, to cast the pall of suspicion over anyone or any theory contrary to the official fable.  It is intriguing and interesting, that the hardened ideological positions both of the left and of the right major media in the USSA, are united on this one point: the Warren Report was right; everyone else is wrong. (And that means, even the Congressional committees that concluded differently).

It matters because, even though the talking heads on the media know their position is nonsense, and know that most people know that it's nonsense, but yet the theater and the fable are continued. And the reason why is simple: the same forces that murdered the president are still running the show today (see the litany of connected scandals in paragraph two above). And those same people own or exert extraordinary influence within the major media and publishing houses to this day, in spite of the dwindling audience for their operas(why have Salieri when you can have Mozart?)  It matters because their methods are still the same: lies, fraud, deception, deceit, theft, broken promises, and murder.

It matters because lies, fraud, deception, theft, broken promises, have never worked as organizing principles for a civil and open society.  So today, if you're in the JFK conspiracy camp, send a message to the purveyors of the official fable: turn them off - television, radio, movies - turn them all off, cancel that subscription to the major newspaper that will produce all the op-ed and "looking back" pieces in defense of the fable, and read a book about the subject instead.

See you on the flip side.