1. FYI, GeorgeAnn Hughes has posted on the Byte Show guest page a new conversation with Joseph about the Kennedy assassination conspiracy and the global fallout since. For new members, these are more in-depth conversations about Dr. Farrell’s books and related topics. Here’s the link: http://www.thebyteshow.com/Guests.html . She’s also posted a new conversation w/ Peter Levenda, also about JFK and world events.

  2. Main problem Lee Harvey Oswald was suppose to have fired two weapons that day a long gun and hand gun. There has never been mention of his body being tested to see if he had fired either weapon. Let alone any witness about his where about that day. I use the term long gun because rifle refers to rifling the barrel of any gun so technicality any rife barrel gun whether hand or long could be called a rifle.

  3. Well done Joseph. Your description of the JFK Assassination as a “deep cultural wound”, ie an assasination of the Chief Executive, done in a very public way, covered up in a very public way is foundational to understanding today’s USA. I realized it is abuse, exactly like child abuse. The child is abused in a family, where the spouse knows, the siblings know, and it continues in plain sight, but nothing is said out of fear of retaliation or worse. The same psychotic chains bind most Americans to the official story. Our sense of self and as a Nation was dealt a potentially fatal blow 50 years ago today. I believe you are correct, that as more and more voices seek answers, the truth will out. Thank you for your devotion to this most important crucial philosophical question, ‘why does it matter’, because the truth goes to the heart of our country.

    1. Judas….stabbing there own fathers, brothers in the back, smiling about the payoffs….and shaking hands with the murderers…..things never change, after the hit on the head, and selling of there soul.

      Earth has to be the laughing stockade of farm animals in the Universe.

  4. As an Australian I visited the US in the mid 70′, and was fortunate to visit Dealey Plaza in Houston. At the time I was saddened by the assassination of a president, however I was unaware of “what really happened”.

    On a subsequent visit to the US I also visited JFK’ immortal place in Arlington National Cemetery. It still didn’t have the impact that it has today. If anything should be remembered today, is the now blatant evidence of an elite, and the conspiracy that the MSM will not go near, that an American president was murdered, but as Jim Marrs has expressed, it was a coup de’tat.

    My heart goes out to the wonderful people of America, and hope that justice someday will come.

  5. JFK plays out like the saga of Jason and the Argonauts….except it was with Astronauts..

    My spidey senses are predicting that the real film will be revealed, and that we have all been had in the most tragic comedy of all time. A golden fleecing of epic proportions.

  6. Frankie Calcutta

    Don’t forget this latest bit of chutzpah from the conspirators:


    They are still milking JFK’s murder for all it is worth.

    One wonders if Putin will let the cat out of the bag with some KGB files on the JFK assassination or even 9/11? That would be the shot across the bow and would signal, in my estimation, the Russians feel they have military parity or even advantage with the anglosphere. It would truly be the coming out party for the open resistance to the satanic cabal.

    John Kerry is one guy who probably can’t wait for his new cyborg shell. Clearly he can no longer keep human form and his botox just is not working. And how about those wonderful stories of him going out and killing civilians in Vietnam during a Christmas truce? His grandpa Cohn would be proud. May those dead Vietnamese be a present to the wizard Jesus in that vat of boiling hot rabbi excrement in Hell. Not my words, theTalmud’s.

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