1. Except that many millions of people now do know the truth. Just because the MSM remains mum does not mean the truth hasn’t got out in a big way. It is hard to believe that pre-911 The History Channel ran “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” several times. That one show right there got quite close to the heart of the conspiracy and was viewed by millions. It is inconceivable now that The History Channel would get anywhere near this film. Youtube is definitely keeping the torch lit though.

  2. Unfortunately like 9/11 the truth will never come to light, as the years go on anybody who knows the real truth will be dead, and there you have it.

    Death finalizes everything, including the truth.

  3. This is my own humble and ignorant POV on what was stolen from us(US) via the coup

    If JFK would have lived this is a possible scenario on what would have transpired:
    0. No Vietnam war
    I. Joint Space venture with the Ruskies..
    II. End of the Cold War
    III. H3 mining of the moon / Anti-Gravitic propulsion????
    IV. Big Oil loses it’s monopoly status.
    V. CIA is replaced by US Army for international intel gathering.
    VI. Silver Certificate replaces FRN.
    VII. Space Stations and factories are established in the 1970’s. Material Science explosion due to anti gravity / total vacuum production processes.
    VIII. Social Security becomes self funding. Becuz, all of the funds weren’t diverted to the MIC and Vietnam..
    IX. Permanent Moon Colony established by a United Earth Space Federation
    X. Permanent tech sector financial sector expansion.
    XI. Mining Asteroid Belt starts in the 1980’s.
    XII. Mars landing 1990’s.
    XIII. No Gulf War # x, y, z..
    XIV. Possible acceptance into Galactic Federation due to 30 years of proven peaceful scientific progress..
    XV. Hence no “War w/o End Amen” foreign policy. That we have today..

    I’m a former New Orleanian, met Jim Garrison at age 12. The summer the Shaw investigation was leaked to the press.

  4. The real clincher for me has always been the Youtube titled “JFK Secret Service Standdown” and of course the interviews with LBJ’s mistress also on Youtube. I have convinced more people of the conspiracy just by directing them to those two videos than by any other means.

  5. Infowars has a short video of the two secret service agents running at the back of JFK’s limo being ordered off. One repeatedly throws up his arms in disbelief. Apparently they are there to help block any rear shots or distract shooters. The site also has footage of “rampaging” sheriff’s deputies at a Dallas memorial. However the police reaction seems far more subdued than the word rampaging would imply.

  6. just to add insult to injury regarding the possible Oswald double:


    I have no idea if this info is valid; but I came to the conclusion a long time when there’s bizarre smoke there’s even a more bizarre fire behind it so I wouldn’t immediately rule this out- but I just don’t know for sure-


  7. Here I am all these years after this horrific event and I’m still angry over the obvious BS. If we really had an open democratic society the Warren Report would be unsealed this is how we could truly honor the man . We who live through this will never have closure and for those who have minds the lose of our great potential is obvious .

  8. Does anyone else but me find it just a little strange that the Bush Family WAS NOT at today’s Dallas Memorial? According to a news report yesterday, Bush Junior made an “unscheduled” visit in Scottsdale, AZ to give a speech to a bunch of Republithug governors. I mean, he’s a Texan, for crying out loud.

    Is it possible that Ethel Kennedy order the Bush family to STAY AWAY from Dallas today … because she “knows”?


      1. Yes, sometimes it’s not what you “do see” at an event, but what you “don’t see” … or WHO you don’t see.

        Whaddya bet somebody will ask George W. where he was today and he will just say: “I don’t remember.”

        pfffttt …. high time to be done with ALL of them.

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