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This is an intriguing article about a recent South African study of the amount of GMO maize in that country. While I won't go into extensive commentary, it is to be remembered that that country is the most recent major addition to the BRICSA bloc, and that I've been predicting increasing BRICSA pressure on the issue of GMOs:

AFRICANS CONTAMINATED BY GM/GE MAIZE MEAL Original article at Namaste Publishing http://namastepublishing.co.uk/africans-contaminated-by-gmge-maize-meal/


  1. Milton Zentmyer

    And displeasure is the only response by this country???? Really, displeasure at being murdered slowly? This is an act of war on the populations of the world. What has happened to our instincts for survival?

  2. Milton Zentmyer

    I truly hate the elites and science elites of these corporations. There is no doubt that their science tells them exactly what other studies in other countries who ban this stuff tell them. They know what they are doing and they are also want to monopolize the food system while killing us. Monsters, truly.

    All the while they have a doomsday seed vault containing all the life giving seeds that have been around for thousands of years…..for whom?

  3. Frankie Calcutta

    In my forthcoming book: “Gene-ocide” I call for the use of genetically modified food, vaccinations, and aerial spraying for the purpose of eliminating the alien gene found in so many different groups of homo sapiens which gives them such a selfish and destructive hive mentality. My research demonstrates that that specific hive gene can be transformed into one that will make the carrier hold hands with complete strangers and skip instead of walk. Truly fulfilling that desperate dream of the great PCP prophet, Rodney King: a world where “everybody gets along.”

    1. its the a lien gene, as putting a lien on your soul.
      the UN usual suspects……

      4th (riech) coming book…..rumor has it they modified humans with monkeys for the lien stage of human soul reaping….of course the monkey men out bred the eaters of good and evil, (u whura at star trek communications, aka the black box for the plane crash) and ate them and then…..with a few “sideways” maneuvers…..restarted the system in there image……hence curious george in the white house.


  4. Robert Barricklow

    The world is being divided into those countries that are following the orderss: EAT IT!
    And those who are against EATING IT!

    (shades of breaking the egg at the top or bottom)

  5. We are doing our best Joseph. But it is an uphill battle. As always Main Stream Media is pro GMO, and only independent media publishes the facts. We recently had this article published a woman’s fashion magazine titled:

    “is GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD THE monster we think it is? The short answer is no. The long answer? No, not at all. In fact, the much bigger question is why there is so much hysteria surrounding the subject.”

    My response was:

    “Lipstick With Matching Shoes Versus Anti-GMO Lobby.”


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