1. These slavemaster junkies have been getting their highs dishing out all sorts dope firewater killer opium killer cocaine killer nicotine just name the drugs stuff. Then comes the real deadly stuff ideas ideological theological political economical scientific sociological mind rot as O’Brian says in 1984 power is their real drug and their political sycophants zombies come dirt cheap.

  2. speaking of genetically modified po’s Robert Mugaewe has pledged to put an African on Mars before the decade is through. According to sources, the space ship, Module Utilizes Hydrogen Descent Inserts Kunte Kinte. ( a pseudonym?) Paying tribute too famous African author of Roots. Not to be out done, Liberia president for life, who astonishingly was voted in a landslide with the slogan he killed my ma he killed my pa I learned my lesson has vowed to keep it real by getting there earlier. Prototype for his space box, named John Engines Naturally Keep Implosions Mobile. Political twilight zone analysis have sparked a debate if this is blindfolding renascent of Americas civil war followed by its moon landing. Kenyan dictator, Barack Obama has pledged floride, and film maker Spike Lee has offered his support. A leading soft drink supplier has pledge 3 trillion Zim Dollars ( US32) and is launching the official drink PuTang in support of this historic mission which will go down in infamy.

    Just rumors mind you.

  3. They seed the air with aluminium, they destroy the bees with the pesticides GMOs were supposed to reduce – due to mother nature fighting back, GMOs need more pesticide, they cross contaminate organic areas, they poison the public water with Fluoride, Arsenic and more, they want us vastly reduced, managed, farmed and taxed. Hold on, there’s a song here. maybe we can upload our protest songs DR.JF?

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