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December 22, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

You'll recall that last Thursday on News and Views from the Nefarium (Dec 19, 2013), I noted that DARPA, the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency(or the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, to give it its cover name), is deploying a space surveillance telescope to Australia, ostensibly to watch softball sized space debris. In and of itself, the explanation is entirely plausible and makes sense. After all, who wants to have their multi-million  dollar satellite ruined by a head on collision at thousands of miles per hour with a softball orbiting the Earth? (See SST Australia: Signed, Sealed and Ready for Delivery)

I also talked about two articles concerning Lunar and Martian mineral rights:

Lunar Mineral Rights secured by Dr. Joseph Resnick et al

Mars Mineral Rights secured by Dr. Joseph Resnick et al

Now, in these days of an internet hoax per minute, I argued in the News and Views that the last two articles could be jokes, but I urged that one approach them seriously for the sake of argument, even if they were elaborate jokes. The reason? With all the talk lately about asteroid mining(in parked lunar orbit, remember), and with my scenario that space and what was in it were collateralized long ago, shortly after World War Two, in a hidden system of finance designed in part to fund a long term Manhattan Project on steroids to develop hidden technologies, I think we are looking at the careful, slow, and deliberate social engineering of the public to accept a militarization of space in order to protect commercial interestsIn yesterday's News and Views, I also took a page from Mr. Richard M. Dolan's, and Mr. Bryce Zabel's intriguing book, A.D.: After Disclosure, wherein they observe that the best way to maintain secrecy about the UFO and related space matters would be precisely to privatize, or ccorporatize it. Conveniently, in terms of this hypothesis, the above two articles about mineral rights present an odd list of selenic and Martian landscapes where mineral rights have already by claimed. Amazingly enough (or perhaps not so amazingly), the areas include areas where anomalies have long been debated between "believer" and "skeptic," such as the Cydonia region on Mars.

As I've been arguing, commericalization, collaterization, and mining inevitably imply the eventual militarization to protect those interests. After all, Venice didn't just send commerce galleys to England and the Middle East; she sent war galleys to protect them. It was the beginning of the modern alliance between the military and commerce - and of course, banking - that has so characterized the last five hundred years of imperialism, and the same model is being reinvented.

Now, into this mix we add a healthy dollop of terrestrial geopolitics, courtesy of Russia's defense minister, Dmitri Rogozin, who wants a Russian lunar base(this article courtest Ms. P.H.):

Rogozin: Russia Should Build Lunar Base

Now note a few crucial things: Rogozin, as we've noted on this site before, heads Russia's space and defense ministries (what does that tell you?). And he heads Russia's equivalent of the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency. In other words, of one looks closely at that is going on here, Russia has the equivalent of the Venetian State Arsenal, and its all about space. Thus, as in the beginning of the age of exploration ca. five hundred years ago,  a new type of technocrat is being born: the space-science-commerce-military technocrat, backed by big political power, and big money. Think Cabot, Champlain, and, yes, Columbus, here. The space-adopted versions of the Dutch East Indies Company and Dutch West Indies Company are not far behind, and, as we've noted on this website, the companies and corporations are already being formed.

In addition to this, Rogozin wants Russia to build a lunar base. Not Russia and Europe. Or Russia and China. Or Russia and Japan. There is no "Russia and..." here, just Russia. I strongly suspect Mr. Rogozin's choice of words here was not merely an oversight, but deliberate, especially in the wake of China's landing of the first soft-landed lunar probe in almost four decades(!). There is, in short, a scramble beginning to take shape; we are on the cusp of an age of exploration, commercialization, and military adventurism in space just as we were a little over five hundred years ago.  Rogozin sees this, and is simply announcing that Russia will not be counted out, and can be counted on to militarize its interests as quickly as it is able.

There is yet another model being played out as well, the model of direct state-sponsored commercialization and militarization, the model that we see China, and now, to a certain extent, Russia, employing, and the mercantilist model being developed in the West of direct corporate exploration and exploitation of space.  Russia and China, in short, are playing the roles of modern-day Spain and Portugals, and the West, more the role of the Netherlands, France and England.  The parallels are both striking and, to this author, a little unsettling. (For example,  we all know that eventually the scramble ended in a series of world wars between the Big Three of the West, Spain, France, and England, that ultimately left England mistress of the seas with an empire on whose flag the sun never set).

But it means something else, and something profoundly disturbing, something suggested by Msrs. Dolan and Zabel: with the privatization and corporatization of space, comes proprietary secrecy to whatever might be found there, or below the surfaces of the celestial bodies where humanity might explore. A secrecy backed up by DARPA-like organizations able to analyze and interpret discoveries for their corporate masters.

So either way folks, along the Russian-Chinese model, or the mercantilist model that is evolving in the West, I don't see any early end to space secrecy, unless of course, someone else puts an end to it in a rather dramatic and unmistakeable public fashion.

See you on the flip side.