7 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 19 2013”

  1. Pay close attention to those 3 gentlemen. There is more to this than meets the eye. Does anyone else find it interesting that they have these claims and also that these guys are experts in camoflage & cloaking technology. They also have close ties to HAARP. Check out the links below…


    If anyone could hide any sort of operations in space or at some remote mining facility etc. it would be this crew.

  2. Cydonia, they will probably want to turn the Face on Mars into a theme park. However first they have to “get there”, enter Lockheed Skunkworks as the transport company.

    Somebody should write a book on this issue, but what about a title, well, how about “The Man in the Moon and other Fantasy Dreams” by co authors Darth Vader and Lucus Skywalker. Published by New Alternative & Strange Arena’s (NASA).

  3. Robert Barricklow

    A joke with meaning.
    Just as in the book/ Freedom of Expression(R): Overzealous Copyright Bozos and Other Enemies of Creativity by Kembrew Mcleod. The author/professor literally trademarked “freedom of expression” as a joke. Taking an over-the-moon approach toward the obsene trend of privatization: melodies, genes, pulbic space, [and as we know- literally the “moon”, “mars” & “space” itself], the English language, ect., ect.. The war is on. It is private vs public. “They” don’t won’t settle for a “balance” between the two.
    “They” literally want to own it all – including “you”!

  4. nobodyouwantoknow

    مافهمت شيء من الفلم ليه ماعطاه فلوسه ليه سرق خوييه ومطلعينه انه مش مخطي وصديقه يقوله وين وديت الفلوس ويكذب عليه ويقول مامعي شيء انا مااخذت شيء ويقتله ويروح يطلع فلوس من مزهريه ويروح اتوقع هذي فلوسه محتفظ فيها او هي

  5. ancient nile delta is layed out as the milky way, at one time the pyramids had lights and shone like stars and when viewed from above it looked like the milky way.
    So now WE ALL KNOW, as above so below…..period end of story. (ps please realize that you didnt figure that out and humble yourself that you dont know anything and neither do i, except when lied too )

    The space they are militarizing is this planet, which is your father which use too be known as GAYa…..by an invading force from another planet…my hunch they are from E art H…as in your father who ART in Heaven.

    Merry Christmas Doc and everyone that shares in the spreading of the truth and putting an end to the criminal enter-prize.

  6. Before we think about these thieves looting the Asteroids, Mars, the Moon. They’re getting ready to loot Antarctica there’s diamonds inn them mountain’s look down before looking down.

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