Top 10 Ways You Can Promote the Giza Community

If you're looking for ways to promote our public content and help Giza grow, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Give us a Plus: Click the +1 button on the home page. Let the web know it's a site worth visiting.
  2. Plus Favorite Posts: At the top of any non-member post, click the +1 button. Members-only posts won't produce a working link for non-members.
  3. Share Favorite Posts:  Join a sharing network (Reddit, Digg, Delicious, or Stumpleupon) and, at the bottom of a favorite non-member post, click the corresponding button and share. Members-only posts won't produce a working link for non-members. Be sure to include a brief description of why the post is valuable.
  4. Twitter Jockies: If you have a big Twitter audience, click the "Tweet" button at the top of your favorite posts and share with your followers. Alternately, go to the Giza Twitter Feed and "retweet" your favorites. Tip: don't exceed 3 tweets/day.
  5. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel:  Go to the Giza Youtube Channel and click "Subscribe".
  6. Share News and Views: Go to the Giza Youtube Channel, click on any News and Views video you think is valuable, and click SHARE. Most valuable options include Google Plus, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  7. Youtube Stars: If you have a big Youtube audience, or your Youtube channel is connected to your other social networks (Facebook, Twitter) [see settings], go to the Giza Youtube Channel, click on any News and Views video you think is valuable, and click either the thumbsup (like) or ADD TO and add it to your favorites.
  8. Stay Informed: Want to get Giza by e-mail? It's simple: visit the Giza news feed and click "Get Giza Death Star delivered by email". Be sure to look for the e-mail confirmation link in your inbox (check your SPAM, TRASH and/or ALL MAIL folder if you don't see it).
  9. Make a Video Testimonial: Instructions here.
  10. Buy someone a gift membership: Annual memberships are a great gift item. You can create a brand new paid account with a giza account login as part of the process (be sure to let them know your username and password) or (perhaps eaisier), you can create a new login first, then use the "upgrade" option to upgrade it to a paid membership. You'll control the subscription in your own paypal account and can cancel before it renews, if you like.
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