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January 27, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was sent to me by a regular reader here, Ms. P.H., and I think this one definitely has to be passed along, for a very simple reason. As many of you know, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts, in a number of interviews and talks, has suggested that "manipulated weather" can be detected by its concurrence with political contexts, or announcements  or moves - particularly in the financial sector - that have few if no real "reasons" for the activity.  In this respect, she has mentioned a massive sell-off of Indonesian sovereign debt securities and other Indonesian securities approximately a week prior to the tsunami that struck that country. The activity had no real explanation, until, of course, the tsunami struck a week later.  "Oh my God they knew," and if they knew, then their ability either to predict or manipulate weather and geophysical events vastly exceeds public knowledge. Well, with that in mind, ponder this article:

Russia Predicts Far East Tsunami in 2014

You'll note too that the earthquake-tsunami one-two punch is expected near the northernmost island of the Japanese chain, Sakhalin Island... of course, the power elites rarely oblige us by fulfilling such predictions, but there is much in this short little article to give me pause to consider some "high octane speculation."  As most of you are probably aware, I've been entertaining, since the tragedy first unfolded, that the disaster that hit Japan was somehow not quite normal and natural. While I have not a shred of proof beyond some strangely suggestive "context and comments," the whole ongoing Fukushima mess just does not make sense, including the Japanese government's unusually inept and incompetent response to it.  That response - particularly in the initial and hours and days after the disaster - led me(and others incidentally) to suspect that there was a coverup of "something" with respect to Fukushima, and that many including this author suspected was a secret nuclear weapons program. 

In the "it was not a natural event column," many pointed to seismic readings, HAARP output readings, and so on, but for me, the decisive considerations were the then moves by the Japanese government to assert more of its own sovereignty vis-a-vis requesting the USA close its base at Okinawa, and there were some subtle but important attempts to bury the hatchet with China... now, of course, talks of state visits of the Japanese Emperor to Beijing are anathema on both sides of the China sea... in short, the geopolitical climate, the great "might-have-been" of a few years ago, has turned almost 180 degrees.  What happened?

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates happened, that's what happened. For me, this was one of the decisive considerations, for as the then Japanese government was making these moves, Secretary Gates issued to Japan a statement that could not be taken in any other way by that (or any other) nation as nothing short of a direct threat; Gates said in effect that if Japan continued its then present course there would be "dire consequences." A short time later, the earthquake-tsunami struck that country, and shortly after that, some Japanese began to question the whole official story and to suspect that the event was a deliberate attack and manifestation of a hidden and weaponized technology. And it's easy to see why the greater context here is significant to the interpretation of the Fukushima disaster, and why such speculations as we are entertaining here should not be discounted, for simply put, the USA - having antagonized not only enemies and neutrals but friends and allies, could ill afford the massive geopolitical consequences even of the exchange of a respectful bow between China and Japan.

Or to put it even more plainly, for Americans, Pearl Harbor is still a memory, and to people such as Gates within the national security apparatus, it is a symbol, indeed, their very raison d'etre. Conversely, for the Japanese, including many fanatical elements, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still memories, and indeed, symbols. And for some fanatical elements hidden in the upper echelons of power in that country, and particularly in the notorious Yakuza, reminders of a score to be settled.

Now we finally come to Russia, and why this article - short though it may be - is so strange. The Russians are no more insulated from making "tabloid predictions" than anyone else. But I suspect we're not looking at the normal "generalized scientific speculation" with this article, and here's why:

Recall that a month before the Chelyabinsk meteor incident, then President Dmitri Medvedev stated publicly that Russia should prepare a space defense system to defend against - you guessed it - asteroids. A month later, as if to punctuate the announcement, the Chelyabinsk meteor conveniently and in my opinion suspiciously rips across the Russian skies, and just as conveniently and suspiciously explodes. Now, exploding meteors or bollides are not all that unusual, but in this instance, Russian state TV also obligingly ran videos captured by Chleyabinsk locals that look as if something and someone caused that explosion.

Going further back in history, as I pointed out years ago to some friends privately, in the final days of the tottering Soviet Union, Russia was hit in the transcaucusus region, home to then Soviet Foreign Minsiter Eduard Shervadnadze, with several devastating earthquakes... just as Helmut Kohl's Germany was in the process of its shotgun Wiedervereinigung with East Germany...

So what are we getting at in the final analysis? Bear with me, for this is not only high octane speculation, but some, I am sure, would describe it as "oxygen-deprived" speculation. What I'm getting at is simply this: If the technology to produce earthquakes (and therewith tsunamis) exists, then so does the technology for the detection of its use, and I suspect that part both of the weaponized and of the predictive technology consists of a more detailed "map" of the Earth's interior than "they" are letting on; such indeed would be a secret of the same extreme classification as hydrogen bombs, ICBM launch codes, and so on. Such earthquake-producing technology, as I outlined in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, would be based upon the exploitation of such geophysical knowledge of high tension areas, and these areas in turn would be monitored by careful attention to VLF, ULF ELF(very/ultra/ extremely low frequency, respectively) longitudinal waves. That monitoring would thus also permit the ability to know when certain areas are under greater than normal stress, and when one possessing the weaponized technology could "tweak them" or "tickle" them, disturbing the delicate equilibrium of built up stress and... voila! earthquake.

If all this sounds like the wildest science fiction, it is. But the problem is, that the very speculation, as I have outlined it in the preceding paragraph, has been around for a long time, and was presented by various people involved in the US defense and research establishment.

And with the Russians it is always necessary to read between the lines, for once more, they may just be sending messages that they know all about it, and about the future (and past), "geophysical events" in the Pacific. So if they are going to send messages about such technologies and their use, watch for them(or their allies and surrogates) to publish articles in the future precisely about the types of analysis I am suggesting.

See you on the flip side...