January 13, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past two days I've been writing about the story of the problems of repatriating Germany's gold. You'll recall that I've argued that one cannot understand current secrecy and obfuscation concerning this issue, without an understanding of the history and hidden system of finance behind it, and the covert arrangements that were put into place during and after World War Two by the highest echelons of the Allied and Axis elites to implement that system.

I've suggested, in those blogs, that pulling on the golden Ariadne's thread of Germany's bullion reserves was a thread that would lead all the way through the labyrinth to the beast at the heart of it all, and the institutions and families supporting it.

In that respect, one should consider this news, kindly shared with me by Mr. T.M.:

Did US Intell Help Smuggle Hitler to South America?

Now, for readers unaware of it, Jerome Corsi is somewhat of a "fixture" in the alternative research community, and a well-respected researcher. I just read Mr. Corsi's book concerning the survival of Adolf and Eva Hitler from the war, and  I concur in the main with the summary of its arguments:

"Corsi brings to light many troubling questions, including:

  • Why were the Americans unable to obtain physical evidence of Hitler’s remains after the Russians absconded with his body?
  • Why did both Stalin and Eisenhower doubt Hitler’s demise?
  • Why did nobody in Hitler’s bunker hear any shots fired?
  • Did U.S. intelligence agents in Europe, including the OSS and Allen Dulles (who later headed the CIA under President Eisenhower), aid Hitler’s escape, as they did with so many other Nazis?
  • Argentinean media reported Hitler arrived in the country and it continued to report his presence. Why have the findings not made it to the US?"

Indeed, as I have pointed out in The Nazi International and other books, Argentina is the forgotten World War Two belligerent, and its perspective on postwar events is all but ignored in mainstream Western Media.  (Consider: that curious Eisenhower "disappearance" in 1954 folks that so many in ufology think was to talk to "ETs" at a certain US Air Force base, or was he really just visiting a certain hotel cum-plastic surgery clinic in Argentina, as the Argentines maintain?) Its role and perspectives are signally important to a proper understanding of postwar history, including the persistent stories, since the end of the war, of Hitler's presence in and around San Carlos di Bariloche and the Rio Negro province.

But the reasons for that malign presence are even more significant, and the article strongly suggests them:

"(Corsi) presents documentary evidence Allen Dulles’ wartime mission in Switzerland included helping Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary, to funnel billions of dollars of Nazi ill-gotten financial gain out of Germany and invest in the U.S. and Argentinian stock markets to provide a financial cushion to survive in hiding after the war."

Well, this is the argument that I and other researchers have been making as well. But it would appear Mr. Corsi has added a new factor to consideration: namely, the exchange of a postwar hideout and non-prosecution for war crimes to Herr und Frau Hitler, in return for access to that vast pile of plunder the Nazis had looted from occupied Europe.

Pulling on that golden Ariadne's thread of German bullion reserves thus inevitably invokes the dirty deals done between the corporate elite of the American and German "military industrial complexes", and that leads ultimately to the implied dirty deals some within the Allied (and mostly American) camp made with Martin Bormann, and his boss. And it recalls some observations I made in The Nazi International: the German armed forces surrendered, and that could be taken to mean Germany did. But no one was present at either the Rheims or Berlin ceremonies signing for the Reich government itself, nor for the Nazi Party. It is a curious omission that, in the wider context of secret financial and intelligence deals and postwar Nazi "fusion" experiments in Argentina, make one wonder if that omission was not intentional. What was it that he said? Oh yea: "There will never again occur a November 1918 in German history," and "I have never known the word 'surrender.'"

And of all the people able to point a very aware and knowing finger at complicit American corporations and families that helped him and his regime into power, and of all the people that knew where he had instructed his lackey Bormann to "bury his treasure," it was Adolf Hitler.  He and Bormann both knew of the depth of the deal struck with US General Siebert, and OSS station chief Allen Dulles, whose brother, John Foster, was Eisenhower's secretary of State.

See you on the flip side.