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January 20, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Pardon me today, but I've just got to rant, because I greet this new year with, well, a "here-we-go-again" sigh.

I'm in a bit of a "mood" today, because like it or not, we Americans (and therewith, the rest of the world)have to suffer through yet another "(s)election cycle" of goofy Dummycrook and Republithug politicians (already one of the Schrubbs is poking around, snout to the ground, sniffing things out, while the opposition cackles her torturous way through avoiding yet more uncomfortable questions), pretending they're for the good of the country and the American people, while they shaft us and the rest of the world with "health insurance company care" and empire building and "progressive" or "conservative" (take your pick) values.  I'm in a snit because this is also the 100th anniversary year of the outbreak of World War One, the "war to end all wars," and one of the stupidest conflicts mankind ever stumbled into, not to mention the way it was fought, as the Western Allied Powers essentially laid siege to Central Europe(Germany and Austria-Hungary). I link the two - the latest American (s)election cycle, and the stupidity of World War One - because World War One shows politicians at their stupidest, and the current bevy of John Boehners, Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids, Mitch McConnells, Bushes and Clintons and Christies and the whole rotten crew associated with their parties, not to mention the military "advisors" pushing for invasions  to crush Iraq, or was that Serbia(what was his name, Colin von Hoetzendorff, Konrad Powell?), are just as intelligent as Bettmann-Hollweg, Poincare, Asquith, and the idiotic bumblers that staggered into World War One, driven by the insane technologies behind 'mobilization."

Among the insanity, perhaps only Count Sergei von Witte stands out as the only nearly-sane one, advising - nay, pleading with - Tsar Nicholas II that war with Germany would be disastrous for Russia (and it was). Austria did not survive the war as a great power (kinda hard to have an effective military when your lovely Skoda 42cm howitzers require a user's manual written in 26 different languages, and it's kinda hard to teach people how to fire 16" guns using comic book picture-drawings... European Union and North American multiculturalists take note), and the tsarist regime collapsed to be replaced by something far more insidious, brought about by conniving politicians in Berlin and New York with connections to a prominent banking family with one branch in each belligerent. Russia's Bolshevist government surrendered to Imperial Germany, which occupied the Ukraine, portions of Byelorussia, and what would become the Baltic States. It was subjected to a system imposed on it by Imperial Germany and the bankers in New York, that would last until its collapse under Gorbachev.

Stupidity thus has consequences.

Thus, voting for the same two groups of crony crapitalists with every (s)election cycle and falling for "this time hope and change really means hope and change" and expecting it to change is, as Einstein once observed, a form of insanity. The party of slavery was and is and will always be the party of slavery. The party of the suspension of habeus corpus while it imposes its "morality" on everyone will always be the party of "national security" and corporate empire-building and suspensions of due process to fight its wars.


... perhaps things will change, perhaps people are in the process of waking up and registering that resounding vote of "no confidence" in both their rotten and corrupt houses, for a new Gallop poll shows something very interesting:

Record High Americans Identify as Independent

In other words, neither Republithuggery nor Dummycrookery can claim to be the majority party. They're simply the parties of oligarchical interest, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that that is all they are, in a system that no longer represents in any ethically legitimate fashion that growing middle, now at 42%.  The chart shows something else, very interesting I think. Note that Republithuggery identity rises after the Clinton years, as it rose after the Carter years. Note also, however, that it falls after both Bush administrations, but, unlike in previous years, and in spite of the ineptitude - and I am being kind - of the Obama administration on just about every level I can think of (sorry if this offends you progressives out there), there is no rise in the tide of Republithuggery, rather, a continuing fall, and a rise of independents.

Now, if the real progressives in Dummycrookery would just abandon that party(it's no more "progressive" than the Republithugs are "conservative"), maybe, just maybe, there could be a real political dialogue, and perhaps, some real hope and change. But for now, I am sticking to my "no confidence" guns. To be sure, I'll probably tune in to See No News, or See BS news, or Faux news occasionally, just to remind myself of just how silly it's become.  And I'll probably have to do the occasional obligatory "rant" here as I tune into this or that talk show or focus group, just to vent.

So bear with me folks, and those of you still supporting the nutty "left" or the kooky "right," bear with me too, for I claim my individual right to be wrong and ideologically impure and politically incorrect.

See you on the flip side...