1. He’s pretty much toeing the line of the “disclosure” movement, which makes me think he is part of that psywar op. His statements will be seen as crazy by the mainstream, proof positive by the “true believers,” basically without substantiation, and sprinkled with bits of truth, just for the proper seasoning.

    He may be an honest, “useful idiot,” or he may be an intel “player” injecting more “meme juice” into the mix. I’ll bet the elite are analyzing the NSA data stream to gauge the effect and flow of influence of this appearance throughout society. He made a point to plant some clearly radical silliness, like “God’s UFOs,” into the mix, whch makes me think he’s a player, or at least being used.

    Could be a message to “someone,” also.

    1. I agree. That article screams Psy-op. Besides, Russia Today is a KGB [ or whatever they’re called now ] propaganda tool. But like any propaganda, they have to let a little truth slip out.

  2. Yep. They’re making Paul Hellyer out to be a nutter.

    But look what he had to say in 2005: “Later that year, he accused former president George W. Bush of building a military base on the moon, the first step in what he considered the U.S. military’s secret plot to start an “intergalactic war.”

    Yup. Anyone who believes THAT is possible is SURELY nuts, riiiggghhhttt?

  3. terminally skeptical

    Hellyer has done good and brave work over the decades. I didn’t watch the reel because it is another near 1/2 hour time sinkhole. If this is in fact what he said without contextual tampering by those who would stand to gain by making him seem ridiculous then it has to be his weakest declaration ever. Seriously, how could ETs even benefit from such a low level manipulation? True or not, it makes him seem paranoid and casts a shadow on his broader message.

    Perhaps he’s loosing some of his faculties in his later years or is being inundated with beam weaponry compromising his thinking.

  4. Here we go again. More confirmation of the Rosen Affidavit.
    Oh, By the way, the Daily Dot link provided for this article was flagged by my computer as infected. I thought you might want to know.

  5. My home internet is provided by fibre optic cable, so according to Lt. Phillip Corso I have ET to thank.

    What’s a guy to believe?

  6. I feel sorry for Defense Minister Hellyer. I think he’s being unkindly used by elements within the establishment as a stooge for the start of a major disinfo campaign against Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group which is planning major Congressional and UN hearing initiatives on disclosure next month. Defense Minister Hellyer was one of the witnesses in last May’s Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington. Compared with the testimony of all the expert witnesses and researchers, his was the weakest and least credible sounding as it did like science fiction fantasy. The ‘conspiracy theorists’ debunkers will play this for all it’s worth to up the ridicule factor of ET disclosure, regardless …

  7. Look on the bright side.
    At least these not-so-clever ETs are only able to make your Wi-Fi go slow.
    Get a wired connection and you’ll be sweet.

  8. I thought the Canadians were at lest saner than the USA. But seems they as crazy cocaine using city mayors and fantasizing minsters of defense. Well they have about the same ancestors so in the end not surprising. Thou there might be some truth in the defense minster reviving.

  9. I was going to send this to you last week but changed my mind when I saw the intergalactic, brotherly love message in the article lol.

    Still, I can’t help but wonder what his motive(s) is/are?

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