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Here's a thought provoking article from Zero Hedge on that ineluctable correlation between physics and finance that I've written about in a couple of books:

Keynes and Copernicus


  1. Robert Barricklow

    Too bad our “representatives” are too dumbed-down to understand economics. But, given that people like Paul Krugman are given Noble Prizes for swallowing bogus economics; it’s kind of a no brainer, that most americans are basically clueless – to the ongoing grand theft of the “globalized” economy.

  2. They both were thinkers and saw through the dividing lines between finance and physics and all other knowledge.

  3. terminally skeptical

    Frankly I’m baffled here. “Ineluctable correlation”? Copernicus was as stated a polymath who also understood what even a contemporary Joe Average can comprehend, at least in a basic sort of way, that if you have a non stop money printing press the face value and buying power of that currency goes ever downward. No physics there.

    Enter Keynes, whose posthumous thesis on the topic of Newton delivered by his brother before the Royal Society, included the mention of Newton’s financial prowess. Newton, like Copernicus, was a master of multiple disciplines but neither man’s physics was prerequisite to their thoughts on currency debasement. These were just 2 guys who liked physics and economics and came to the same conclusion about what beats down the value of money. So where is the correlation?

    1. Mr terminally skeptical, I’m calling you out… have you actually read any of the good Dr Joseph’s books? You obviously haven’t read “Babylon’s Banksters” or you wouldn’t be questioning the link between physics and finance. Instead of nitpicking I reckon you should go read the book. You definitely seem to have a brain, I’m sure most subscribers here would value your thoughts if you have something constructive to say about a book you’ve actually read.

      1. terminally skeptical

        And right you are Mr Tim H. I’m waaaay overdue for more of Doc’s offerings.

        I’ve read only The Philosopher’s Stone a few years so I’m gonna bury my nose twixt the covers of Babylon’s Banksters. I took your advice, just ordered it and hope this helps address some of the apparent missing knowledge abyss in which I seem to find myself from time to time here at GDS.

        1. Outstanding! I’m sure you’ll find a lot to think about in BB’s – one of his best in my opinion. In a way I envy you – there are 18 or so more of Dr Joseph’s books for you to sink your teeth into! Enjoy.

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