Babylon's Bankers


February 16, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later folks... one simply cannot have a "suicide" of five bankers (and rumors of a suspicious death of a reporter as well)in as many weeks - one by "nail gun" - without people eventually catching another whiff of that foul odor emanating from the granite halls and green topped-tabled boardrooms of crony crapitalism isn't entirely coincidental. Indeed, what Vegas bookmaker or insurance actuary would lay odds that it is? I rather suspect few would...

The internet is, of course, already abuzz with theories, including one that there is a "hit list" of 43 banksters to be "taken out" because they know too much.

The question is, know too much about what?

One individual points out that the epidemic of "suicides" is occurring as there are continued investigations of market rigging and FOREX (foreign exchange, i.e., currency) manipulation and fixing, and that none of the suicided bankers appeared to have any history of depression, yet, they all suddenly decide to kill themselves.

But there is one article that caught my eye, and it's this one:

JPMorgan Vice President’s Death in London Shines a Light on the Bank’s Close Ties to the CIA

For those not wanting to read the article through in its entirety, here is the central core:

"One reason that JPMorgan may have such a spooky feel is that it has aligned itself in no small way with real-life spooks, the CIA kind.

"Just when the public was numbing itself to the endless stream of financial malfeasance which cost JPMorgan over $30 billion in fines and settlements in just the past 13 months, we learned on January 28 of this year that a happy, healthy 39-year old technology Vice President, Gabriel Magee, was found dead on a 9th level rooftop of the bank’s 33-story European headquarters building in the Canary Wharf section of London.

"The way the news of this tragic and sudden death was stage-managed by highly skilled but invisible hands, turning a demonstrably suspicious incident into a cut-and-dried suicide leap from the rooftop (devoid of eyewitnesses or  motivation) had all the hallmarks of a sophisticated covert operation or coverup.

"The London Evening Standard newspaper reported the same day that 'A man plunged to his death from a Canary Wharf tower in front of thousands of horrified commuters today.' Who gave that completely fabricated story to the press? Commuters on the street had no view of the body because it was 9 floors up on a rooftop – a rooftop that is accessible from a stairwell inside the building, not just via a fall from the roof. Adding to the suspicions, Magee had emailed his girlfriend the evening before telling her he was finishing up and would be home shortly."

This is entirely in line with my own high octane speculations that there was and is a hidden system of finance, based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Use of World War Two Axis loot - with the knowledge and participation of their former Axis enemies - by the USA's and UK's national security establishment. This is in the form of massive amounts of bullion, which
  2. Was kept off the books and used as a reserve to create enormous amounts of post-war credit, in conjunction with the other kind of "gold," drug money, and in conjunction with mortgage and derivatives fraud;
  3. This gold was further rehypothecated over and over again, until the covert, and overt, supplies of bullion were intermixed... thus, there is probably more bullion, maybe even much more in existence, than any "official" estimates acknowledge... keeping this amount, and the mixture of the hidden and overt supplies of bullion, would be an ongoing national security "concern" once such a system was implemented.

Now, there is a fourth component to all of this, and that is its enormous implication, for by creating such a system in the aftermath of World War Two, what it effectively means is that the real players are no longer the central banks, but the intelligence apparatus. In short, the American national security apparatus became a covert player, it entered the banking business.

When this context is factored into one's analysis, it becomes clear why a title man (Richard Talley) would be "suicided," for it becomes entirely feasible that he discovered fraud in the system, and one might speculate that such fraud may have gone to the extent that many foreclosed and "flipped" properties on the market may not even have clear titles at all...

Pondering that possibility then leads to the next possibility, for in order to make such a scheme work, inevitably one has to have people infiltrated into the prime banks participating in the scheme, to keep the double sets of books... and someone like the head of JP Morgan's Trades and Programming would either clearly be able to see evidence of this, or be perhaps involved at some level. Additionally, as I've also indicated many times, it's my opinion that the vast electronic snooping operation being run by the West is in reality a financial system, the "ultimate insiders' trading mechanism" as former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts likes to say. Such vast surveillance capabilities thus symbolize yet another level of penetration by the national security apparatus into the financial sector, and it may be a penetration so extensive as to wrest the final components of a bank's independence and freedom from it... this too, might be what some of these unfortunate bankers have discovered prior to being "suicided."

The bad, or is it good, news is that the level of coordination between the two - banking and intelligence - is being exposed... and the pattern is an old one folks: think Venice, the Venetian oligarchy, the Rialto banks, and the Council of Ten....

See you on the flip side...