Babylon's Bankers


February 9, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

As many of you know, I follow the blogs of Jon Rappaport and occasionally link them here, and this one, composed just a little over a week ago on Jan 30, 2014, is worth reading and pondering carefully, especially in the context of the recent stories that we've been following on this site regarding the demands of various countries for the repatriation of their gold, especially of Germany.

Flashback: 9/11 and the gold in the NY Federal Reserve

There are a number of important points that Mr. Rappaport makes, so before we comment, it is best to summarize them:

  1. The NY Fed was 2 1/2 blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11;
  2. CNN posted a map showing damaged buildings but no mention was made of the NY Fed;
  3. The NY Fed allegedly held about $75,000,000,000 in gold on the day of the attack, based on statements from the NY Fed in a 1999 press release;
  4. The WTC itself held another $100,000,000 in gold;
  5. Television networks did not broadcast, or perhaps were not permitted to broadcast, wide angle shots that showed any damage to buildings near to the World Trade Center;
  6. The movie Die Hard 3(Die Hard with a Vengeance) was about a faked or staged series of terrorist bombings (by Germans incidentally) while the NY Fed was robbed of its gold. Additionally, while Mr. Rappaport does not mention this in his retrospective, the movie's release was delayed on account of the 9/11 attacks;
  7. No troops of police were seen protecting the NY Fed and videos showing such posting apparently disappeared from YouTube;
  8. There has been speculation that JP Morgan's private vault shares a common front deep underground with the NY Fed's vaults, and further speculation that gold and other bullion can be moved easily between the two
  9. Finally, all this raises the question and speculation of whether or not 9/11 was used as a front to steal gold, or as an operation to mask the fact that it may already have been stolen.

That the motivations behind this false flag event are at least in part financial is also argued in recent books, and I have mentioned some of these in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. Briefly(and therefore inaccurately) stated, there are persisting stories that ONI (The Office of Naval Investigation) and other Pentagram agencies were investigating allegations of massive financial fraud in the Wall Street sector, and that various brokerage and investment houses  and government agencies located in the Twin Towers and Building 7, were also involved. Some have argued that these offices were the exact targets of the planes on that day and of the demolition of Building 7. The bottom line, regardless of what scenarios one wishes to investigate, is that there was a financial component and motivation to 9/11 at the second level(i.e., the level beneath the surface level of fanatical Muslim terrorists flying airplanes into buildings).

What has all of this to do with Germany and its call to repatriate its gold from the NY Fed?

A great deal, perhaps.

Recently I have been entertaining the idea that perhaps Germany's calls for repatriation of its gold operate at two levels, and not just one, and that the motivations driving each of these levels are entirely different. At the surface level, there is the obvious and growing mistrust of the Western financial system in general and the Anglo-American oligarchy in particular. This, plus the revelations of NSA spying on European leaders including Bundeskanzlerin Merkel, drove growing popular calls in Germany for an audit of its foreign-held gold reserves and eventually a repatriation. As we have indicated here, this repatriation is proceeding at a pace slower than evolution, a pace strongly suggesting that the Federal Reserve simply does not have Germany's gold.

Which leads us to the second level and a possible deeper motivation for the calls for repatriating Germany's gold. There can be little doubt that major German banks, and hence the Bundesbank, became major components in the postwar financial structure, and that structure, as I've argued in various books, blogs, and interviews, included a vast off-the-books structure of hidden finance of the American national security state based on Axis loot. Thus, these entities also became participants in a wider phenomenon. We are accustomed to think of "postwar Nazis and America" in terms merely of Operation Paperclip, the wholesale importation of scientists and engineers of all stripes. Or, for the more well-informed, in addition to this, one tends to think also of the dirty deals between Nazi military intelligence represented by General Gehlen, and the American intelligence-finance oligarchy represented by people such as General Siebert, Allen Dulles, and so on. Thus, in the complaint of historian Carl Ogilvy, the postwar CIA was nothing but "a front for a house of Nazi spies." But the third component is the financial one, closely intertwined with major Western prime and central banks.

Thus, if there was a financial motivation or factor in play on 9/11, at some deep and historical level, these facts and components are also in deep play. Viewed in this respect, the Die Hard 3 movie, for example, appears to be a controlled release or limited hangout.

Thus, operating at the second level, a call for gold repatriation by Germany could be the subtle message "we know it's not there, we know it went missing on or before 9/11(if not before), and we know that you're committing massive fraud. How do we know? Because we've been in on it since the end of the world war."  But calling for return of gold means "that postwar deal is off".

Why might something like this be going on as the "deep politics" behind the current stories about gold?

Very simple, really.... there were three countries whose intelligence services warned the USA that "something" was immanent in the week of the attacks: Russia's, Israel's...

...and Germany's...

So perhaps, in looking at the gold repatriation stories, we need to look much deeper and much further back in history. China, after all, is buying gold at breakneck speed. Their gold, too, is a part of this Axis loot and postwar hidden finance story... is the Vatican bank.

See you on the flip side.