February 4, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Our trek through strange technologies continues with this intriguing story(courtesy of Mr. V.T.) about metamaterials, optical invisibility, and wave bending:

Making waves: In the hunt for invisibility, other benefits seen

As is dramatically evident from the picture accompanying the article, use of metamaterials to bend light waves effectively renders an object invisible (as can the clever use of mirrors, as magicians know), and it is conceivable that such materials

"... could be used to redirect other kinds of waves, including mechanical waves such as sound and ocean waves. French researchers earlier this year, for example, diverted seismic waves around specially placed holes in the ground, reflecting the waves backward."(emphasis added)

As the article points out, such materials could be used to deflect or reflect seismic waves, and as we noted in a blog the previous week, the Russians have already brought into existence a device that generates analogues of gravity waves, which in this author's opinion would be longitudinal waves - waves of compression and rarefaction - within the physical medium itself.

So let's once again step beyond High Octane Speculation into Oxygen-Deprived Speculation: the P wave in seismic waves is a longitudinal wave of compression and rarefaction, and it is the wave containing most of the energy of an earthquake. Now for those who caught it in the above quotation, metamaterials are intimately related to the phenomenon of phase conjugation, the method whereby a "snapshot" is taken of atmospheric distortion of electromagnetic wave propagation, and a "template" created of that wave distortion. By directing, say, a laser beam through that template, the distortion is eradicated, and the laser beam arrives at a target "phase conjugated," as if it had travelled backward in time(you have to think about that one a bit folks). Needless to say, phase conjugation, and the corresponding technology, phase conjugate mirrors, were an outgrowth of President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program, and as I have noted in The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, the phenomenon appears to have been first discovered during World War Two by German radar scientsists experimenting with multiple wave-mixing on non-linear materials to test their radar stealth materials.

What happened instead what that the material, a primitive form of matematerial consisting of rubber, into which was embedded tiny spheres of metal resonant to the various frequencies used by British and American radar sets(and ponder that one for a moment folks, for it means radar is a secondary resonant transmitter effect, not a simple  "bounce" or reflection).  What happened, however, is that the material reflected the incoming radar beams directly back onto the radar sets, a reflection that, due to the phase conjugation, occurred at greater than normal energies, thus blowing out the Germans' radar equipment. The phenomenon was pursued by the Soviet Union, which captured the particular radar team and investigated phase conjugation after the war.

So imagine phase conjugation of seismic waves, and recall our previous blogs about earthquake weaponization technologies, and the possible(and in my opinion, probable) knowledge of technocratic power elites of the interior structure of the planet and various "exploitable" geophysical features within it, and you get the idea.

But there's another possibility also lurking here, and that is the whole problem of causation and the "physical observer." As we have discussed in previous blogs these past few days, the multiverse theory of quantum mechanics holds that there are a multitude of physical universes to accomodate all the choices made by obsevers(us). These choices are in turn based on the presence to our decision-making processes of various "known factors." Thus, these "known factors" enter our stream of consciousness and affect our decisions. They become a part of the chain of causality. Suppose, however, that one were able to render some known factors completely invisible to the observer. They would thus not be observed, nor become part of the 'known factors", and hence, such a technology is, in effect, an invisibility cloak around causative factors...(indeed, regular readers here will recall that almost a year ago, I blogged about this very possibility which was being discussed in various physics papers)

...  now let some of those "known factors" be gravity-causing objects and you get the idea: the cause is cloaked, but the effects perhaps linger...

The world is becoming stranger, and larger, almost by the minute.  But there's an upside to all this, because when you stop to think about it, all this means that all those wonderful predictive algorithms are going to be faced with cloaked causes and behaviors... it's kind of hard to predict things, when their cause is not observable.

See you on the flip side...