February 8, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Recently a colleague in this alternative media community and I exchanged a series of emails about an upcoming appearance I had on his show, and while I am normally loathe to talk about personal matters here, I do so because of its intrinsic interest and "possible story" value. As we were exchanging emails, one of us - I forget whom - complained of lack of energy and being tired, and the other - again I forget whom - responded that he, too, had been experiencing the same thing. As the emails flew back and forth, we discovered that each of us were experiencing a remarkably similar phenomenon, even though we were hundreds of miles away from each other.

The phenomenon we were each experiencing was sudden overwhelming onset of the urge to sleep. This was not the normal tiredness that one experiences during the course of a day, when physical or mental fatigue set in and one takes a break for a cup of coffee or tea, or a cigarette outside, or just a short walk in the fresh air to clear one's head, admire the beauty of nature, or what have you. This was the sudden, overwhelming and almost invincible urge to fall asleep, right there, regardless of what one is doing, be it driving, typing on a computer, or what have you.

The closest thing I can describe it as is narcolepsy, though this is a problem I have never suffered from in my life.

There was another feature to these attacks - and I do qualify them as attacks - is that they had neither predictability as to when they would occur, nor the length or time they would consume. Typically, these sudden attacks could consume anywhere from five to forty-five minutes, and I have caught myself nodding off, quite suddenly, while reading a book, or typing at the computer. Additionally, these attacks sometimes occur throughout a day, and sometimes days go by, and they do not.

Now, it seems, they are experiencing something remarkably similar in Kazahkstan:


These paragraphs describe, to some extent, what my colleague and I have been enduring:

"The local TV channel - KTK reported that, even now, nothing is known about the cause of the disorder. It was found that the affected people are not forthcoming (close) and nor had any fortuitous contact, one with each other.

"The complaints relate symptoms such as weakness, malaise, fainting, partial memory loss, and in the worst cases, even hallucinations. All victims, simply, begin to feel an irresistible desire to sleep - and then, they just want to sleep."

As the article makes clear, physicians in Kazahkstan are looking at some sort of virus, but this, I suspect,  is not what may be going on, at least, in my colleague's and my case, for if it were viral, it would seem to me to be something more consistent and of sustained duration, rather than the periodic suddenness with which it occurs.

So why am I bothering all of you with this?

Simple curiosity, frankly.

I am curious if any of you out there are experiencing something similar, or know of friends, family, and/or professional colleagues, who are experiencing these things. I will be perfectly frank: my suspicion is that this is not natural, that it is not viral, but rather, a combination of things which at root are related to electromagnetic fields and waves. If so, then I think it's time to compare notes...

...see you on the flip side...