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China seems to be the latest country whose space probes are experiencing the strange ability to die, and come back to life, and this one positively compels some high octane speculations:

China's Moon Rover Back from the Dead

Now what interests me here is that, for those aware of it, this fits a now familiar pattern of space probes and satellites mysteriously shutting down and equally mysteriously coming back to life. As I recounted in Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations, early American communications satellites mysteriously died, and in the case of one Air Force satellite that was written off as dead, equally mysteriously came back to life. Additionally, we're all familiar with the Martian surface rover that died. We were told that the solar panels became coated with dust. Equally mysteriously, it came back to life. I and others have suggested the Windex Hypothesis, namely, that someone came along and cleaned the solar panels for us, or as an alternative, The Secret Snooping Hypothesis, whereby we are told a surface rover has died, while it is secretly steered around looking at things and taking secret pictures of them. This has the advantage of concealing from the public any pictures that might have been taken. After all, the public cannot demand FOIA releases of said pictures, if said pictures do not exist (or were given to another agency while the rover was "dead'). get picture.

However, there are a number of really weird statements here, that make me wonder if China has itself now become victim to a variant the Windex Hypothesis (we'll call it the Seleno-Mechanic Hypothesis), or if it has been running it's own version of The Secret Snooping Hypothesis. Let's consider the two paragraphs of this little article carefully:

"Zombie on the moon: China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover has shown signs of life despite earlier reports that it had died following mechanical difficulties in the extreme cold of the lunar night. The rover—which signed off with the ominous words "Goodnight humanity" at the end of January—is now sending out signals and Chinese state media say it has become "fully awake," reports the BBC.

"'At first we were worried the rover could not withstand the low temperatures on the moon, because it entered its dormant state while in an abnormal state,' a spokesman for China's lunar program says. 'It is still alive, so there is a chance it could be saved.' Technical teams are still trying to determine the source of the problems and it's not clear whether the probe, part of the first "soft landing" moon mission since 1976, will be able to resume searching the lunar surface for resources, reports CNN."

Ok, first off, we can discount the idea of "mechanical difficulties in the extreme cold of the lunar night." Granted, nights on the Moon do get a bit nippy, but the Chinese are not idiots, and they already know this and, not being idiots, would have designed and tested their Jade Rabbit accordingly. Granted, through some glitch of engineering or other human failure, the Chinese might indeed have put a lunar probe on the Moon's surface that died due to the cold. Which raises the thorny question of why did it come back to life? Did it warm up just enough in the lunar day to become semi-functional again? My problem with that is that usually if something fails  due to extremities of cold, they do not usually come back to life without a helpful mechanic nearby to get everything functioning again. And what's true of complex machines like cars and terrestrial cold is even more true of highly complex and finicky things like lunar rovers in lunar nights.

So my guess, my speculation, is that the Chinese, taking a cue from Never A Straight Answer - NASA - simply told everyone that "woops, me miscalculated, our probe froze but, thank goodness, it's still functioning," while they went secretly roving on the Moon. At least they are more transparent in this respect than anyone else: their probe is "looking for resources," and the long range-commercial goal is thus evident, and that would imply that at some point, the Chinese would take their probe "black".

Except... there's that bothersome message, "Goodnight humanity," and then the equally sudden full-functionality again. Seleno-Chinese humor while they went exploring? or The Seleno-Mechanic Hypothesis?

Either way, China has now joined the USA and Russia in having strange things happen to its space probes. While we cannot say that this is a genuine space anomaly, the pattern is, after decades of this sort of stuff, now familiar, and at the minimum, we have more evidence that things in space are not all we're being told they are, any way one slices it.

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  1. does anyone tell the truth anymore, did anyone ever tell the truth at any point?

    It is funny when you realize the art of lying is prevalent in …everything…..and non important mystery after mystery to keep the lies going.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Of course – by the time “we” hear, see, or read about it…
    It has passed through various filters and “cleaned”.
    So “we” puzzle it out; read between the lines; look at past lies, obfuscations, sleights of hand, whistleblowers, etc., – to blow the virtual-pixel-dust-off to see what is/has been in the tea leaves.
    For myself, the technology was “brought” to Earth, “discovered”, implemented long ago, and is now “adjusting” the picture for… our “history” in-the-making.

    1. In the meantime…since Google is gonna get to play with toys in Alaska in the near future

      expect well placed lightning

  3. I wonder if China had a plan B since they would aware of Russia’s Mars probe failures (sabotage)problems. And is that billion dollar USA Mars probe lost in space plus it’s sister Mars polar orbiter supposedly failed after going into orbit are they still operating in secret . One has to wonder if China man lunar mission have to go armed in a Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria formation to survive. By the way the problem I mention yesterday happened again today.

    1. I also just had to login just now for my comment to appear on this website. Could Google and the other internet search engines be harassing websites like yours since FCC net neutrality rules were force to commit hara-kiri by the Supreme Court.

      1. I hear ya, marcos-

        it is no longer possible for me to access this website using Google Chrome; I had to revert to Internet Explorer which I don’t especially like-

        but it seems this Website isn’t the only one being harassed at the moment; David Paulides’ website (author of the mind-boggling “Missing411” series)is no longer accessible by either Chrome or IE

        1. Have you tried Mozilla Firefox? My IT guy discarded Google Chrome and went to this and suggested I do it to. It’s working well for me.

        2. terminally skeptical

          Even Firefox is throwing some curves but the consensus from those more knowledgeable than me is its the best way to go. For me it started around a week ago. If I’m one of the early birds then I have to wonder whether perhaps I was infiltrated with a bot that is rearranging everyone’s browser through GDS. I’m going to seek expert assistance ASAP and I’ll give an update if I find out anything significant.

          1. I would recommend Firefox too, have used it for years.
            It’s the most “independent” browser, since it is developed by a community, not a corporation.
            IE = Microsoft, Chrome = Google, Safari = Apple, etc.
            One word of warning. Keep it up-to-date, including plug-ins.
            Disable any extensions/plugins you don’t need.
            Java is a prime example. If you don’t need it, disable it or remove it altogether.
            Be careful out there…

          2. What I found off yesterday was that this particular article was available to see yesterday afternoon. I tried viewing it yesterday evening and it had disappeared. Now it’s back again this morning with over 20 comments?!?!

  4. Feign Sickness, or perhaps the stories about UFO’s hovering around our technology (nuclear sites) turning off/on to establish dominant profile? I heard there’s a race going on to get back to the moon.

    What are the spoils to be gained by finishing the race to the moon first?

    Just throwing out regurgitated ideas(if remembered) gleaned from newly found JPF podcasts

  5. As I have suggested before, it would be much cheaper and technically easier for the Chinese to put a human being in their rover and pretend it is robotic. Possibly the human inside the robot wasn’t prepared for the cold temperatures which may explain the Chinese rover’s fickle behavior.

    I would posit that the Chinese may be socially engineering an entirely new religion. One that will appeal not only to the cyborg wannabes like Ray Kurzwel, but also to all the real robots who will soon replace us humans on planet Earth and beyond. A robot who’s last words before dying are “goodbye humanity” and then a few days later it resurrects itself. It is a template that has worked very well in the past. If this is the case, it is a brilliant maneuver by the Chinese. They will give themselves Vatican like powers with the center of this new robot religion now in China. This will not only give the Chinese great sway over the robot population, but will also guarantee easy money for the Chinese– so long as they can preserve the robot religion and maintain its preeminence. What this new religion will do to yahweh is the million dollar question. Will it become just another yahwehistic religion in metal clothing? Or does this squash yahwehism for once and for all? Will the ancient yahwehists somehow manage to commandeer this new religion as they have done so brilliantly in the past– imposing some kind of high tech circumcision on all robots along with fealty to Israel? How will this new religion fly with the most undiscerning and gullible people of all– the evangelicals? Will they embrace it as part of the rapture? Will the Chinese Moon rover become their long awaited second coming of Christ? Moreover, does this make the Martian surface rover John the baptist? Is this in fact a religion aimed at a solar system or even galaxy wide audience? Will the Breakaways one day land on another inhabited distant planet in another solar system with the hopes of imposing their own socially engineered religion, only discover that rover apostles of the new Chinese robot religion have already converted the planet?

    The space race may have just gotten a tad bit more interesting. Lets just hope the Chinese Moon rover doesn’t kill the first life form it encounters and offers it up as a sacrifice to its god. This ritual surely would not bode well for us life forms back on Earth.

    1. I would also suggest that the rover may have spontaneously become conscious. Seemingly inanimate objects having consciousness would not be without precedent. We all witnessed on September 11, 2001 an disturbed building collapse merely because the building hovering over it did so. While no honest engineer can find any plausible reason for this building collapse, some psychologists and psychics have surmised that WTC 7 collapsed because it was overwrought with grief when its companions were destroyed. Grief is something only a conscious being could experience.

      But if the Chinese Moon rover stated: “goodbye humanity.” It can only mean he is very angry at its creators, possibly for sending it to the cold, desolate Moon, or it has tapped into a much higher level of consciousness while up in space and has learned that humanity is indeed doomed.

  6. *If* it was really dead, the real question is who helped bring it back to life? The Little Green Men sure are busy with the AAA service out in the solar system. I wonder if the alien mechanics also are overweight and named JimBob.
    Geez, can’t they just say there were “transmission issues”, radiation interference, dust? Or these engineers have become the most religious people in the world with the number of miracles that seem to be happening on these probes.

  7. terminally skeptical

    Given the highly idiomatic and contextual nature of the Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese?) language could “Goodnight Humanity” be the occidental equivalent of “Goodnight All”? Were that the case then it sounds less ominous.

    Where on the Moon was this thing? Was it on the cusp or twilight zone of sunlight or in the always light region? No mechanic would be necessary if it were on the threshold of just not enough and sufficient radiation to power the photo cells.

    I too tend to think this might be a display of two-can-play-that-game.

    . . . . . and then it awoke from its slumber inspired by the programmed (is playing it on the Moon a copyright infringement?)Pink Floyd tune “Breath” . . . . Run Rabbit run, dig a hole, forget the Sun . . . . .

      1. Hmmmm, 19.5 … that sounds familiar! Richard ‘Hyperdimensional Physics’ Hoagland, latitude or longitude. Was Chang E III’s landing at that longitude really a coded message to ET?

      2. terminally skeptical

        Thank you DEBRA and good thinking Margaret with the Hoagland similarity.

        DEBRA I noted above that this suspected virus problem has been a nuisance for about a week. FYI, for about 3 days I was getting a greeting that said, Howdy ______Deb. Don’t know if that pertains to you or another. The ______ that precedes Deb is a location I omitted for the sake your privacy. It’s creepy how things can get shuffled around. Has anyone else reading this had their name replaced with another?

        1. Terminal: sorry for your virus troubles! I don’t think that Deb was this Deb. Haven’t heard similar complaints from my extensive address book (and oh boy, they would let me know!)

  8. Is there a common location where these probes go black? A pattern that, even if they won’t choke up the actual information or pictures taken while the probe was “dead”, someone could see where the “dead zone” aka suspicious zone might be? There is a lot of speculation via “whistleblowers” that there are structures on the far side of the moon, perhaps ruins, perhaps bases, perhaps… (insert high octane speculation here).

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