1. A movie recently released by Ridley Scott may be directly aimed at these “currency” events.
    Its called the counselor….hola.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      I’m seeing it on DVD next week.
      Should be interesting how “they” filter the lens’ viewpoint.

  2. Cui bono? Interesting that JPM may profit from the untimely deaths of Gabriel Magee and Ryan Crane. Headline from 2/17/14 Wall Street on Parade: As Bank Deaths Continue to Shock, Documents Reveal JPMorgan Has Been Patenting Death Derivatives. “JPMorgan’s … Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) plans … allow the corporation to reap huge tax benefits by taking out life insurance policies on workers – even low wage workers – and naming the corporation the beneficiary of the death benefit. Both the buildup in the policy and the benefit at death are received tax free to the corporation.”
    Walmart knows how profitable death can be … a few years ago it was found to be taking out secret life insurance policies on employees and collecting on their deaths. Shame on the Walton family which stoops so low as to not only steal a living wage from its employees but also death benefits from their families.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Never let a crisis go to waste.
      Of course, a sophisticated form of software, may have “predicted” it, and then wrote, initiated the contract, and issued the order; all within nanoseconds. Efficiency personified.

  3. Frankie Calcutta

    According to its website, JP Morgan Chase has operations in more than 60 countries. If you add its national banking operations after swallowing up Chase, Washington Mutual, etc. JP Morgan has over 5000 branches. Folks, we have a lot more bankers who will need to do gravity and nail gun tests. According to Benjamin Fullford, many of JP Morgan’s employees in Japan are wearing parachutes under their business suits. Some of the upper management are even wearing James Bond style jet packs and rocket belts. In less prosperous Indonesia, JP Morgan employees have been stacking mattresses under their office windows to cushion the fall while some of the higher paid executives have hired body doubles they found in the slums of Manila. (Coincidently, trading profits at the Indonesian branch of have soared since the body doubles have taken over the trading desks). In destitute Africa, JP Morgan employees have gone so far as pounding nails into their own heads in the hopes of building up resistance to this medieval bankster torture. Other employees have resorted to witch doctor potions which will make them fly or bounce when they hit the ground.

    In the United States, JP Morgan employees are coping with the rash of bizarre murder/suicides by increasing their intake of cocaine, alcohol and prescription pills. Some (the employees who didn’t get bonuses this year) have even resorted to using crystal meth (although some psychologists claim the increased use of cocaine and crystal meth by American workers is done in an attempt to ward off sudden sleep syndrome while sitting in front of their computers. The Obamma administration has even gone so far as to allow all public employees to lay in a hammock while working on their computers so they won’t injure themselves when falling asleep at their desk).

    Because of the paranoia fueled increased drug use at JP Morgan Chase, work performance among its thousands of employees has deteriorated so drastically over the last few months that the firm has lost billions as a result of trading errors and government fines. Even their gold vault was plundered recently but some believe this was done by upper echelon JP Morgan executives to pay for their drug habits and the expensive prostitutes who keep these otherwise depressed Wall Street titans from being so sad and anxious all the time. A leaked in-house memo claims depression and suicidal tendencies have reached epidemic levels at JP Morgan, and the need to kill whistleblowers may no longer be necessary. It is now believed that many fearful and paranoid JP Morgan employees may actually kill themselves voluntarily over the coming months. Some of these lemmings have even bought themselves nail guns and, according to JP Morgan computer records, a video on how to kill yourself with a nail gun, produced by JP Morgan’s Human Resources department, is the #1 most downloaded video at JP Morgan.

    Lastly, I would like to also start this rumor: the nail gun “suicide” was actually a stern message to the Vatican who recently evicted JP Morgan from the Vatican City and took away their banking privileges. What the banksters are telling the Vatican: lIke your Savior who we nailed to the cross, so too will we drive nails into your flesh and the body of the Church, if you try to double cross us and hang us out to dry.

    1. Let the rumor trickle begin;

      According to the Horan & McConaty funeral services website a Funeral Mass for Richard Talley was held on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 12:30pm, at the St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church, 8035 South Quebec Street, Centennial, CO 80112.

    2. Frankie you missed the point of the nail gunned banker, he was outfitted in his darth vader outfit, and reborned a slave into the sin (wave) a guge of saturn club aka the boneheads who think they are coneheads.( floride is rat poison) He now has control of the death star, unlimited wealth, script writers, hookers and is awaiting orders of where to fire it at the rebel fish traders.

      Surfs up on the turf wars…I think you need a new decoder “ring”.

  4. the ancient elites called themselves Lees, however we have those royal tombs with Aryans in them being denied, decapitated, and the Chinese have that holiday called tomb sweeping….sweeping the truth under the rug.

    These pretenders would never off themselves, and condolences to there families. With that said, witch syndicate is which?

    Or is it a stage show? Another false trail as China and Japan stage a war…remember 1933 and the Manchurian candidates as in plural.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Are these “suicideds” a mere plug in the (w)hole;
    or, are they being “exampled” for going against the corrupted grain?

  6. I think China will not be pleased, I’m just surprised that a Li still works for the Morgue – as the Silver Doctor calls the firm.

  7. Looks like Mr. Li lies and creative accounting lead to his fall from grace and life. I wonder who will be the next bank employee to do his duty and commit suicide. Just wondering who had the goods on him or who was he taking the fall for.

  8. Yup! I was immediately reminded of the Preface to “Babylon’s Banksters” … ! The walls are beginning to close in, methinks.

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