1. Well, two can play the destabilization game, apparently, and both can also pretend that they’re the referee!

    As if this wasn’t foreseen–or for that matter understood well beforehand as an inevitable consequence–by all players.

    How on earth Crimea ever ended up part of Ukraine still has me scratching my head, but it seems now like I won’t have to ponder that question too deeply or for too long…

  2. Agree with your point re the Western media particularly since the Crimea used to be part of Russia before being transferred to Ukraine in 1954. But let’s be realistic here, RT is hardly going to be the most objective source regarding these events either…

  3. What types of financial push-back should the US expect from our “War w/o End. Amen” foreign policy? Where the BRIIICSAA Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Iran, China, South Africa and Australia, will say no to the exporting of US inflation, NSA spying and coerced UST bond purchases. Or at least start working on ways to mitigate our influence on the world financial system.

    Let’s not forget that we are not making friends and influencing people everywhere. So, the BRIIICSAA alliance seems to be growing daily.

  4. The most vituperous article I’ve found so far is by “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy, leader writer for “Le Monde” and translated in other European newspapers. He says that among the Ukrainian rebels the extreme right is only a “tiny minority” (perhaps true, but in “Leninist” terms they have been the driving force). To hypothesize any (Neo) Nazi drive in Kiev is an “obscenity” and the work of “Putinized disinformers”.

    1. according to an article I just recently skimmed (therefore no remembrance of source)the world-famous Ukrainian Klitschko boxer brothers (Vladimir and Vitali) are Jewish and supposedly Vladimir stated he wants to become Ukrainian president-

      if there’s truth behind these claims it will be interesting to see how many Jews (if any at all) will exit the Ukraine on their own volition and if some do (which I doubt) will the Klitschko bros. be amongst them?- after all, they’re prime targets…


    1. I should have mentioned that the Israeli government is ignoring this also. Some Israelis are sending help to their fellow Jews in Kiev according to the above article.

      Could this be “helpful” to the corrupt Israeli and western leaders in some way?

      1. Frankie Calcutta


        Clearly this is all some well orchestrated theater. Perhaps the location for the Clash of Civilizations has been moved to the Caucasus? I guess this area could be considered a jewish homeland as well. It certainly is a crossroads for the various yahwehisms. Maybe the obstinate Netanyahu and his cohorts were putting up too much resistance to using Israel as center stage for Armageddon. Too much beautification of the Meditteranean real estate over the years. Not to mention the poorly made bunkers for the Israeli elite which may not prove dependable when the bombs start dropping.

        Therefore, a new battleground was insisted upon and the Ukraine/Crimea would have to do. (Could there be a Cosmic War connection to the Caucasus as well– the birth land of Caucasians?) Likewise, if I know my demon banksters, they are probably overwhelmed right now with a craving to destroy Sochi, in the mix of run away destruction. Destroying an Olympic venue is so soul crushing, I’m sure the demon banksters can’t resist. How much fun they had with Berlin and Sarajevo. How even more satisfying destroying Dharma Lord Putin’s monument to the human spirit. The human effort that goes into the olympics represents all that is good about humankind. Squashing this is right up there with turning the majority of a vanquished nation’s women into prostitutes. It sucks all life and all hope out of people. One of the greatest acts of psychological warfare the banksters can inflict upon humanity.

        But there is also always that thorny issue of Germany’s surplus immigrant population that is always on the minds of German nationalists, but maybe not on their lips. At least in public. Once the ethnic cleansing starts in the Ukraine and Crimea, could it spread to western Europe as well? Maybe Germany wants a Clash of Civilizations closer to home as well.

    2. Looks like Neo-Cons are really Neo-NAZIs DaphaneO ready to throw the usual victims under the bus. The Axis powers have reincarnated as NATO to continue Great War now part three.

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