1. Robert Barricklow

    Interesting radio interview at http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/
    January 22, 2014 Dennis Cimino at about 10 minutes in (guess) where he says the destruction and stealing of ancient artifacts globally is to obfuscate any proof that the chosen Zionist are not, in fact, what they claim to be…

    1. they may also be what they claim to be, only a lot worse than anyone can imagine, which may of been the cause of the ancient war….and that is something you would want to cover up.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        There is that too jedi.
        And that, at the close of Dennis Cimino’s (speaking in above program), leads to a “cognitive dissonance” response – in all, but a few individuals.

  2. The most compelling theory and explication of the actual site of Antlantis was developed by the late Prof. Arysio Santos in his book, “Atlantis.”

    Unfortunately Santos is no writer and the book is appallingly badly written, but his reasoning is very persuasive: he places Atlantis on the Sunda Plain, today the Java Sea, a vast, low-lying shelf, the size of a continent and sitting on the equator, that was inundated at the end of the Younger Dryas, the cataclysmic end of the last Ice Age (the Biblical Deluge), now resting some 120 meters underwater. Being on the equator and the only area not affected by the Ice Age, the vast, fertile plain was “Paradise” and the site of the Atlantean civilization.

    Indonesia was the mountainous highlands at the edge of this plain, and so Gunung Padang was a part of the Atlantean territory, and saved from inundation by its location. He further posits that the diaspora of survivors settled mostly in India, giving rise to the Vedic culture, and also gave rise to the world-wide myth of the white god coming from the sea to bring culture and civilization to various native peoples.

    All this jives perfectly with Hancock’s reporting on Gunung Padang.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    History is written by the winning side.
    Or, is it by those at the top of the pyramids.
    Why all this hocus-pocus?
    Can’t we just get down to putting the pieces together?
    Or is it like the joker said to the thief/
    There must be some way out of here.
    There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief…
    And “All Along the Watchtower” goes on to/
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour is getting late

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Woman voice makes it work.

          (Can’t cotton much to Dylan.
          I have copyright issues with him; not personally, but in his business strategies and some of the history of HIS so-called “work”.)

      1. terminally skeptical

        Robert one fine example of an original made better by a “cover” artist, haha.

        Have you heard this version. I posted it here at GDS over a year ago imagining that our man JPF was driving the harpsichord.


        To me some of Dylan’s phrasing in his early work is genius but beyond that I never payed attention to copyright and creation so I’m curious what you meant by “his work”.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          terminally skeptical, I can’t say I liked your youtube version of watchtower. But thanks for posting it.
          In regards to Dylan,
          he took songs from the commons and copyrighted them. That’s of course, a broad brushstroke covering over a complicated issue at best addressed(at least, at the tip of an iceberg):


          1. terminally skeptical

            Re the tune, guess ya had to be there which brings up a somewhat related paradox that if you can remember the 60s, you probably weren’t there.

            Interesting article, thanks. I wonder what Dylan’s beef was with copyrighting. Was it theft of his music by those who recorded it for listening without paying.

            Gonna have to enlist Dr. Seuss to address your query and I hope it’s not a copyright infringement.

            O and 0? What’s the difference? I don’t know but this is what I say. Svelte O and fatty O and. . . . don’t forget the A, ey?

          2. Robert Barricklow

            Dylan took from the commons and then copyrighted it. A Disney-like move. After all it’s business.
            Interesting Segway of 0 & O is that it is an alternate close giving only two scenarios. Today, for instance, the cats’ monopoly over Internet cuteness has been broken by an explosion of cute goats and cute Panda bear videos. What’s this have to do with 0 & O? Also for the first few decades of the Internet, no standards-conforming browser could access a website without using Latin characters . This has been recently broken . You can fin the Egyptian Ministry of communication using own characters. Ironic in that the zero’s have done a full circle, in a manner of typing(speaking?).

    1. history mystery about clocks
      a rat is run
      buy a clock
      when the clock
      strikes the twelve
      the rat tumbles down
      his story, my story docks?

      when a ship in a bottle…the cork screw is on the loose

  4. Well said, Amunaor. Caught the Redice Dewhurst interview and it’s another mind control revelation in terms of the Smithsonian. Truly amazing.

    Listened to older interviews of Globeki Tepe with Linda Moulton HOwe, another mind blowing data compliation on Redicd as well.

    1. Yes, Linda’s another good paradigm buster to follow. For a long time she stayed on top of the underwater discoveries off the coast of Cuba by Pauline Zalitzki, which seems to have dropped from the radar.

      American institutions, such as National Geographic and Smithsonian tried to inveigle themselves into positions allowing them to dominate the flow of information coming out from Zalitzki’s findings.

      It’s absolute lunacy how these people work!

      Both Linda and Schoch spent time together at Globeki Tepe, producing a big write-up in Atlantis Rising.

  5. These so called scientist would have us believe that civilization emerged six thousand years ago. When we have been officially human for the last two hundred thousand years at least. I have read of maize being found in Mexico going back to seventy five thousand years. Atlantis maybe only the latest lost civilization there are objects that have been found dating back millions of years. And in South Africa nearly three billion years so how many other intelligent species have roamed this planet in the past.

  6. There is also an interesting article published in the heretical magazine: Atlantis Rising, by the ostracized geologist: Robert Schoch, who dared confirm the weathering patterns on the Sphinx were caused by massive gushing of water, not billions upon billions of years with gentile buffeting by wind. Schoch substantiates much of what Graham has presented here regarding Gunung Padang.

    Another of Graham’s must reads is “Underworld”, where he, accompanied by his wife and photographer, Santha Faiia, describes many dives on sunken anomalies all over the planet.

    Graham’s story regarding Gunung Padang is to be found, repeated many times over in Underworld; the scenes of a flash melt, resulting in mountain topping tumultuous cascades of water, leaving an aftermath of twisted/tangled debris in its wake, with subsequent dating analysis placing artifacts to pre-diluvial times.

    The dates of these objects always leave the, copper chisel – stone mallet, paradigm gate keepers’ with queasy stomachs and headaches, scrambling to shove their square peg back into the round hole.

  7. terminally skeptical

    Bravo for Graham Hancock. Two more pyramid sites, one in Bosnia and the other off the coast of the Azores. I watched an interview with the leader of the Bosnian a couple of years ago and it seemed he had too much information for Wikipedia to refute. Of course the Wiksters are calling him a hoax. Sure hope Mr. Natawidjaja gets the green light on his project. As revealed in the essay archaeologists have been another prime example of a good old boys club and soft science dogma because it excludes all evidence that doesn’t fit the existing paradigm.



    1. Graham Hancock is keeping a cautious eye on the Azores submerged ‘pyramid’. He posted this on his recent hancock-announce list: “I have been following the Azores pyramid story for some time and reported it here last year. The picture in the reports* … is, of course, a photoshopped artefact using the Giza pyramids and overlaid with an underwater scene. It is, in my humble opinion, highly irresponsible of any website to use this image without making it clear that it is a photoshopped fantasy, and not anything real. That being said, however, there IS an anomalous structure underwater off the Azores, so far only identified by sonar. The Portuguese navy have dismissed it as a ‘seamount’ on the basis of some old sonar readings of their own in the area, but they have not gone to the site to investigate exactly what was identified there in 2013. As far as I’m concerned the case is still open and I hope to take a look later this year.” Yes, bravo for Graham Hancock … and independent researchers like him, and Dr. Farrell, otherwise history would come to a standstill …
      * http://themindunleashed.org/2014/01/huge-underwater-pyramid-discovered-near-portugal-navy-investigating.html

      1. terminally skeptical

        I admit I may have jumped the gun on the Azores formation. It would be just like the detractors to insert a bogus one in the discussion, an “Atlantian” one no less, just to cast doubt on the validity of the quality research that substantiates the many others that don’t fit the existing historical time line.


  8. Hi Dr. Farrell and readers,

    yes, Graham Hancock’s research is truly remarkable!

    the following is not too much off-topic: if one has not yet listened to Richard J. Dewhurst’s recent interview on RedIce and subsequently bought his book “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America” with the subtitle “The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up” I can only highly recommend listening to the interview/subsequently reading the book- the book is a real page-turner but no real surprise if one is familiar with the Cremo/Thompson research-

    stay well all-


    1. Dag from Ringerike

      I was also too listening to H. Palmgrens interview with R. J. Dewhurst, a fascinating story, or stories, I ordered the book immediately.

      But, in this context of Graham Hancocks work, I would recommend the book by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair,”Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9.500 BC”, the new edition. The theory what caused this event, well it can be still discussed, but the concecvencies, the mass extinctions of big mammals, the displacements of landmasses, mytological stories from all over the orld, are well documentet in every chapter with footnotes. I use this book to compare what new scientific work provide.

      I recently read the book by Charles H. Hapgood, “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings”. And, again, as to the previous book mentioned, it is a scientific aproach to the subject that is investigated. It was published for the first time in 1966, and it is still standing tall. His interpration of the maps that show Antarctica in ancient times is compelling.

      Also to mention on this tread, is the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramid.

      When I went to Gran Canary last December, I was curiuos of the legacy of the aboriginal people, the guanches. When I run through the internet, there were two scientific articles that came to my attention. The first one linked the people as cousins to the Berbers in North Africa (DNA). The other was about language, the spoken language. There are still some people that survived the Spanish invasion. What the scientists found out, that many words spoken by the the guanches, were pronounced in the the same sound in India. I think I read an article some years ago that words or expressions in the Basque language also had Indian roots. I have to google this up. Maybe our Spanish friends could elaborate more about this issue.

  9. at least he ties in Globeki Tepe with the engineers of pyramids…..something that is irrefutable for anyone that bothers to INDEPENDENTLY research the writings found there.


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