1. This looks like the First Triumvirate after the assassination of Julies Caesar sitting around at a table making down those who they to use a mob term going to rub out. Flying terminators always at the masters bidding to use a Dalak phrase exterminate their (victims) enemies.

  2. The biggest blind spot of psycho- and sociopaths is a total incomprehension of and distain for morality, and so they always think that they can somehow convince normal human beings to embrace or simply condone evil. Of course the onslaught of lies, distoritions and justifications just creates greater revulsion, but they are so high on the fumes of their madness that they actually think they’re oh-so clever, when in truth they are clinically insane.

  3. Frankie Calcutta

    Imagine these powers in the claws of Hillary Clinton. Oh boy. You wouldn’t want to be the waiter who made a snide remark back in 2002 when she left a bad tip. Add to the mix all the government employees educated in public school and don’t know basic geography. How easy it would be to trick them into thinking different American states are foreign countries.

    Do you think they will ever use drones to take out that obnoxious American el qaida spokesman who’s father was a founding member of the ADL? Something tells me they won’t, even if this country is run by nazis. Then again, never pass laws that may be dangerous in the hands of your enemy. An airport body scanner will really come in handy when you are searching for gold that may have been swallowed by a persona non grata expelled from the county. Swallowing gold was a favorite tactic of the undesirables who had to flee Spain back in 1492 when they were evicted– right before the new frontier of the western hemisphere was opened for business. Who knows what the nazis will do when they are in full control of the US and they need a good scapegoat or a quick fix of cash to pay for their off planet enterprises?

    1. They have been firmly in power for half a century. It is not a question of if and/or when. Frankly, the solution IMHO involves a spiritual and evolutional component, apparently not imminent (despite persistent brave efforts by a few hardy souls who dare speak truth o power).

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