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Well it seems Pravda at least is capable of writing a coherent article on the subject of mind control, while Amairycunn lamestream tabloids like the New York Times and so on are still mouthing cliches. And, yours truly gets an "honorable mention" in the article (not sure I'm comfortable with that), as does Mr. Richard Dolan's idea of "breakaway civilziation" (though for some reason they're not crediting him with the idea):

Mind Control in the 21st Century-Science Fiction & Beyond


  1. The last paragraph of this article is the most profound statement in the piece, and should clarify for people everywhere on Earth if this is the world that we give consent to live in. We cannot tell the national security establishment that our personal lives are “classified”, and yet they claim –against our own American constitution to engage in full scale spying not only of our external lives, but now our internal ones as well?

    This creates what can be described as a massive power and information differential. Only years ago they legalized the full scale propagandizing of the American people. We are not living in Orwell ‘s 1984, but somewhere far worse. But Super Bowls and Kardashians are the bread and circus that placate the stunted citizenry. So who gets to decide who can live in the matrix and who can live in reality?

    My question is this: Putin appears to many Americans as a hero. Is he? Or are we watching theatre within theater ad infinitum… Oligarchical collectivism must die if the human species is to survive. I don’t want anyone in dark, locked rooms deciding whether we can release the cancer cure; our leaders have no shame in the US, and yet we don’t hear China or Russia outing the 911 event, even as its partial motive is to crawl up the arse of the Russian people or any other hold out states.

    I say we form an international commission to reinvestigate the 20th century and release all classified data, along with establishing requisite peace accords and a truth and reconciliation process. Why is all life subjugated to slavery, and all work, sweat and tears spent on primitive, tribalistic warfare when the technology could usher in a new golden age?

    1. Bravo Joseph and Richard!
      “I say we form an international commission to reinvestigate the 20th century and release all classified data, along with establishing requisite peace accords and a truth and reconciliation process.” – I agree absolutely. So-called opposition movements are often suspiciously caught up in the fear-anger-vendetta loop.
      The “dislosure game” has shown that it is next to useless to wait for oligarchs to reveal the supposed “truth”, we can just expect the occasional “tidbit” revealed by players (not always especially skilful) on the “grand chessboard”… but anyway the technology genie is out of the bottle.
      The biggest “secret” is the most obvious one: the directed intention of “clear mind” as defined in longstanding tradition, is the number one factor driving the “medium”.

  2. Who knows what our benevolent masters planned uses for this technology is. But our benefit isn’t one of them the slave junkies have a lot of toys to mess with our minds and must be dying to use them on us pleasant dreams everyone.

  3. Arne Saknussemm

    It’s odd, lately when I read these ‘open hands’ style Russian pieces – from RT etc – I get a giddy sense of relief, that someone, somewhere still speaks with self assurance about topics that for me have long become such a quagmire of doubt – as I read it’s as if I’m shakily peeling back the first chapter of Goldstein’s Book -but the relief is short lived, its clear that this is a superior kind of mirroring – one that has skilfully taken into consideration the particular type and burden of doubts that someone selecting such an article would have reached. They fit me too perfectly not to be one side of a balancing equation that leaves me with precisely zero. Just as hope in the enemy Goldstein was a function that came from the The Party; these Russian articles are a kind of ballast trimming the perspectives and arguments of the alternative view. Was it legerdemain to rival Maskelyne himself or from a Russian article on mind control did I just not find out what was hidden in Spassky’s chair or who was the hypnotist sitting in the front row or for that matter what was going on with Bobby’s fillings?

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Outstanding article!
    Great that they reference the good Dr. Farrell.
    The problem IS locking away these technologies from mankind, just for the select use of the chosen; NOT the dissemination of said technologies to benefit, not only ALL mankind; but a healthy and viable living Earth as a added consequence.

    In other words,
    A no brainer?

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