1. terminally skeptical

    Well since we’re on the topic of exotically prepared foods allow me to submit meat for those in a hurry. It’s called the mobius steak, special by the fact that while cooked on just one side it’s done on both sides!

  2. Ha, the avg pizza assembly at Costco does better than this. But, the true replicator technology might be the last invention for some folks, as in they will dial in all manner of food– and likely alcohol and various drugs— and sit in front of the replicator gorging themselves until they die. Hey, there’s a new way for the Elite to get rid of folks…and if that doesn’t do them in, try the Holodeck, where an overdoes of SevenOfNine or enthusiastic Klingon stripper girls would mean the end of many a poor, unthinking, and horny soul.
    The bigger question (and I’m sure it’s been mulled over in some think tank) is how society would shift as a result of basic needs being essentially guaranteed and nearly instantly accessible. Once you are not struggling to pay for food, clothing and shelter, what will you put your energies to? How would people in outdated industries transition to new work? This is where that Star Trek ethos of service, science and exploration would come in.

  3. Don’t they feed us this prole slop already at the fast food restaurants. As if we don’t have to eat the poisons they serve us already. Thou it would be a useful in long explorations here on Earth and in space and if used for good stop the waste of food due to transportation so maybe this technology might be good for us fingers cross.

  4. then there is also sunshine from a star, and a seed….ancient technology…from stones..lol.

    Funny though, you add blood to mud and you get a brick, fire it up and you get a stone.

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