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February 17, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many people have inquired both privately and by way of more direct comments what I think about the current situation in the Ukraine.

Frankly, I scarcely know where to begin, and admittedly, to fully cover this story in the historical depth with which I think it needs to be covered would take not just one blog, nor even several; it would take an entire historical-geopolitical seminar. 

That said, however, what is going on in the Ukraine may be summarized in a simple thesis: the Ukraine is the needed final and essential piece in Washington's game of the encirclement and emasculation of Russia, and as such, it has become the playground for covert operations and quiet backing of what can only be qualified as Neo-Fascist political groups. You'll notice how the troubles in the Ukraine escalated rather dramatically after that nation's recent shift back toward closer cooperation with Moscow. The "opposition" in the Ukraine - for those with an eye on history - recalls the Vlasov Army and German-sponsored "Ukrainian nationalist" - i.e. Fascist - groups in World War Two.

So... enter the two problems - the two flies - in Washington's ointment: Germany, and Russia, and from all signs, these two powers fully intend to be the final arbiters of what happens in the Ukraine.

In short, the Ukraine has now become the battlefield for three competing geopolitical views of eastern Europe, the USA's, Germany's, and Russia's. If this sounds like a bit of uncomfortable deja vu, that's because it is.

But first, the USA's role. Here, once again, our friends at The Daily Bell, are getting it right... at least, partially:

Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

Mr. Roberts is entirely correct: the EU(read Germany) has correctly seen that further orchestration of covert opposition in the Ukraine to Washington's Russian encirclement and emasculation policy is shortsighted, though for a different reason than Mr. Roberts advances: the real reason is that an emasculated Russia also means an emasculated Europe and Germany.

For some time now I've been noticing and drawing attention to the fact that Germany's international diplomacy has increasingly followed a traditional pattern of Mitteleuropa Realpolitik, of playing off East against West, while very subtly, and very deliberately, Germany has been positioning itself for a long-term realignment with the East, i.e., with Russia. I have pointed out in this respect Germany's quiet acquisition and deployment of the most advanced military technologies, from advanced diesel-electric-fuel cell submarines (some of which have been sold to Israel with cruise missile launching capability), and its major role in the development and manufacture of France's latest submarine launched thermonuclear ICBM. ('s simply another way of stating that Germany is a "de facto" thermonuclear power. If you've wondered why post-reunification Germany has become such a "player" on the international stage, this is the unstated reason.

But there is a deeper story to this long-term strategic eastward turn, and for those familiar with the history of the post-war Nazi International, it will be a familiar one, for this move was advocated as far back as the beginnings of the Bundesrepublik during the government of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. It was Adenauer who reminded the nervous foreign ministers of France and the UK that any treaty provision prohibitting German nuclear and thermonuclear weapons development would be subject to the standard of international law, sic res stantibus, as "long as the situation stands," In other words, he was making it clear that Germany reserved the sovereign right to do so if the situation warranted. What we have seen is the acquisition of such technologies via the "Rapallo method". In 1922 Germany and Soviet Russia - the two pariahs of post-World War One Europe - signed the Rapallo Treaty. At the insistence of German General Staff Chief, General Hans von Seekt, a secret protocol was added to the treaty: Germany would develop and test the weapons systems prohibited to her by the Versailles Treaty in Russia.  The same strategy was undertaken by Bonn after World War Two, to great, though largely unknown, effect.

The eastward turn was laid out during World War Two, and pursued and advocated afterward, by the Nazi International, though again, it is a largely unknown story. The steps were simple, if not breathtakingly familiar: create a European customs union, follow it by a currency and political union. Germany would be the dominant power in any such scheme. Once this was done, then slowly pry Europe away from Washington's grip by the "Eastward turn" and the creation of a Europe-Germany-Russian entente that would be an obvious economic and geopolitical powerhouse, and the nightmare of every Anglo-American geopolitician going back to Halford Mackinder in the British Empire.

Now, in corroboration of this, consider the following article (submitted by Mr. K.M.):

Steinmeier visits Russia

One cannot get more direct than the website of the German Foreign Ministry itself, and the implications of this paragraph are clear:

"Steinmeier also reported that the two Foreign Ministers had spent a long time discussing the situation in Ukraine. They were of one mind, he said, on the need for Russian and the EU to talk about long term prospects in Europe in order to prevent any future crisis like the one gripping Ukraine. He said that the crucial thing here was the “reciprocal pledge that each side would ensure greater transparency with regard to its own policy”. Above all, Steinmeier went on, Ukraine must not become a “geopolitical chess match”:

"'What goes on in Ukraine must not be about securing geopolitical spheres of influence. We have to enable the people of Ukraine to choose freely which path they want to take in future."

This announcement clearly has Washington, not Moscow, as its intended target, and is a clear indicator that neither Russia nor Germany will support American unilateralism in the Ukraine. And it occurs within the time frame of the leaking of US State Department official Victoria Nuland's less-than-lady-like comments about the European Union... a comment that was doubtless plucked from the electronic aether either by the Russian intelligence services or Germany's BND, and probably released after the two countries quietly consulted on the merits of doing so...

Ukraine leader to Sochi as Kremlin warns action against "coup"

Ukraine Leak reveals Anglosphere Directed History

Make no mistake, folks, this one is one to watch, for whatever Germany and Russia are able to do in cooperation in the Ukraine, they will also be able to do regarding policy for the rest of Eastern Europe... so in my opinion the bottom line is this: we are watching the very beginning of a new long-range phenomenon in geopolitics unfold. It won't happen over night. There will be fits and starts, but the calls for the repatriation of its gold, the sudden volte face of Germany on the Ukraine, is not, in the wider and more general historical context I have outlined about, sudden at all. It was calculated over six decades ago...

See you on the flip side...