1. Geeee Whiz and duh! Go back to organic farming and crop rotation just like people did for hundreds and hundreds of years…..

    The human race would never had made it thus far if they were as stupid and brainwashed and controlled as we are today.

    I grow everything I can during the summer with heirloom seeds and organic fertilizers….I have a neighbor who is from Romania and she gets seeds from her friends there. I planted a yellow bean that she gave me that was just amazing….flavor, high producer and by God you can save the damn seeds!!!!!

  2. Talk about reinventing the wheel…as if this weren’t known forever and a day ago, or according to my great-great grandpappy, in the 19th century (he even wrote a book about it, one commonly accorded to be the first book on scientific agriculture in the USA, and it was, of course, entirely organic, and included treatises on the nitrogen cycle and why planting alfalfa in a barren field was an absolute imperative before doing anything else)…people are truly most idiotic when trying their utmost to falsify nature for an outsized profit. In the meantime they are ruining this planet.

  3. The Chemical Corporations need to sell their poisons to stay in business They don’t care if it works or not profits is all they have on their minds. Farmers have been doing crop rotation for millennia it works dowsing your crops with pesticides will only make the weeds and pests stronger you lose in the end.

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