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March 13, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The Chinese government is calling into question the USA's human rights record. Check out this article from Zero Hedge's "Tyler Durden":

China Strikes Back at US Human Rights Violations

The article, as you'll note, specifically references the NSA spying-Ed Snowden affair as the primary violation of human rights that the Chinese government has in mind, notwithstanding its own tight monitoring of internet traffic and banned websites, nonetheless the Chinese have a point, and it's worth considering it in a wider context, for the article also mentions the innocent deaths caused by US drone strikes. It was only perhaps a matter of timing that prevented the Chinese report from mentioning US sponsorship of agents provocateur in the Ukrainian opposition, agents provocateur whose own ideologies and connections are at best Fascist and at worst neo-Nazi. Scarcely had the coup against the former Ukrainian government ended, and the world was informed of inflammatory and life-threatening remarks on the part of some of that Ukrainian "opposition" against that nation's Jewish minority, remarks that received little attention in the US lamestream media. China could have easily pointed out the increasingly blatant hypocrisy of a nation insisting on its right to conduct such covert operations in another nation which falls in the sphere of influence of its ultimate geopolitical target - Russia - while it would decry any attempt of a foreign nation to conduct similar operations in, say, Mexico or Canada.

So herewith my high octane speculation of the day: what we may be looking at is the beginning of the Chinese component to a growing propaganda war that now appears to be escalating between the BRICSA nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and their associates - and an increasingly isolated USA.  Thus far, you'll note, Russia has been in the forefront of this propaganda war, with the high-production value shows and reporting from RT(Russia Today), which, oftentimes appears much more objective and informational than that of the so-called free press of the West's own lamestream media. Additionally, the attempts of the Western media to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin have largely failed, at least among people who gain their information from the internet rather than from the major western television and radio sources. Thus far, however, China has been more or less "silent" on most issues.

So what can we expect? I strongly suspect that there will be an increased focus on American foreign policy, human rights, and further exposure of the NSA spying role to come from the other BRICSA nations. We've already heard from Brazil's President Rousseff with that nation's displeasure over the NSA spying. The country to watch will thus, in my opinion, be India, which has already voiced its own concerns over the issue of GMOs and the treatment of Indian farmers by agribusiness giants. If India starts to make that a human rights issue and couples it with the meme of "US human rights violations", we'll know the propaganda warfare game is indeed afoot.

See you on the flip side.