March 6, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the strange connections that seemed to be indicated by the banker-employees of JP Morgan that have been recently "suicided". I have implied the use of exotic technologies may be in play in at least two of those deaths - Jason Alan Salais and Dennis Li Ginjie - and that there may be a connected between (1) credit default swaps, (2) mortgage fraud via the "suicide" of Mr. Talley in Colorado, and (3) foreign exchange, and that either someone in JP Morgan or in the national-intelligence-security-military-industrial complex may be behind these Mafia-style hits. Someone, I averred, is "cleaning house."

Now, before I indulge in today's really high octane speculation (that's the half notch between "high octane speculation" and "oxygen deprived speculation"), let's recall two significant things for which various prime banks are under investigation: (1) the LIBOR(London interbank offered rate) rigging scandal and (2) allegations of FOREX (foreign exchange rigging) that were rumored as pending against large banks such as JP Morgan. The basic point here to maintain in the back of your mind is this: banks were rigging markets and profiting from the rigging.

Now then, on with today's article and really high octane speculation:

Documents Reveal that JP Morgan has been Patenting Death Derivatives

Now, the title alone should give one pause, for the idea of patenting the concept means, in effect, that JP Morgan would make money (1) not only off the derivatives themselves but (2) off any other bank to whom it gave a license to trade them, sort of a royalty or "users' fee" much like Mon(ster)santo and Duponzanto and other agribusiness giants make money off their patented GMO crud. And my mention of GMOs in this context is not merely illustrative, as we shall see.

But now let's look at a much wider picture: this is the same crowd that is also talking about weather derivatives, i.e., securities based on the performance of weather and weather-related business systems (like agriculture). Weather derivatives, as I have noted in prior blogs on this website, are a handy thing to have around if one also has access to technologies that can manipulate the weather itself. In that context, such is another mechanism for manipulating markets and deriving profit from that manipulation. And note that it requires two essential components: (1) the technology to do so, and (2) the securities instruments, the derivatives, themselves.

Now we have "death derivatives," which, like all derivatives based on Dr. Li's formula, are based on the overall aggregate statistical performance of a "bundle" of securities. And that implies the wholesale manipulation of populations in matters of life, health, illness, and death. And in turn, this would require the same two elements: (1) the technology to effect the rigging of the market and (2) the securities themselves. Our focus here is on the first of these components, the technologies. Obviously, weather manipulation could effect whole populations for feast or famine. But additionally, so could the manipulation of the food supply(think GMOs here), the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical-healthcare and insurance industry. Patenting a "longevity risk" is a nice thing to have around in these circumstances.

But the nice thing is, if you like your current plan or doctor, you can keep it.

See you on the flip side.