cosmic war


March 21, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

In blogs over the past few days I have suggested that we all need to step back a bit from the conventional wisdom of immanent financial collapse to consider things from a broader perspective, including the traditional coupling of reserve currency status and naval power, which in today's world of electronic international financial clearing, means space and the ineluctable connection between reserve currency status and the access to space-based satellite hardware. I've suggested as well, that major terrestrial events need to be considered from the standpoint of a much wider canvas, and that dots need to be connected when interpreting events that on first glance or conventional thinking one would not be inclined to connect.

In this context then, consider the following story shared with us by Mr. R.C... Indeed, I have blogged about this particular story before, but raise it again as an illustration of how when viewed within the context suggested above, the meaning and significance of the event takes on a more dramatic significance:

Space Debris to Be Targeted with Giant Laser Fired from Australia

From one standpoint, zapping space debris makes a great deal of sense, in order to preserve space based assets from collisions with objects that could damage them, and thus imperial the system of communications that makes modern finance and so many other things possible. It is, in short, a necessary step in maintaining reserve currency status.

But against the backdrop of of yesterday's blog about growing US concerns over counter-space capabilities being developed by Russia, China, and other nations, such a development takes on a more sinister significance, for Earth-based lasers could and probably would perform a variety of functions of counter-counter-space capability, including a full spectrum - there's that favorite phrase of Pentagram strategists - of functions, from merely "blinding" a potential threat's satellite capabilities, to outright destruction of them.

The development of this capability implies something else and something quite profound, and that is the ability to account for atmospheric distortion and hence diminution of the power of any such lasers via the phenomenon of phase conjugation, which I have written about in various books(see my The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics, and Ancient Texts and The SS Brotherhood of the Bell). Such work was, of course, undertaken in the Soviet Union, which profited from late war German radar experiments, which may have discovered the phenomenon. It was given further impetus in the Reagan era as a means of compensating for such distortion with the creation of the first "mark one" phase conjugate mirrors, which were, quite literally, mirrors with a flexible surface attached to small controllable springs, which would modify the surface structure of the mirror in more-or-less real time response to atmospheric distortion(an example, in fact, is discussed briefly in Mr. Greg Bishop's book on the Paul Bennewitz UFO affair, in his book Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth
What I believe we are looking at, in other words, is not the development of a capability, but rather, the social engineering to prepare people for the weaponization of space with such weapons. 
...after all, it would make much more sense to put those lasers on board a satellite, or rather, to assemble them on a large weapons platform in space, able to maneuver to within range of "target debris". And of course, that would also imply equipping human spacecraft with a similar capability to allow it to defend itself from "accidental collisions" with "threatening debris..."  Debris, in other words, is the rationale that will be used, in part, to call for the weaponization of space, as it is already happening on the ground. And the goal, lest it be forgotten, is to maintain reserve currency status. The commercialization of space was foreseen long ago in The Brookings Report, and now those space assets represent a real investment in the billions of dollars, an investment which, moreover, controls the flow of trillions. Against this backdrop, the weaponization of space cannot but already have occurred. What is now being argued is to expand the scope and power of those weapons, and debris is the fulcrum on which this appeal will be leveraged.
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