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The site will be coming down shortly for maintenance, and we'll have it up as soon as possible again this evening.


Login issues on the site for some users have been resolved. But you'll still need to log out, clear your browser cache, then log in again. For PC: [howto] or for mac: [howto]

Remember: support issues should be addressed via the support center on the web site, where we can get enough data about the issue to get you an effective response. Enjoy the new member videos!

3 thoughts on “Site Maintenance”

  1. Hi Dr. Farrell/Mr. di Griz-

    many thanks for eradicating my log-in issues-

    in all the yrs. I’ve been on/in the internet needing to “clean up one’s cache” is new- obviously there are other forces out there dirtying our caches (yes, Marcos Toledo, we’ll label them gremlins for convenience)-

    by the way, I’m now in sporadic contact with David Paulides (+ staff), author of the monumental “Missing411” book series, trying to alleviate my problems accessing his website; although he’s stated he’s in regular contact with others in Germany who have had no problems accessing his website I (my cache?)have been blocked from accessing his website-

    so it looks like this website isn’t the only one being blocked “for some” (whatever the reason/s may be)-

    please stay well all-

    Larry in Germany

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