March 18, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

This article thrilled me when I read it, for the rich possibilities it presents, for even though the article is now about four years old, it is worth mentioning here, because it is indicative, perhaps, of a speculation I've long entertained, namely, that there's "public consumption physics", and a much more covert one. (The article was shared by Mr. F.S., whom I'd like to thank for bringing it to our attention):

Mysteriously, Solar Activity Found to Influence Behavior of Radioactive Materials On Earth

There are so many possibilities suggested by this discovery that, if confirmed, bear mentioning:

  1. Radioactive decay rates are not constant, but variable depending on other local celestial and stellar conditions; which suggests
  2. radioactive materials are open rather than closed systems.

But note also that the article appears to be equally mystified about processes in the Sun that do not conform to standard model predictions:

"A 2006 solar flare suggested the sun was involved somehow. Purdue University nuclear engineer Jere Jenkins noticed the decay rate of a medical isotope dropped during the solar flare, and what's more, the decline started before the flare did. The latter finding could be useful for protecting satellites and astronauts -- if there is a correlation between decay rates and solar activity, changed decay rates could provide early warning of an impending solar storm.

"But while that's good news for astronauts, it's bad news for physics.

"Peter Sturrock, Stanford emeritus professor of applied physics and an expert on the inner workings of the sun, told the researchers to look for evidence that the changes in radioactive decay vary with the rotation of the sun. The answer was yes, suggesting that neutrinos are responsible.

"But how could the nebulous neutrino, which does not interact with normal matter, be affecting decay rates? No one knows. It might be a previously unknown particle instead."

The fact that decay rates varied prior to the eruption of the solar flare suggest not only that the two are somehow related, but additionally that they are perhaps both manifestations of some underlying unitary phenomenon.

All of this recalls the work of Russian astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, who, noticing that the sun was putting out more energy than the standard model of a "chained up hydrogen bomb" would allow, posited some other form of energy, which, he hypothesized, was time itself. In saying it was time, however, he was saying with one convenient shorthand term, that the energy source was some coupling mechanism to the geometry of local-space-time, to the geometry of the solar system, the planetary positions, are any given moment. It does not take long to consider why this might be so, for in their orbits around the Sun, the planets exhibit great outpouring of energy in their angular momentum. Most of the energy in the solar system is in this form.

Kozyrev was postulating that some sort of coupling mechanism occurred, perhaps via some sort of resonance or transducer phenomenon in radioactive environments, such as the plasma of the Sun, or radioactive isotopes on Earth. In this, let is be recalled, he was preceded by Ronald Richter, who in his statements to the US Air Force, indicated his hypothesis that the cellular or lattice structure of plasmas interacted with "the zero point energy"(his phrase), and its local conditions.

As the article indicates, there are also indicators of variable radioactive decay rates according to the season on Earth that they are measure, summer or winter(and that means, hemispherical differences, since winter in the northern hemisphere is summer in the south)... and that in turn means yields of nuclear bombs will vary slightly according to the time and position of their detonation...

All of these things, of which the Purdue research is yet another slight indicator, suggest that for some time, there has been quietly developed, hidden from the sight of most scientists and deep within the black projects world, as Kozyrev's research once was inside the Soviet Union, and Richter's inside of Nazi Germany and later Peronist Argentina, that there is a very different physics, where these laws of "harmonic coupling" are better understood... and if they are better understood, then that is both a great, and a frightening, prospect, for those laws indicate the interrelationship at some fundamental level, of distant worlds with our own. Such open-systems low-energy nuclear lattice-assisted reactions also, according to many, also bind DNA... It is a physics, in other words, of the very large and very small; the holy grail of an alchemical physics, the fire of Prometheus.

See you on the flip side...