March 20, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the course of the last few weeks I have, like many of you, been following the spate of sad banker "suicides," and like many of you, I suspect that the grief that their families have been subjected to is not accidental, that their "suicides" may have been impelled or "helped along" by external factors. I suspect, in short, that these people have been murdered, even in the cases where they have clearly been seen to "jump" on their "own" accord; invisible hands may have helped them take that fatal step. In the course of these blogs, I have speculated that the motivation for their murders may have stemmed from the discovery of financial clues leading directly into the black budget and black projects world of the military-industrial complex, perhaps even indicating to them that they were looking at a "breakaway civilization" that, for the moment, would prefer to remain hidden rather than openly declare itself. I have speculated on a variety of possible "hidden physics" models lately as well, and finally, about the role of space in maintaining the U.S. grip on international financial clearing and reserve currency status.

It is that last factor - the connection between space and reserve currency status - that I wish the reader to bear in mind as they consider this article concerning the statements of Admiral Cecil Hanley, chief of the US's space command, made recently concerning the growing counter-space capabilities of "other nations":

US Space Assets Face Growing Threat from Adversaries

As the article indicates, while Admiral Hanley does not mention names, U.S. General Shelton did mention China, and this is a significant clue as to what really may be going on behind the scenes.

The keys to bear in mind here are

  1. the connection between reserve currency status in the modern world and space;
  2. the recent moves to expand the Shanghai accords nations into the BRICSA entente - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and more recently South Africa;
  3. the recent statements from France, Germany, and Brazil that they wish to cooperate in the establishment of US-free internets, in response to the perceived threat of US electronic eavesdropping which, as I have said many times here, is as much about financial spying as it is about combatting terrorism, a kind of "ultimate insider trading mechanism" as former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts has astutely suggested;
  4. recent agreements between China and Brazil to cooperate in space matters, and finally
  5. the fact that Russia and China, particularly, have large space programs and ambitious anti-satellite programs, with India, Japan, and Europe most likely not far behind in the development of such capabilities.

In this context, is is easy to see what the concern is, for space assets have to be protected, for in protecting them, reserve currency status is also protected. Thus, the general targets of Admiral Hanley's remarks have to be, in this context, the growing awareness of counter-space capabilities on the part of China, Russia, and the other BRICSA nations. The geopolitical contest, in other words, has become a spatio-political contest as well.

I suggest that all this means that we must now all adjust our thinking to include a much bigger canvas from which to view terrestrial events, and to include dots that one normally would not include or connect when considering certain events, no matter how apparently far-fetched they may appear to be.

See you on the flip side...