March 23, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you continue to send me articles, and for this I thank you, and I wish I had the time to thank each by name, but I dimply do not. Please accept this general "thank you" as being addressed to each and every one of you individually. This week's "final cut" of articles was more difficult to make than even last week's, because this week's offerings were rich both in terms of content and their thought-provoking significance.

This is particularly true of a couple of articles that I received concerning yet another banker "suicide." Yes, that's right. There's been another one, sadly this time of a very young man, and there is now beginning to be - perhaps - a pattern that is coming out:

28 Year Old Former JP Morgan Banker Jumps to His Death, the Latest in a Series of Recent Suicides

Another Banker Jumps

Let's note something the second article stated, citing suicide expert Dr Christine Moutier(how does one become an expert in suicide?):

“J'umping is much less common as a method for suicide in general, so I am struck by the number that have occurred in recent months in this industry,' said Dr. Christine Moutier, chief medical officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“'The suicide-research literature doesn’t help very much with the question of why the method of these suicides is so out in the open,' she added."

Not even the lamestream media presstitutes seem to be able to cover this story in anything like the detail it needs to be covered with, and statements by experts pointing out the obvious only add to the mystery. Nonetheless, I confess that Dr. Moutier's statements caused me to rethink a number of things, for these "suicides" raise a number of questions an scenarios, and one need only look at the picture of the most recent victim, Kenneth Bellando, to realize that this man would not have committed suicide, not on his own.

So we need to look at the methods of the suicides themselves. In the case of Mr. Richard Talley, who committed death by nail gun, only a Warren Commission advocate could take seriously the idea that someone committed suicide by drilling no less than eight nails into the back of his skull with a nail gun, including the final kill shot delivered at the back base of the skull where it connects to the neck, In Mr. Talley's case, it is a clear case of murder, and a clear message being sent by whomever committed it, to whomever else might be paying attention... we'll get back to that in a moment.

But suicide by jumping, especially with such a concentration in one business sector, and moreover, one particular bank - JP Morgan - is something what would challenge the best insurance actuaries or Las Vegas bookies. So many suicides in one place, with specific connections, spells murder, and murder by a nefarious means: mind manipulation. And if this high octane speculation of the day is anywhere close to the truth, then this means access to some rather sophisticated technologies.

That access means, in my opinion, that we are dealing with a very narrowly defined and restricted group of possible perpetrators, a restricted group consisting of a very few select corporations with access to such technologies either because (1) they have developed them, or (2) they have covertly purchased them. And of course, we must include (3) the intelligence-national security "community", which sponsored and oversaw that development.

In previous blogs about this subject, I have suggested that perhaps these victims were murdered to protect a secret, that secret being the vast scale of penetration into the financial world by the intelligence agencies, and the vast scale of fraud and hidden finance present within it, to serve but one purpose: a source of funding for covert operations and covert research into exotic technologies.

With that thought in mind, consider this third article:

Jon Rappaport: Is the NSA Manipulating the Stock Market?

Ponder the revelations in that article carefully, because they essentially corroborate my own high octane speculations: the NSA spying is essentially about international financial clearing, about the ultimate insider trading mechanism, and about the manipulation of markets. It takes little leaps of thought to see why such capability would greatly benefit a secret system of finance, a system dedicated to the funding of covert operations and research, for it it would be a source of funding for even further penetration, as Mr. Rappaport rightly observes:

"The amount of money siphoned off in such an ongoing operation would be enormous.

"'Looking over the shoulder' of Wall St. insiders would be child's play for NSA.

"Ditto for predicting political events that would temporarily drive markets down and provide golden opportunities for highly profitable short selling.

"Like drug traffickers and other mobsters, the NSA could invest their ill-gotten gains in legitimate enterprises and reap additional rewards.

"And if the Pentagon, under which the NSA is organized, requires heavy amounts of money for off-the-books black budget ops, what better place to go than their own NSA?"

I suggest this is the common thread that may be uniting the murder of these bankers. One perhaps can even see why Mr. Talley joined this unfortunate list, for we can imagine a high octane scenario that led to their demise: perhaps they input certain trades on their computers, executing orders for clients, or, in Mr. Talley's case, did title searches for potential mortgages. Perhaps those trades, which should have been executed within a certain time frame, or at certain prices, failed to do so, and were executed much later, or earlier, at different prices, or were simply blocked. Perhaps title searches indicated problems, but perhaps the problems were "brushed aside" by some hidden hand, much to the surprise of Mr. Talley.

One or two such instances would, of course, be dismissed by these people as coincidence or anomaly. It would have been only when a pattern is repeated that suspicions would have been roused, and perhaps these were quietly shared with other colleagues.

This means something significant: it means that there is a pattern behind the pattern of the "suicides," and it is that story, that no one is talking about. It is that story that suggests that there is an even deeper pattern behind the seemingly discrete stories of gold repatriation, rehypothecation, LIBOR and FOREX rigging, the London Gold rate, and alleged central bank whistleblowers. I will not venture here to hazard a guess as to what that pattern might be.

See you on the flip side.