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  1. Near the end of the interview, you mention a movie that tells us that even the greatest mind control cannot beat love. Love is what’s most important.

    You agreed with it. In doing so, you apparently ignored the fact that this movie is a product of a mind controlling industry itself, an industry to a large extent controlled by the gangsters on which you spend the entire interview. Why would the Nazis et al give a thumb up to exactly what is, in your opinion, most devastating from their point of view?!

    Perhaps this quote (from Michael A. Hoffman, 1989) is relevant: “Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa stated that there was only one incurable sickness — arrogance. If a patient does not regard himself as sick, he cannot submit to a cure. The arrogant man does not need to see — he already sees almost everything and what he thinks he has yet to learn ….. Flattery: The First Principle of Mind Control ….. This is the first secret of mass mind control and can be observed as the foundation stone of virtually every false religion, party, cult, philosophy, system and training.”

    Love and arrogance seem to share common characteristics: they defy analysis so one can’t objectively check if the thing is really there or not; they are also forceful, difficult to stop, and put people to risk.

    I tend to conclude that that *unqualified* promotion of love inevitably plays in the hands of evil.

  2. Great exchange Joseph! All the mushrooms should watch this. I’ve plugged it on Facebook and Blog.

  3. This is the same interview Joseph did with Catherine on 8/1/13 that is posted in the Member Audio section of this site. Catherine has just edited out the first 17/18 minutes of the comments and announcements that she made before Joseph joined her that are no longer timely.

  4. tremendous interview- now if I may add something due to my own personal experiences (if anyone is interested)-

    when I attended undergraduate school at German-Lutheran Wittenberg U.(’68-’72 in puny Springfield, Ohio- yes, po-dunk-ville) there was a secret organisation on campus known as the “Shifters”- supposedly in order to be tapped for this secret org. you had to have “the right attitude” (whatever) and there was supposedly an unknown/crazy connection to the concept “Whinnie the Pooh”

    am highly speculating but the plan to remove Hitler & Co. from the bunker was labled “Operation Whinnie the Pooh” so could it have been this secret org. was actually a secret N*zi org.?

    Dr. Farrell, you very briefly stated in this interview you dealt with previous N**s in S. Dakota so could it have been the remnants of N*zis even penetrated SW Ohio?-


    1. Robert Barricklow

      Exactly Rick.
      I just read a great book on that very subject:
      Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens by Nicholas Shaxson.

  5. am not sure what anyone else here in Germany has experienced but I’ve clicked-onto every provided link first provided by the initially published link

    this video

    this interview is simply not available to me (I noticed DownunderET has also had some problems)- why?-


    1. ooh, Lordy, folks (and Dr. Farrell) please forgive me/ignore me for my previous posting; I still don’t understand why Google Chrome continues to block so many things; but I have similar problems at times with other browsers (at least from my access here in Germany); I found the accessible link on another browser (and we’re all not being manipulated?)- so please ignore my my previous posting (why isn’t there an “erase/edit posting” option on this website?- something to consider)-

      please stay well all-


  6. There’s something wrong here, I checked the “members audio” archive and there are two interviews with CAH, breakaway civilization parts one and two. These are 1:30:11 (part 1), and 2:12:53 (PART 2).

    This new interview is 1:13:51 posted today and labeled the breakaway civilization part 1, Joseph can you clarify this. Seems the wording of the interviews has been mixed up for some reason??

  7. This was superb!! What really struck me was your suggestion in this interview at ~min 54:25–in the context of your comments regarding the movie “The Forgotten” and the inability of those operating the memory-erasing technique and their inability to break the love bonds between the protagonists–that the underlying essence (my words) that the topological metaphor speaks to is love. This has political implications that keep on giving! Based on what I have learned from you and others about the full-spectrum dominance by the breakaway civ of the techno-weather-mil-mind control apparatus, it follows what we have heretofore defined as politics needs to become redefined on a much more comprehensively personal basis, i.e., in a way that links us (religare) with our origins in the metaphor. And in my mind that plays as a much more spiritual expression than I haved dared publically to entertain to date.

    And BTW, is there a way for your site members to access the other interviews in the series with CAF w/o subscribing to her site?

  8. In Financial Vipers of Venice you bring up the Piri Reis maps. What is your take on the Vinland map the academics seem to obsess on whether the map dates from the period. But seem not to look at the information on the map. I believe the map was a later copy that some greed head dealer tried to palm off as original and not a copy. They’re always looking for a excuse to brand a fake any document that rocks their excepted theories. Fine interview by the way.

    1. By the way a notice a seal on the website GOLD&SILVER CALULAR who image in the middle looks like the seal of the Knights of THE Temple of Jerusalem should I ask Catherine about that.

      1. Marcos, they have discovered maps chiseled into massive stones in Russia, and the pyramids were engineered by a people with the same measuring system.

        Which proves that a people knew the entire world a long time ago. The ptb and a lot of other people do not talk about all the other pyramids that have yet to be uncovered.

        A lot of the experts are paid to claim ignorance.

        Good observation on the seal.

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