April 4, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

It has been some time since we've heard about the rape of southern Europe by the banksters, so I am grateful to Ms. M.W. for sharing this article, for there are serious protests in Spain concerning that country's BBVA bank's evictions of families from their homes:

Stop the Evictions: 55 Banks occupied March 24, 2014

Whatever the soundness (or more likely, the lack thereof) of Spain's easy money policies and "social democracy" policies were that led to that nation's continuing struggle, the fact remains that there are three guilty parties. Whenever governments promise things to its peoples that it ultimately cannot deliver, that implicates the peoples themselves(America, take note!). But the major players, the major responsibility, lies not just with "the people" but with the governments and capitalists, who for their own reasons, profit both from the easy credit and the misery to follow, and some Spaniards, like some Americans, know this. But thus far, the bankers themselves have all but avoided any jail time(except in Iceland of course), for their complicity in driving a meltdown.

So why am I drawing your attention to Spain?

It is because it is symptomatic of a growing problem in Europe, one that has spread from Greece, to Italy, to Spain, to Portugal, and I suspect will shortly break out in France. The growing disunion of the European Union has also spread to Italy, where Venice - in a rather dramatic touch of irony - has held a referendum where the city and region voted to secede from Italy and restore the sovereignty it lost when Napoleon Bonaparte ended the Serenissima:

Venice’s Secession from Italy, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and Nation-States

Spain, of course, like Italy, has its own history of composition from smaller kingdoms after the Reconquista, with the final union of Castille and Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella. But at one time, Aragon and Navarre were kingdoms, and of course the Basques in the former region of Navarre have been openly pushing for independence from Spain since the death of General Franco and the restoration of the monarchy. The Venetian referendum, and the Spanish occupations, signal what the real problem is: the super-state as a purely political creation where cultural and economic interests run counter to the political.

And the article hints at something that may be brewing globally as increasingly the centralized democratic governments of the west appear to be almost completely insulated from any real responsiveness to their peoples, and almost totally subservient to the national security/financial oligarchs:

"Given that Obama recently declared all secession movements illegitimate (except those supported by the US Government, of course) it’s unknown how much support Venice can expect from the international community."

Secession movements typically require the support of some major power in order to succeed(witness the case of the Crimea and Russia), so one cannot expect the Stars and Bars to rise over the American South, or the Lion of St. Mark to fly from the towers and spires of Venice, again any time soon. But it's a harbinger of tensions that will not go away because the sittuations creating them, central government indifference and non-responsiveness to its people, has not changed and does not appear to be set to do so any time soon. As a result, the movements of protest not only grow, so also does the order and magnitude of local defiance. Already in the USA many states are passing bills whose clear intention is to reaffirm their sovereignty vis-a-vis the federal government. In many localities, local gun control laws are openly flouted.

My point in all of this? Such movements, whether of occupation of banks in Spain, or secession in Venice, indicate socio-political discontent that is reaching a tipping point, and in such situations, the opportunity for covert operations penetration and manipulation of such movements always arises. And as I have been reminding people, the game of staged coups and covert-operations-driven revolutions is a game that not just the West, or the USA, can play. We may thus be entering, not just the information age, the transhumanist age, but also, the covert operations age.

See you on the flip side.