I've been concerned lately, watching the developing news about exo-geopolitical competition, the emergence of the BRICSA entente, and post-9/11 US "unipolarism," that we are watching the emergence of Cold War, Act Two. From the point of view of Realpolitik, the "war on terror" has been, in a certain sense, a fizzle. People aren't buying it, and a more powerful "adversary" is needed in the Hegelian dialectical scheme of things, and what better "rival" than a "resurgent Russia"(with all the appropriate demonizations of the Russian leadership in the Western press), a "threatening China", and a BRICSA bloc intent upon challenging western post-war international financial structure? In a certain sense, the moves by the BRICSA nations are predictable blowback against what I and others have been calling post-9/11 "unipolarism," so aptly announced by former president G.W. Bush: "if you're not with us, then you're against us."

To that end, it appears that RT (Russia Today), is picking up on the meme, and either that Russia is "playing its scripted roll," or that it is reacting quite reasonably to a geopolitical situation, or both:

US pushes to complete ‘project for military domination of entire planet’

The article is correct: the USA is the only nation on earth whose military has divided up the globe into area commands. (For those of you into the military symbolism, that would be the equivalent of putting seven "x's" over your headquarters units, with eight reserved for the Pentagram in Washington. In other words, we're way beyond army groups and theater commands even of World War Two.)

But there have been curious setbacks along the way: Russia has not rolled over and played dead. In fact, it has vigorously opposed American interventionism, first in South Ossetia in 2008, more recently in the Crimean peninsula, and, if the Russian version of the story is to be believed, in the USS Donald Cook incident, where a Russian Sukhoi-24 bomber apparently quite convincingly demonstrated Russia's ability to jam our most sophisticated missile defense system radars.

More recently, there was a grounding of civilizan airliners in the American southwest, and we now have three different versions of that story(sort of like all the versions of what really happened to Malaysia Air Flight 370). We were told, first, that the grounding occurred because of a computer glitch in a regional air traffic control facility. Then we were told a second story, that the system was affected by the overflight of an American U-2 spy plane. This story didn't really have wings, since U-2s fly all the time without apparent affect on the air traffic control system(if they fly any more at all).

Now there's a third possibility making the rounds on the internet, and it made me sit up and take notice:

Russian Strategic Bombers On West Coast: Did They Take Down LAX Air Traffic Control Systems?

Of all the stories floating out there about the grounding of flights in the Southwestern USA, this is the one that makes the most sense to me, and, following as it does the USS Donald Cook incident, it makes sense: if true, then it would mean a further demonstration of Russian capabilities, which, in the light of the equally mysterious take-downs of the Russian GLONASS satellites (Russia's equivalent system of GPS satellites), suggests two things: (1) America is not the "sole superpower," and (2) the two countries are once again in Cold War mode, poking sticks into each other's cages to see what the other side is capable of.

So what's the bottom line?

I think the answer is simple: we're watching the curtain being raised on Cold War, Act Two. But there's a difference this time, and it should give everyone pause: this time, in the eyes of world opinion, and even in the eyes of many Americans, it is the US power oligarchs, and not the power oligarchs in Moscow, who are "the bad guys." This time it is not "the evil empire", but the Pentagram empire, that is at fault, and the usual tricks of the trade - television programs extolling American heroism and military prowess and technology - are simply not working. At best, they are holding actions to maintain the intellectual grip on that portion of the American population that still believes in the Warren Report, and that there's nothing wrong with the system, while the protection racket expands even as popular support rapidly diminishes.

It's a recipe, as the Soviet Communists discovered, that is counter to their own long term interests.

See you on the flip side.


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. DanaThomas on May 16, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Russia: Ground errors or space wars?

  2. MQ on May 13, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    And more grist for the mill:

    OK it may be “just” a fire (or whatever) but the timing of Chicago area flight traffic being halted is major.

  3. DanaThomas on May 13, 2014 at 3:06 am

    And just to top it all off, the pope has now talked about baptizing Martians…. Well, ok, but why specifically Martians?

  4. henry on May 13, 2014 at 1:18 am

    Speaking of a “resurgent Russia” and a“threatening China”, i was reminded of Webster Tarpley’s
    “Joseph Smith’s White Horse Prophecy for World Conquest Makes Romney a More Dangerous Warmonger Than George W. Bush”

    “Power will be given the White Horse to rebuke nations afar off and they will obey, not that they will be one with the White Horse, but when the law goes forth, they will obey, for the law will go forth from Zion.” (The American empire)

    “Those opposing will be called Gog and Magog The nations of the world led by the Russian Czar and their power, will be great, but all opposition will be overcome, and this land will be then the Zion of our God.” (Russia under “Czarist” Putin)

    “There is a land beyond the Rocky Mountains that will be invaded by the heathen Chinese, unless great care and protection are given. Speaking of the heathen, where there is no law there is no condemnation; this will apply to them.” (“godless” Communist China)

    The “Yahwist” prophecies of Christian Rapture, the Mormon White Horse Prophecy, or the Islamic Imaam Mahdi, their version of “apocalypse”..
    “The shall not occur until the Euphrateswill disclosea mountain of gold, over which people will fight. 99 out of every hundred shall die, and every one of them shall say, ‘perchance I shall be the one to succeed”(Muslim)”
    sounds like the Babylonian tale of “Marduk proclaiming his power over the gods by taking the Tablet of Destiny”.
    that functions rather like “Ark of the Covenant” which turns out to be “The Ark of Truth”, as “apocalypse” really means “disclosure of knowledge” as opposed to “end of the world” by a bloodbath.

    Comparing the “Yahwist” prophecies to “non-Yahwist” ones.. from Zoroastrian, Hindu, Tibetan, Mayan to the Hopi, the “discrepancy” is quite obvious and is manifested in reality as “multipolar opposition” to American “unipolarism”(for the law will go forth from Zion) by “the New Axis of Evil”, Iran, Russia and China.

  5. DownunderET on May 12, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Off Topic:
    Amazon have announced that Joseph’ new book will be released on September 10th, that cant be right can it?
    Now back to the war, Ukraine is internally a train wreck, the plans of the elites are not going exactly to plan. Putin is playing the waiting game and NATO must be pissed off at the resistance of the people to just roll over and play dead (sorry about the pun). So, it’s a “sit on your hands” and see what happens next, and hope no more civilians are caught up in this mess the elites have created. At least the alternative media has gone into overdrive and there have been some excellent articles that tell the real story of what going on in Ukraine. A Kevin Barrett piece over at Press TV was one of the best I’ve read, no punches pulled and places the blame squarely at the feet of American Foreign Policy.

  6. amunaor on May 12, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    “At best, they are holding actions to maintain the intellectual grip on that portion of the American population that still believes in the Warren Report….”

    The prisoners behind the CNN Curtain!

  7. Celtic Death Star on May 12, 2014 at 11:43 am

    I sometimes wonder if it’s all just a big scripted screenplay, and every nation has to take its turn at being “sacrificed” eventually.

    • LSM on May 12, 2014 at 2:08 pm

      “I sometimes wonder if it’s all just a big scripted screenplay”-

      life IS a scripted screenplay- period- it’s the truth- when will people finally wake up to the fact we’re all being manipulated and we’re all pawns in a rigged game not to our benefit?-

      as Shakespeare wrote (well, attributed to his bogus entity): “life is a stage”-

      I work in the realm of theater and I can’t tell you how EASY it is to convince the masses that “theater” is reality…


  8. Daryl Davis on May 12, 2014 at 11:37 am

    I’d be impressed with the Russians if in the past several decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union they had nevertheless developed advanced technologies to rival ours. It then would be fascinating to compare, side by side, the various applications of UFO technologies they have heretofore created as compared to our own. Who has done the better, more thoughtful job of reverse-engineering?

    It seems now that the Russians may have been more successful than us in developing “tactical” applications — less catastrophic than America’s world-splitting weapon systems — and therefore perhaps more effective — more easily and often used to subtly alter the “pre-disclosure” geopolitical landscape.

    Another question though: Just how successful were the Chinese in all their espionage forays? Have they stolen and “pirated” our more exotic technologies equally as efficiently as they’ve done with our private sector intellectual property? And can they also make these cheaper and in more abundance than “we” do?

  9. loisg on May 12, 2014 at 11:01 am

    Why would Russia show its hand by demonstrating their capabilities? That just gives the US ample time to fix the problems in their defenses before they actually need to rely on them for something serious. If that’s what they are doing then they aren’t playing long term.
    I would take some of this as truly serious if it were occurring 15 years ago, even 10 years ago, but now I believe the US is so far along in their goals that instances of these sorts are rather minor glitches to them. They have had a defense budget that is gargantuan by the standards of any other country on earth. What bothers me is that I don’t think it’s the US that it plans to protect with all that technology.

  10. justawhoaman on May 12, 2014 at 9:08 am

    I don’t hesitate to wonder whose side our “President” is on, in the first place. Don’t forget the “caught on microphone statement” he made to Medvedev that he would essentially do Putin’s bidding once he won the (2012) election. Is this really the Russians showing their military strength or is it our President keeping our military from acting or defending itself? Is it our puppet in the White House allowing these demonstrations to show the rest of the world how defenseless we are? Was the bow out in the Syria standoff really that or was it a designed false flag to make us appear weak and stupid, therefore, the bad guys. Good guys are not weak and stupid… this is what we showed Krushchev to be when he banged his shoe on the table. He played the fool so well, just as our addict on Pennsylvania Avenue is doing now.

    It has always been about the good guy/bad guy show. It has never been who was doing good or bad things. Oligarchs are all bad no matter what continent they represent and what uniform they are wearing.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 12, 2014 at 10:46 am

      Khrushchev & Kennedy were trying to form a deep relationship away from & under the “NWO Oligarchies” radar($), but failed. That relationship included a space(shared) and nuclear(eliminate?) as well. Who knows what could have been? Indeed, we don’t even know what it did turn out to be, as that reality(the Cheney kind that decides what reality we mortals see) has been denied any “public hearing”[literally & figuratively].

      • amunaor on May 12, 2014 at 12:40 pm

        I ask myself, how else is it possible for an individual to provoke change into a futile and insurmountable condition such as this? In which case, why not just let these brutal white men have enough of their own bloody rope to hang themselves?

        We all know what happened to the last idealist wishing to clean house, the was when the entrenchment was still young.

        To paraphrase an early statement Obama seared into my mind: “Power will not relinquish the throne so easily. It will take time.” Indeed!

        No I’m not dragging my old hopey-wishy sentiments back out of the closet. Something just doesn’t sit right with me here!

        What about the Gordon Duff piece: The Obama “Un-Presidency”

  11. marcos toledo on May 12, 2014 at 8:29 am

    So the USA thinks it can rule the world dream on. What the USA is doing is trying to RWWUI Rule the World While Under the Influence. These drunk stoneout jerks can’t run the USA properly and they what to be the first Terraian Empire well their stupid enough to try. It wont work idiots at least the ancient empires knew their limits.

    • Tim H on May 12, 2014 at 2:40 pm

      Bravo Marcos, fight the power!

  12. Robert Barricklow on May 12, 2014 at 8:09 am

    It gives one pause to hope that…
    money from nothing
    can’t buy everything.

  13. Lost on May 12, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Yeah the USA was the good empire when it occupied southern Vietnam, overthrew Allende, pretended rightwing death squads in El Salvador were on the side of “freedom”, there are other examples like the Shah in Iran, the freedom lover Saddam Hussein–a street brawler the US use in a coup in the late 1960s. So not.

    The “Donald Cook” thing looks to be fake for a variety of reasons. Also I’m sure Russia doesn’t need to use planes to target weapons at the air traffic control systems of LAX.

    • Rad on May 13, 2014 at 11:07 am

      I dont think either that the story about “Donald Cook” destroyer have much to be believed in it. I understand it originated from some Russian unknown blogger, from where it was spread on Russian internet and then was picked up by some Russian news agencies.
      For various reasons it looks fake indeed and I for one dont take it too serious in consideration.

      I dont know what to think about the problem with the traffic control at the airport. I think have equally chances to be something like a test made by USAF (with that U-2 plane), an attack of some sort by an outside power (Russia, as they have those bombers near, and those can really carry some heavy and powerful electronic warfare devices) or their own technical problem as they said.

      However, on the other side we can see not just the mysterious take off of Glonass satelite system, but one may look at the tests of the new Russian SLBM Bulava, of which apparently some 40% of launches were failures, in different stages from launch to flight to their target. This is what they recognized officially, some experts believe there is an even bigger percent of failures in their launchings.
      Thats why Russia delay a bit the introduction of more of their new strategic nuclear submarines.

      SLBM and subs are maybe the most important part of the so called nuclear “triad” (land based ballistic missiles, submarines and bombers), because subs can launch attacks by surprise, from unknown areas, even close to their target, so less time to react, or in case that enemy attacked the land they act as a back-up to launch the counter-attack (offer a second strike possibility) and assure that MAD doctrine.

      But having maybe 50% of your SLBM malfunctioning and dont reaching their targets (and this without to take in consideration the missile defence that can take out some more, even if probably not all) can cancel the possibility of MAD. Combined with your satelites (that provide guidance for your airplanes or cruise missiles for example) taken out of function this look really bad in case of war (and hopefully such war will never happen).

      And thats not just a problem with Bulava missiles, but with some launchings of other rockets that should have positioned satelites (military ones too) on the orbit. The percent of failures or the importance of them was big enough that Russians fired the director of Roscosmos (Russian equivalent of NASA) less then a year ago (there were other such fires of Russian officials from space agencies or related factories few years ago).
      Not to mention what happened to Russian or Indian probes send to Mars (they never reached there).
      Interesting that Soyuz spacecraft and the Russian rockets send for ISS function flawlessly.
      And I for one, I dont think Moon is quite a free teritory for us humans. Maybe we can go around, even walk around a bit or send some probe but nothing like exploration and exploatation of it

      So I think a secret “war in space” is going on right now.

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