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May 19, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's been more blowback from the US's backing of a neo-fascist coup in the Ukraine, and its impositions of "sanctions" on Russia, and the blowback this time is a real indicator not only of the ineffectiveness of current policy direction, but of the measure to which Washington's arrogance is driving good will away from the USA at breathtaking speed. First, consider this arms deal with Moscow that Paris is unwilling to cancel just because Washington says so:

France refuses to block Mistral warship deal with Russia

In my opinion, the message here is a herald of more things to come: the European powers will go along with Washington's sanctions only so long as they do not ultimately cripple their own economic and financial interests, and in a nutshell folks, that means they will not go along on the sanctions walk very far. There will be sanctions for "the shop windows," but nothing significant. And that, too, is a signal that while London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Berlin are all smiles when they meet with US officials, behind the scenes, they are as fed up with being bossed around as Moscow is.   Europe is in a much stronger position vis-a-vis Washington than it thinks it is, and, should any European leader ever find a spine, the geopolitical game could become very interesting.

Which, in another way, it already did, since Russia has now indicated that it will no longer be happy to ferry American astronauts to the international space station:

Russia to Cut off US Access to the International Space Station

And not only that, but no more access to those nice Russian rocket engines if they are going to be used by the Pentagon:

Russia to Halt Export 0of RD 180 Engines for Milsat launches

This, of course, is probably a bit of Russian tongue-in-cheek, since it is hard if not impossible to imagine any technology in the USA that does not have some connection to the Pentagon.

Now, all of this has me scratching my head, especially since NASA wants to land a man on an asteroid in the 2020s(See Armageddon in real life: Nasa astronauts start training for real life mission to land on an asteroid). If you're connecting the above dots here, then it is rather obvious that there are dots that are simply not connecting, and this invites some high octane speculation. It's pretty apparent that backing a bunch of Neo-Nazis in Kiev wasn't a really bright idea (besides being morally reprehensible). And it's pretty clear that trying to have a space program  without any heavy launch vehicles is kind of absurd, especially when you just imposed sanctions on the very country you're relying upon to put your astronauts into orbit. And it's pretty clear that having a space program without any viable domestic program - government or otherwise - to develop such heavy lift launch capabilities is also sort of dumb, unless you're intending to reveal all that good stuff you've been developing with your trillions and quadrillions of looted dollars from bearer bonds scandals and credit default swap derivatives. That can probably buy a lot of antigravity, except I'm not really expecting anyone to reveal that to Russia just because it's not playing nice and letting our astronauts go to the space station while Washington tries to encircle that country and throttle its economy.

So what is going on? I cannot help but entertain the idea that all this may be deliberate. I've never seen such insanity and stupidity coming from Washington, not even in the years of the High Insanity and High Immortality of Lyndon Baines Johnson, for the US actions on the international stage are literally driving the creation of a new and much more powerful bloc than the old Soviet era bloc, and indeed, I cannot but help entertain the idea that they appear to be deliberately designed to do so. And at the centerpiece here is a clever agenda: what is being shown as the weakest link in the American hegemon is precisely space, for look at what we are being asked to swallow:

We are being asked to swallow (1) NASA's "big plans" at the same time as (2) we have absolutely no publicly known conventional technology to accomplish it, and all technologies to do so were scuttled by the current administration.

That, of course, won't fly, and as I do not see any revelation of the hidden technologies any time soon, I suspect we are looking at a script unfolding Cold War, Act Two, and the new space race... we'd better get busy, and start funding those big rockets again, because as it is, those nasty Russians  are once again "ahead."

See you on the flip side.