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This story also appeared last month, during a month of what, in my opinion, was very strange and important space news, which I argued in a mini-series of blogs, appears to be perhaps influenced by the "Renaissance model" of "New World revelation" or "New World disclosure." In that context, the following story may be hugely significant:

Could life on Mars have existed just 200,000 years ago? Young rock formations provide evidence of 'recent' water on the red planet

As indicated, the article suggests that significant amounts of running water may have existed on Mars as little as 200,000 years ago, a relative "yesterday" in geological terms. And with that recent a presence of water, there is also the possibility for the presence of life. In one sense, the article is no great revelation. There are indicators of water on Mars in the polar ice caps (largely carbon dioxide block ice), as cirrus clouds form during the Martian summers.

It's that date of 200,000 years ago for running water that really changes the picture about Mars once again, for if true, some current models will have to be changed. (The date has an odd significance for the alternative research community, and it is that, however, with which we are momentarily concerned here. It is odd that the Sumerian Kings' List, which states that the earliest "god-kings" came to earth, bringing down "kingship" from the heavens with them, and establishing civilizations on this planet, approximately 240,000 years ago. While highly suggestive, whether there is a connection here between this recent Martian water story, and this peculiar assertion of ancient texts, remains to be seen.) At a deeper level, the study suggests the possibility that whole subject of Martian water may be in need of more significant probing and investigation, particularly in the light of the strange sequence of space news occurring last month and renewed calls for manned missions to Mars, not only by the USA, but by Russia. The idea of flowing water that recently in Martian geological history suggests the possibility that there may be hidden concentrations of water on the Martian surface or beneath it. Such concentrations would raise the stakes of the space race to Mars considerably, for Martian water would make the exploration and eventual colonization of the planet a much less costly and difficult task.

Given what we have blogged previously this week about Martian exploration, and 3D printing, 200,000 year old running water on Mars has raised the stakes even more... this is another one of those "quiet stories" to watch.

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      1. The thunderbolts project site is more informative, especially the fellow that stumbled on the crater and the dome, a phenomena that can be understood in a electric universe.

        it was interesting while i was in South Africa, on the day leaving, the sky was completely red. A phenomena that struck me as odd, considering table mountain, and the cape of good hope.

        1. If you are a Thunderbolts fan, check out Symbols of an Alien Sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7EAlTcZFwY

          David Talbott got his inspiration to pursue that work based upon the writings of Immanuel Velikovsky. Worlds in Collision is a must read for anyone wanting the historical context for the Electric Universe theory.

        2. Robert Barricklow

          Thanks for the suggestion(The Thunderbolts Project). I just went to the site and will be reading, listening, and watching some of the videos. I’ve heard a number of people at this site refer to it but haven’t really delved into it. Looks great!
          Thanks again.

          1. Thunderbolts folks are going to argue against any water on Mars (I tend to agree with their arguments).

            The problem is that flowing electricity (and I mean VERY LARGE amounts of electricity) can cause geological features that look very, very similar to features caused by flowing water.

            So anyone who wants to argue for water on Mars, really does have to somehow rule out the electrical possibility.

        3. justawhoaman

          Absolutely thanks, Jedi. A whole new world opens up with this concept of an electric universe… big wow. That is what I love about Dr. Farrell and his incredible collection of followers and friends. From his high octane speculations to explorations of new models and theories that better explain natural phenomena. Thank you, all.

          1. bdw…water formation fits into a electric universe.

            Actually I think the problem of people not being able to self realize is due to the dichotomy of Aristotle, and the false theories presented as fact method, who it should be noted rejected his own teachings. However his method has produced peace on earth.

          2. Robert Barricklow

            you tripped a trigger in my memory banks(remember hal?)
            It’s from Plato(student of Aristotle)
            “As for all writers, past or future, who my claim they understand the deep mysteries I devoted my life to – whether from what they heard, or from their own research – this is what I have to say for them: They Don’t Know A Thing.”
            – Plato, Letter VII

  1. marcos toledo

    We may find out the real truth of Mars if Russia finally breaks the strangle hold of the USSA monopoly. Once it can successfully land probes on Mars we might find out the real situation and conditions are on that planet. We will never get the truth from NASA a handmaiden of our military since it’s beginning.

      1. marcos toledo

        Thanks for the link jedi wonderful parody. I loved it to bad the racist forced the cancellation of comments on that site.

        1. you can fool some of the people all of the time….but…..


          I think A. Huxley surmised it best, “you can do a lot with soldiers and guns with knife points except order them to sit on them”.

  2. Might be something metaphorical too the story of saten, 40 days, a desert and some guy from another world.

  3. Celtic Death Star

    There are photos that show shadows that look like they were cast by some sort of Banyan tree! What kind of geological features cast the same kind of shadow as a banyan tree?

  4. Celtic Death Star

    There’s already vegetation on Mars, clinging on to oases of water, right now!

    There’s bacteria and vegetation right now.

    There are ancient sea shells scattered on the ground.

    The Mars sky is blue and not the red tint that NASA adds!

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