May 1, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the past two days, and again today, I have been considering the scenario that we appear to be living in a period of social engineering closely resembling the revelation of the New World during the Renaissance, and that the revelation or disclosure of ET or ET civilizations in the past, or both, within our solar system may involve the same careful coordination of (1) financial and technolical powers able to exploit the New World fully and openly, (2) the political power, and (3) the religious power, in the revelation of knowledge that was secretly held and exploited for some time prior to its actual public disclosure, in this case, knowledge of a whole "new world" across the "western sea", which did indeed exist in Europe, and which was indeed privately and secretly exploited prior to its disclosure or revelation. Yesterday, I blogged about the strange remarks, and strange context of the remarks, of former President Bill Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel show, a show where a leading politician made serious comments in the context of comedy.

This, as I pointed out, was not the first time a politician had used the context of entertainment to say some pretty serious things, the other being US Senator and former NASA astronaut John Glenn, on the old sitcom Frasier. The formula was exactly duplicated in President Clinton's appearance. Thus, two components of the New World revelation triumverate are in place.

It is time to consider the third: the technolgical-financial. Regular readers here will be aware of my basic model or hypothesis, that space was was early on collateralized - secretly - by the national security complex to gain the participation of prime banks in support of a secret system of finance designed to provide the enormous funds that would be needed for a post-World War Two, decades' long Manhattan-sized project to research and create the technologies needed to effect real and efficient deep space exploration, and to achieve a level of potential military technological development designed to demonstrate near-parity to any potential "hostiles out there." Additionally, I have blogged previously on this site about how  the current quiet push for the commercialization of space - including the mining of celestial bodies - seems to be indicating that slowly, quietly, the lid is coming off this whole post-war arrangement.

In the context of the former president's remarks, and those of the Vatican, consider these statements from NASA chief Charles Bolden, also stated more or less in the same time frame of the others:

The Future of Humanity Awaits in Deep Space, NASA Chief Says

NASA Chief Says Manned Mission to Mars Absolutely Necessary for Human Race's Survival

Bolden's remarks, as summarized in the second article, are worth pondering in the wider context of other space-related remarks we have been considering over the past few days, and indeed, over the course of several blogs on this site:

"At a recent summit in Washington, D.C., NASA chief Charles Bolden outlined the space agency's plans for a manned mission to Mars by 2030, calling it 'necessary if the human race is to survive.'

"Bolden has described a massive effort the space agency might undertake to conduct such a mission: Start by lassoing an asteroid and bringing it into the moon's orbit by 2015. Then, astronauts could perform test missions on the asteroid, according to the International Business Times. The asteroid would serve as a necessary "proving ground" to inform NASA whether it is ready for Mars.

"The former astronaut and Marine general's vision has drawn critics, among them some members of Congress, who would prefer NASA forgo the asteroid and go straight to the red planet, or use the moon instead.

"Bolden explained in an earlier discussion the asteroid would not be the end goal, but the beginning step in a Mars mission. He directly addressed skeptics in Tuesday's summit, saying, 'Get over it, to be blunt.' 

"Ultimately, the human race will need to become colonists, Bolden said Tuesday. 'If this species is to survive indefinitely we need to become a multiplanet species; we need to go to Mars, and Mars is a stepping stone to other solar systems." (Italicized emphasis added)

The typical interpretation applied to such remarks is that humanity is running out of resources, and hence, the commercial exploitation of space is an absolute necessity for human survival. Where there is commercial exploitation requiring the equivalent of naval power and protection, there is inevitably militarization and weaponization of space as well. Hence, the recent calls for mining asteroids and other celestial bodies fits rather well into the hypothetical model I and others have been proposing. In the context of the parallels that now appear to exist between the modern social engineering of gradual "disclosure" and the Renaissance model, Bolden's remarks about the human race needing to become "colonists" are again, not to be taken lightly. They are perhaps indications that the Renaissance model may to some degree be driving or informing the overall strategy.

But the recent context of remarks from President Clinton, and the quiet though very evident preoccupation of the Vatican with such matters, puts Bolden's remarks about Mars manned missions (and presumably eventual colonization) into an even more significant context. We need to recall that DARPA and NASA, as reported on this site, have both come out with public statements to the effect that the United States needs to become "warp capable" in a matter of 100 years, and NASA has openly admitted to investigating and performing experiments to this end, though, of course, it has not released any results of these experiments. In other words, in that context, Bolden appears to be saying "we need to be on Mars even before those technologies come on line publicly." It is a timetable that suggests there may be a sense of some urgency within space circles. Indeed, from a purely military point of view, both the Moon and Mars would be essential to any system of interplanetary defense of the Earth.

Bolden's remarks also suggest that the technological and financial elements of the Renaissance model that I have been proposing, are also being aligned to the political and cultural  components. The final element, the revelation of suppressed knowledge, is not yet openly admitted or discussed by any of these three components, and therefore, this is the component to watch carefully in the coming years: How will it come?

If the pattern exhibited thus far continues,it might come in the form of discussions of apparent artificial objects on celestial bodies by, say, the Vatican, or a discussion of the idea in a "sitcom" context by a NASA spokesman, or politician. There have been hints at this already, but if the discussion turns suddenly, say, to things like the Blair cuspids on the Moon, or the Face on Mars or the pyramidal structures found elsewhere on that planet, or the strange phenomenon of Iapetus, or any number of other such things from ancient texts or ancient astronaut theory, from an individual with those connections or stature, in the context of Vatican pronouncements, or sitcom episodes dealing with the subject, then the game is afoot.This area, I believe, is now the one to watch carefully over the next few years.

Bottom line: we may be watching a second "Renaissance-New World" scenario slowly, carefully, and deliberately being unfolded before our eyes. Time alone will tell if this hypothesis is correct.

See you on the flip side.