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May 9, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've been trying to keep more or less deliberately quiet on the whole Malaysia Air Flight 370 Mystery. As most readers here know, shortly after the tragedy - imagine the emotional torture for the families who had loved ones involved on the flight as scenario after conflicting scenario and explanation emerged! Our hearts and prayers go out to them! - I maintained what I called my "wackadoodle hypothesis" in the face of growing confusion and stories and scenarios, that being that the aircraft simply went "poof," it simply disappeared, and no one, not even the NSA, knew where it went. If the NSA or NRO do know, it's unlikely they'll talk about it, because to do so would disclose "capabilities," and if they don't know, it's even more unlikely that they'll admit to that(again, because that would be to reveal too much about their capabilities).

Now, in that context, consider this new muddle on the Malaysia 370 mystery:

Is this MH370? US pilot believes he's found wreckage of missing airliner after searching through thousands of satellite images online - right where the flight vanished seven weeks ago

Let's assume, for a moment, that this is true. If so, it raises, once again, all the questions that were raised early on in the whole story, and even some new ones. The "find," if true, has already sparked "scenarios," among them being that Vietnam shot down the airliner, thinking it to be a spy plane, and, embarrassed at at its colossal KAL 007 stupidity, has been covering it up. Frankly, I don't think such a scenario holds much water. Vietnam would clearly know about the regular Malaysia air overflights of airliners to and from China, and would hardly be so incompetent as to make such a colossal error.

So, why the image now, so many weeks after the strange disappearance, in shallow water? And why has no one seen it before now, or more importantly, not admitted to seeing it, and why, as the article itself avers, is a search still being conducted in the Indian Ocean off Australia? On the first points, if indeed this image is of the crashed airliner, then one obvious possibility is that the location was not disclosed to give whatever conspirators were behind the disappearance, time to recover whatever it is they wanted. I mention this only because, if you've been following the stories, there is that strange connection of some of the passengers to an American company developing hardware and software with - it is rumored - some strange capabilities. This rumor was circulated in connection to the various "China and/or America did it" scenarios.

The problem here, as always, is the conflicting dataset that has surrounded the whole Malaysia 370 muddle from the beginning, for we were also informed that the Rolls Royce engine telemetry devices continued to function for some four to five hours after the reported disappearance, in other words, they continued to function long after the plane - if this is the plane - crashed into the waters off Vietnam. Possible? Maybe. Sure. But it is just as possible that with an impact with the water, they ceased functioning. If that's the case, then what about that Rolls Royce engine telemetry? Was Rolls Royce lying? Or, if getting telemetry, what was it getting telemetry from?

Then, too, there's all the other contradictory datasets surrounding the story: if this is the plane, then what exactly was it that flew back over the Malaysian peninsula as reported by some "eyewitnesses"? What was it that General McInerny confidently reportedon Faux News his "intelligence contacts" said flew over Indian airspace in the wake of another airliner(as if Indian air traffic control systems are not capable of detecting such a thing and giving off the typical collision danger warnings!) Was he lying? or were his contacts lying? Or did someone lie to them? Or ...didn't they really know and were they all scrambling to come up with something plausible by way of an explanation and, in typical intelligence fashion, using the whole incident as a crisis of opportunity to fasten the blame (predictably) on Iran and terrorism?

Let's suppose this does turn out to be the missing aircraft. If it does, then the questions only grow once again, for virtually everyone connected with the story has "a whole lot of 'splainin to do," from Malaysia, to Vietnam, to China, to the USA.  If it is the aircraft, then the statements of McInerny are erroneous, so one might ask him why he made them to begin with? and why was the "Indian airspace Iran scenario" even proposed? And if it doesn't turn out to be the aircraft, then, well, what aircraft is it? Some other, hitherto unknown disappeared aircraft? If so, why was it not reported? And whose was it? And what's it doing there?  If it is the aircraft, then what's there now? And who is going to go down there and look? Will the aircraft still be there? And if so, will it show any signs of anyone having examined the site before now?

On and on we could go. The bottom line here is, if this image is true, and it is the image of the missing flight, then the mystery just became even more muddled, and the probability of extremely foul play just ratcheted up quite a few notches.

See you on the flip side.