A couple of weeks ago I was shocked when the world's smartest rubber ball (Mike Flanchered) and his agent contacted me, indicating Mike (the ball in question) wanted to interview me again. This is the, uhm, laugh-producing result(at least on my end):



  1. music credit please, first 9 seconds. enjoyed some non-serious stuff for a chg!

    1. Mike Flanchered

      @mangycoyte The song is “Lazy Day” I don’t know who wrote it..give me a break I’m just a ball!

  2. The mouth on the ball doesn’t move.

    This interview will go viral me thinks!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. marcos toledo

    So Scott de Hart son was the interviewer funny great interview. What was his avatar a soft ball with a funny face drawn on it.

  4. I love your spontaneous sincere, solar plexus based laughter, Dr. Farrell; as I’m an opera singer by profession I think I can safely say I “know voices” (whether spoken, sung or laughed) and I can spot a vocal ‘phony’ immediately; it’s not only your incredible intellect that has endeared me to you but your sporadic, raucous but sincere laughter interjections; it means you’re “diverse” 🙂

    I just hope Dr. Scott de Hart’s son has been able to enjoy some sort of a normal childhood, despite his very aware, questioning intellect; this was denied to me (am not sure how aware I was but, boy, was I questioning things; my father managed to literally beat my curiosity out of me) so I hope others will be more fortunate than I was-

    please be well-

    Larry in Germany

  5. Anthroposophe

    Maybe he heard Dr. Farrell was under the weather. Laughter is the best medicine!

  6. Thanks for daring to post this Dr Farrell (first time I’ve seen you red-faced ;-)…. and thank you Mike for knowing how to push Dr Farrell’s laugh buttons. Another Flanchered-Farrell classic! That was worth waiting for and I’m happy to see you two reunited! Encore! (I’m wearing out the repeat button!)

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