Mr. V.T., a regular reader here, sent the first article that I want to talk about in this blog, and Mr. S.D. and some others sent versions of the second. Here are the two articles, and I am sure, once you read their titles, you will gain an inkling of what I am thinking:

Russia and China Agree to Contain the United States

Russia and China Sign Space Exploration Agreement

First, consider the final three paragraphs of the first article:

"Stratfor Global Intelligence reported that China will sign a memorandum of understanding with Russia on a 30-year natural gas supply deal.  But China also intends to start negotiations on the financing and feasibility of various Crimean projects, including, building a bridge across the Kerch Strait to connect the Crimea and Russian mainland, expanding Crimean ports, constructing solar power facilities, and creating special economic zones for manufacturing.  Russia will portray the investments as demonstration of solidarity with the Chinese and as international acceptance of Russia’s right to annex the Crimea.

"President Putin said after his first day of negotiations with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that the two countries have agreed to coordinate foreign policy steps more closely. “We have common priorities both on the global and regional scale.” Adding that Russia and China see eye-to-eye on most issues, have lots of plans and are determined to put them into practice.

"By combining China’s financial strength with Russia’s military strength, both nations can demonstrate to the world that they cannot easily contained by the United States and its allies. The initiative leverages China’s capability to make aggressive moves against the interests of nearby countries -- much like Russia is doing in Ukraine."

Of course, I do not buy for a moment that Russia was the aggressor in the Ukraine nor in the Crimea. I lay that whole fiasco squarely at the feet of the increasingly insane and totally obsolete Russophobe Zbgnw Brzznsk and his ilk in the national insecurity complex and their crazy unipolar encirclement views which would seem more appropriate to 1942 Berlin than 2014 Washington. But I digress. The real points to consider here are the long term implications of the pattern implied in Moscow's and Beijing's talks: Russian energy for Chinese investment in and construction of Russian infrastructure. A bridge across the Kerch peninsula also makes good strategic, as well as commercial, sense, for it enables rapid communication between cities such as Krasnodar and  Novorossisk in the transcaucasian region on the one hand, and Kerch, Simferopol, and of course,, Sevastopol in the Crimea.

We need also to bear in mind that the word "containment" in the geopolitical context connotes the fourfold post-war long term American strategic plan for the Communist bloc: containment, then rollback. For Russia and China to be conceiving their geopolitical goal as that of containment implies, in this context, an eventual rollback component, a stage which will be very easy to achieve if the USA does not change its hamfisted foreign and domestic policy course. As the USA itself demonstrated with the USSR, it is relatively easy to roll back an unpopular power, once the initial public displays of disaffection get started. China has an uphill battle here, to be sure, especially since Tianamin Square, but it can be done with the requisite reforms and a genuine popular voice for Chinese people.

But the real hint given in the article is that this is all about energy, and notwithstanding the thirty-year deal, it seems clear from the second article that Moscow and Beijing are 'up to something' regarding space. Consider the strange tone of the admissions in The Moscow Times:

"Federal Space Agency chief Oleg Ostapanko wants to allow "Chinese colleagues participate in some of the most interesting projects that can replace the ISS," Rogozin said, adding that they would also discuss "projects such as cooperation in the field of rocket engine development," and cooperation in the growing market of space applications services — which primarily applies to the development of the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system and Russia's Glonass navigation system, both rivals to the U.S.' GPS.

"However, analysts doubted Russia's ability to be a reliable and fruitful partner to China beyond 2020, as Russian capabilities in space have drastically withered in the 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Russian space program lacks clear direction or goals." (Emphasis added)

The tone is repeated, almost gloatingly, a little later, with what seems like a contradictory admission that "Russia has nothing to give and everything to gain" and yet "everything to offer and nothing to gain", an "admission" that strains credibility:

"The purpose of any cooperation between states in space is to minimize the costs of complex projects and the development of science and technology," Pavel Luzin, a researcher at the Russian Academy of Science's Institute for World Economy and International Relations told the Moscow Times Monday.

"By this measure, Luzin sees little point in a Russia-China space partnership. China needs Russia only for "technologies they have not yet developed," and Russia lacks both a long-term vision for its space program and an industry capable of supporting it.

"Aside from the failed Phobos-Grunt scientific mission to one of the Martian moons in 2011, the history of Russian-Chinese cooperation in space amounts to little more than technology transfer."

So what. really, are we looking at here with these two articles? What is the context suggesting about this Russo-Chinese space cooperation.

There is first the obvious point that both powers view America as the principal geopolitical target and adversary, and hence, the only way to combat American hegemony is to provide a serious competitor to it in space, which, as we have argued before, is now the essential key in global communications, including international financial clearing.  If the BRICSA nations are to provide their own independent system of international clearing - as I've suggested is one of their ultimate hidden goals- then space assets and capabilities cannot be allowed to atrophy; they must be developed, and of the BRICSA nations, China and Russia are in the best immediate position to do something about it.

There is, however, another context, one suggested by my blog yesterday about Japanese plans to create orbital solar-microwave power stations as a long-term strategic goal to reposition its energy supplies and dependency on fossil fuels. Any step away from fossil fuels for Japan is, geopolitically, a step away from its status as a Western-US satrapy and back to full independence and sovereignty. 

This fact cannot be lost on Moscow's or Beijing's strategic planners either. As I indicated yesterday, eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, the world's energy supplies will have to move to alternative renewable energy sources, fusion, solar, and so on, and solar power works most efficiently if space-based. With the new technologies coming on line, it is beginning to be feasible in a large, macro-scale way. So I suspect that what we are not being told is that both Russia and China's space concerns are similarly strategic in nature, and have not only the goal of containment of the USA, but also of the development of similar capabilities as the Japanese are talking about. This will mean, inevitably, that the space race of the 1950s and 1960s is going to look like child's play, as space will become crucial not just for mining and collateralization, but for financial clearing, and for energy. And this means, whether we like it or not, that all major powers will militarize and weaponize space in order to protect their assets. Energy, and strategic defense(and offense) space based capabilties are, I suspect, the story that Moscow and Beijing are not telling us about.

As I quipped yesterday, can you say "Type II civilization?"

See you on the flip side.

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. henry on June 1, 2014 at 7:41 am

    @”There is, however, another context, one suggested by my blog yesterday about Japanese plans to create orbital solar-microwave power stations as a long-term strategic goal to reposition its energy supplies and dependency on fossil fuels. Any step away from fossil fuels for Japan is, geopolitically, a step away from its status as a Western-US satrapy and back to full independence and sovereignty.”

    When American President visited Japan in April, Yoichi Masuzoe, the mayor of Tokyo was visiting China. Saying his city will “cooperate with Beijing in the future, to tackle problems such as air pollution and traffic jams”. The visit was to fulfil a promise he made after he became the mayor of Tokyo early this year, claiming he will “rebuild friendly and cooperative relationship between Tokyo and Beijing, this is what i’m determined to do, and it’ll become a very important policy to pursue”.

    The “pro-nuclear” politician was elected back in February when Tokyo was suffering under unprecedented heavy snowfall, which greatly affected voter turnout. Yoichi Masuzoe’s main contender was Morihiro Hosokawa, backed by Junichiro Koizumi, the former Japanese prime ministers of LDP were the “anti-nuclear” side of that political race, otherwise can be described as an “internal split”.
    Yoichi Masuzoe is considered “moderate” when it comes to hot issues between China and Japan, like “historical disputes” or “territorial disputes”.

    And speaking of “internal split”. Despite Obama’s Japan trip was supposedly “strengthening ties with Japan to contain China”, first he refused to stay in the residence Shinzo Abe had carefully prepared for him, then despite Abe repeatedly calling him “Barack” publicly as to show how close the two leaders are, yet Obama kept his “formality” with him by referring to Abe only as “prime minister Abe”, until Abe finally stopped calling him that. Not only that, Shinzo Abe tried to invite Obama to “private talk” on three occasions which were all declined by Obama. On top of that, Obama also refused to visit the Meiji Shrine on Abe’s invitation.
    Given former U.S. president George W. Bush used to visit the Shrine with former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, such visit would be a perfect opportunity to showcase the two nations “traditional friendship”.

    @”This fact cannot be lost on Moscow’s or Beijing’s strategic planners either. As I indicated yesterday, eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, the world’s energy supplies will have to move to alternative renewable energy sources, fusion, solar, and so on, and solar power works most efficiently if space-based.”

    That’s exactly my suspicion when i made the comment “the historic gas deal between Russian and China is not what it appears to be”.

    When i read last years RT report that the Russians and the Chinese are going to jointly develop “world’s first floating nuclear power plant”, and plan to provide it to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Namibia, Cape Verde and Argentina,
    my intuitive reaction was “Are they secretly building nuclear-fusion power plant?”

    First of all, both countries are participants in the ITER project. Secondly, China has officially identified “nuclear-fusion” as potential energy solution in the near future. The experimental advanced superconducting tokamak EAST device was set up in 2007 with stated goal of “providing firm scientific and technological basis for ITER project as well as the country’s ability to independently design, construct and operate nuclear-fusion reactors in the future.”
    Incidentally, last years RT article also featured nuclear-fusion power plant as “a possible solution to world’s energy requirement in the future”.

    The prospect of a potential new type of economic system based on different type of energy input utilizing a very different sicentific model which could subsequently lead to a huge evironmental and moral change in paradigm.
    Even with the current fossil-fuel based economic model, the alliance between petrol-yuan and petrol-ruble, reinforced by the coming BRICS Development Bank would still be vastly different when compared to IMF and the World Bank backed petrol-dollar system, in terms of how much developing countries could benefit from it.

    However,such alliance was on “shaky ground” three years ago.Today, Russia and China are working together on “Syrian crisis”, blocking several Western attempts at military intervention. Yet,they somehow failed to prevent NATO invasion of Libya in 2011? To understand the “Libyan crisis” better, some basic understanding of the historical background on “Chinese colonialism in Africa” (as often portrayed by the “CNN curtain”) is needed.

    PRC was an essentially “illegitimate” regime since it was not recognized as the “legitimate” representative of China in the UN for more than 20 years. The Americans blocked China’s entry to the UN at the 5th General Assembly in 1950 and then again at the 16th General Assembly in 1961.
    With the “ideological quarrel” with the Soviet Union worsening on the one hand and facing American threat on the other (with the Americans having threatened to use nuclear weapons against PRC on number of occasions starting from the Korean War), the country sought to strengthen ties with African countries trying to gain independence from colonialism.
    It was among the first countries to recognize the Algerian “provisional Government” even before Algeria officially became an independent nation in 1962. PRC also refused to have diplomatic relations with apartheid South Africa and white-supermacist Rhodesia. It built the TAZARA Railway in Tanzania and Zambia to eliminate their economic dependence on Rhodesia and South Africa. The railway is also called “the Uhuru Railway”, Swahili word for “Freedom”.
    The Algeria and Albania drafted resolution on transfering UN seat from ROC to PRC passed in 1971, with 1/3 of countries in favor being African countries.The African delegates were celebrating, the Tanzanian minister even danced as they saw PRC’s return to UN as “a victory for the developing world”. And China remembers to this day that it was African countries which played crucial role in its return to the UN.

    Which is why president Xi jinping had a meeting with African leaders before the BRICS summit in Durban last year.Before attending BRICS summit in South Africa, he flew to Tanzania first for a symbolic demonstration of “the traditional friendship between Africa and China”.Back in late 2010, holding the presidency of BRICS, China asked South Africa to join the BRICS and invited Zuma to attend next year’s BRICS summit in China, meanwhile the country also increased its investment in Libya.
    In early 2011, the UN was preparing to bestow an award on Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights.Instead, UN adopted “Resolution 1973” on March 17 which paved the way for NATO invasion.
    The BRIC countries(along with Germany) all abstained. Few days later, on March 24, Russia’s ambassador to Libya was reportedly been dismissed by Medvedev because he accused Medvedev of “treason”, hinting at serious disagreements within the Russian hierarchy. Vladimir Chamov denied Internet media reports but he told the daily Moskovsky Komsomolets that risking lucrative ties with Muammar Gaddafi’s government “can be considered a betrayal of Russia’s interests”. Then a mysterious Youtube video appeared, by using archive footage and recently conducted interviews, it presents Medvedev as “weak and ready to surrender Russian interests to a conniving America”.

    China on the other hand did something “unprecedented” as its Xuzhou missile frigate entered Mediterranean Sea for the first time in history on February 27. Which is remindful of the joint Russo-Chinese naval operation in Mediterranean Sea as the two countries cooperated on “Syrian crisis”. But back in 2011, such “cooperation” between China and Russia was nowhere to be seen. Arguably, China was “forced to abstain”, because without Russian political as well as military support (as with the case of Syria) the country risked itself of being “isolated”. The Russians also recognized “National Transitional Council” as “legitimate government of Libya” on September 1 after “Operation Mermaid Dawn” saw NATO-mercenaries took Tripoli, China “followed suit” and recognized “National Transitional Council” on September 12.

    It should come as no surprise, Russia always wanted to join the West. During Yeltsin’s era, as well as during early period of Putin’s government, Russia repeatedly expressed interest in joining NATO, provided that “Russian interests would be respected”.Russia’s “pro-West” attitude under Medvedev reached a “new height” when “Pussy Riot” openly attacked Putin and the Eastern Orthodox Church, yet Medvedev was still “sympathetic” towards these Western tools..

    The Libyan fiasco, says South African president Zuma, “is just the latest example of Africa being shown disrespect by the rest of the world”, and that’s how African countries view it.I suspect that’s probably why the Russian agents attending Durban summit were denied entry to the conference building by South African security. Are the Africans still mad about Russia’s “betrayal”? But with Putin back as the Russian leader, and with the appointment of a new defense minister under whom the Chinese president was given a rare tour of Russia’s command centre, which was nothing short of Russia’s “reassurance of its alliance with China”, after it was “weakened” back in 2011.

    Given Russia’s economic strength rely much on energy sector which is largely dependent on the West, its recent gas deal with China via the Siberia pipeline, and with subsequent Altai pipeline which would be transferring gas to India via China, has just reaffirmed Russia’s “Euro-Asian” as opposed to “pro-West” approach, the so called “strategic triangle” with India and China. The Russian commitment to this strategic engagement with Asia is further evidenced by Patriarch Kirill’s official visit to China last year, who was received by president Xi in the Great Hall of the People, while China remains one of the few nations on earth still refusing to have diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

    Not to mention the gas deal would be done in Yuan or Ruble, coupled with the recent unveiling of “International Energy Exchange” in “Shanghai Free-Trade Zone”, the marriage between petrol-yuan and petrol-ruble could rearrange the global oil market in the future as these currencies challenge the petrol-dollar. Setting the stage for nuclear-fusion Yuan and Ruble.

    Immediately after the signing of “the historic gas deal”, RT reported that Russia’s Far East and China’s North-East Regions may develop into “common economic zone” which could become part of a “future economic bloc in Asia”.
    There is no doubt in my mind Japan will eventually join such economic bloc, and when it finally does, it will be the end of centuries of Anglo-American global imperialism.

  2. jedi on May 27, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    The space racket is no different than General Smedley Butler reflection on the war racket. He compared himself to All Capone, except that he controlled 3 continents whereas Al only had 3 blocks. All profits went to the big players on wall street. I might have the generals name wrong,, apologies.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 27, 2014 at 4:40 pm

      I read his/War Is A Racket.
      His most famous quote is something along those lines above & went something like/I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. A high class muscle man for Big Business, Wall Street, and the bankers. He said he could give a few tips to Capone; who operated in three districts, while he(Smedley Butler) operated on three continents.
      And he stopped the coup d’état of the capitalist fascists(the Duponts, Rockefellers, ect.) against FDR, to take over the White House in July of 1932. Who knows, they might have cut a deal with Hitler earlier than the OSI’s Allen Dulles did in 1941-2. Still, when you look at Fascism won the war. One side just was more honest about it. Most of the mask dropped when the USSR fell 1989. Putin is bringing that country back. China & Russia are now forcing the media wars & covert wars, to rise to the surface from the depths of deception. Hopefully; one side, or at least a side in this mix of tribes, will throw their lot in with the peoples of the world – against the governments who are NOT REPRESENTING one iota(except the .001 percent) of their own citizens.

      • jedi on May 28, 2014 at 5:23 am

        The Berlin wall collapsed on 11 9.

        • Robert Barricklow on May 28, 2014 at 7:33 am

          Another of a long list of
          symbolically purposed signposts.

          • jedi on May 28, 2014 at 11:41 am

            Run ape run, or is ra it ape stone…….?

            Its a bird, its a plane, its a shuttle from cape can I do evil, and iron man the teacher has her palm on the abort button.

            Which reminds me of Carl Satan’s favorite comic, a palm reader says to the mark……you are so gullible

  3. DownunderET on May 27, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Space cooperation has been going on for a long time, the ISS is a good example, however the ISS didn’t make any money. So now the West vs East games begin in earnest in Space and it’s going to be another “race” supposedly!
    I just wondering how long it will take until we see another form of propulsion, we’ve been using rockets for over 50 years, so now if there is going to be a Space race, somebody is going to have to release a technology of the future. I notice that Ben Rich’ name has been mentioned again in this thread, and his words are as prophetic now, as there were back then. So let the race begin, we’ve all got a front row seat, bring on the hotdogs and beer and I don’t think will need to wait too long for the “starting pistol”.

  4. WalkingDead on May 27, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    The simple fact is had we spent the same amount of money on the advancement of mankind (as opposed to the advancement of an elite group)as we have on warfare and weaponry we would most likely already be on Mars and the Moon and KNOW weather or not someone has been there before us or is still there.
    It is a distinct possibility that the governments of the world are cooperating on this unbeknownst to the masses. Most likely they believe we need cold war 2 to provide the “space race” and funds to accomplish whatever it is they are after in the time frame they believe is required.
    The question is; who will be the beneficiary of this?
    Just a select group of elites with “god given” rights via their bloodlines or humanity as a whole.
    Right now, as I see it, it’s a tossup whether we make it or destroy ourselves. It would truly be a shame if we ended up as just another failed civilization on this rock.
    Wouldn’t it be humorous if what they are really hiding is a gigantic
    “Quarantined” or “Available Soon” sign on the dark side of the moon…

  5. basta on May 27, 2014 at 11:39 am

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t at all buy into the Japanese “Death Star” microwave energy scenario as anything other than bad mis-information.

    The meme being put forward is that alternative energy (i.e., any form of energy other than ‘fossil’ fuels and nuclear) are so outrageously complicated and ‘out there’/sci-fi that they should simply be written off as “pie-in-the-sky.”

    The problem isn’t that the world needs to develop “alternative” energy solutions, but that world governments must finally stop supressing a century’s worth of such discoveries.

    We can stop the propaganda and simply go back to J.C. Maxwell and Nikola Tesla; we don’t need to to turn the Moon into some ridiculous microwave oven. Honestly.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on May 27, 2014 at 11:41 am

      No argument from me!

      • basta on May 27, 2014 at 12:09 pm

        I’ve been checking on the background of the writers and newspapers that published the second article and have found that the Moscow Times is a subsdiary of a Finnish media group (Sanoma Corp.) that is allied with the Herald Tribune, i.e. The NY Times/Sulzbergers. And there you run into the US Alphabet Soups in spades.

        Well, I wouldn’t trust such a trail of links as far as I can throw them.

  6. Daryl Davis on May 27, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Arms races never end; they just grow exponentially more expensive. In order to avert a second Cold War or extinguish an arms race once and for all, one side would have to utterly subjugate the other, abortively gathering resources unto itself. But how does one monopolize zero point energy?

    The brighter alternatives would have been world unification, which might have required a common Earth enemy — or else intervention by a non-Earth ally — “someone” stepping in, or hovering above, imposing a lasting peace.

    Yet I still doubt that this financial game of high tech Risk can continue much longer — for any party. At some point, when one side or the other perceives that all is lost, all cards will be shown, all weapons utilized.

    Then comes real shock and awe.

  7. marcos toledo on May 27, 2014 at 10:46 am

    The problem is that the Moscow Times article is putting out the meme that Russia has been sitting on it’s ass since the fall of the Soviet Union. A collaboration of China, Russia and even India could prove a formable match to the EU-USA space programs which really look like they’re dead in the water. One wonders what cats that China, Russia, India and even Brazil and South Africa have up their sleeves.

  8. LSM on May 27, 2014 at 10:42 am

    I dunno, all, I just tend to agree with my read sources (if they are at all credible) that ever since WW2 (atom bombs testing and subsequent deployment) all major nations are co-operating with each other at the highest levels (earthly geo-political reports/conflicts are a distraction) to detain a cosmic threat to our existence; Dr. Farrell, what was the person’s name who stated “now that we have the equation right we can send ET back home”?-

    I have no idea if any of this is fact but I’m not ruling it out-

    please be well all-


    • Daryl Davis on May 27, 2014 at 10:51 am

      That was Ben Rich of Skunkworks.

      • LSM on May 27, 2014 at 10:58 am

        many thanks!

    • marcos toledo on May 27, 2014 at 10:53 am

      Larry it was Ben Rich from Lockheed Skunk Works who said that on UFO Files in 1995.

      • LSM on May 27, 2014 at 10:58 am

        many thanks!

    • sagat1 on May 28, 2014 at 6:38 am

      They haven’t hoovered up all the world’s ancient artifacts and not learnt anything. Something has been discovered as a clear possibility and their countless terrestrial and space based satellites, listening posts, ISS etc. have probably confirmed it to a certain degree. What that ‘it’ is, is clearly not for us mere mortals to know and whether or not we’ll be privvy at some point is anyones guess.

      The huge sums of money that are being extracted from the world’s economy (the 9 largest banks hold a total of $228.72 trillion in derivatives – approximately 3 times the entire world economy!) is being put to use somewhere and for some reason. I simply don’t believe it’s all being hoarded in fat cat bank accounts and being put to some sort of use. Afterall, fiat currencies are basically worthless control mechanisms and the elites know that all to well. There are to many clues pointing to an agenda that’s being kept under wraps.

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