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May 23, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've been avoiding commenting much directly about the Ukraine and the recent sanctions business, seeking to place the whole problem in a much larger context of Western geopolitical stupidity. As regular readers here will recall, I've also voiced and advanced the idea over the years since the bailouts, that the Western oligarchs appear to be in some sort of "anxiety" or "panic" mode, and that they are also showing all the signs of some deep fissures and cracks within their world views, and what, as a consequence, should be done about it.

Now, consider, for a moment, if, say, a Henry Kissinger and a Zbgnw Brzznsk (for those new to this site, that's Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose nearly vowel-less name we have reduced to its consonantal basics for ease of pronunciation and spelling) were suddenly to find themselves at opposite poles of a clear geopolitical issue, say, over the Ukraine, the USA's handling of it, and its current demonization of Mr. Putin. Both are shills to the Rockefailure interest, and therefore, if they were to have publicly stated disagreements on fundamentals, that should be news, right?

Well, believe it or not, they do have publicly stated disagreements, fundamental ones, on the Ukraine, but I'll bet you didn't see Mr. Kissinger's views being reflected on the lamestream media lately. Here's Alex Jones' Infowars version of Mr. Brzznsk's ideas:

Brzezinski Calls for Sending Weapons to Regime in the Ukraine

Nothing new here: Zbg's basic playbook hasn't changed in so long that we wonder if there were ever any other pages in it to begin with. Today, weapons in the Ukraine. Tomorrow, covert ops and regime change and nation-building in Russia itself. Yea....we get it, thanks Zbg. Don't be concerned by Russia's hydrogen bombs and ICBMs you say? They'd never really use them? But Zbg, what if the Russians never bought into MAD, and what if they don't believe the doctrine that a nuclear war is unwinnable? Couldn't poking a stick constantly into the bear's cage be sorta dangerous? Just askin...

But now Mr. Kissinger weighs in, and it's almost shocking to see the fundamental gap between his views - subtly expressed to be sure - and Mr. Brzznsk's:

Claims that Putin initiated conflict in Ukraine after Sochi Olympics make no sense - Kissinger

For once, Mr. Kissinger has it right:

"The demonization of Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one," Kissinger wrote.

What is of major concern here however is that two such scions, both so highly placed within the power oligarchy of the USA, should differ so fundamentally on such a major issue... and that, perhaps, is an indicator that that policy, so long in the grip of the patriarch of that prominent American family, is losing its grip and direction even as he ages and fades. It's also a sign or indicator that there is a real struggle between factions, one - we'll call it the "crazy" faction - that wants to continue poking sticks into the bear's cage, and the other, that wants to ratchet down the rhetoric and reengage in a more responsible and adult manner.

That the two are represented by Mr. Brzznsk and Mr. Kissinger, however, should give everyone pause, because their open disagreement is a sign of just how bad the factional infighting may have become.

See you on the flip side.