1. Why don’t they just go lasoo Iapetus, tow it into an Earth orbit, jump on an viola, a “ready made” Ark with running water, extensive views of the cosmos and some genetic cousins to make up a game of poker.

  2. nobodyouwantoknow

    Nostradamus : Quatrain. VI-5 —

    “So great famine through pestilence,
    Through long rain the length of the Arctic Pole:
    Samarobryn one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
    Will live beyond the law or poliics.”

  3. marcos toledo

    So these pieces of slim intend to not be around when they press the button a start Great War Part Three. They intend like in the age of discovery to seek out new civilizations to enslave, loot and destroy so they could enrich themselves same old MO they never change. There one problem with this dream there are others out there who have been doing this and won’t appreciate the competition. Or like on the CW show 100 to enslave the survivors when they return.

  4. The story here revolves around this deliciously ironic quote:
    “If the Earth ends up a no-go zone for human beings due to climate change or nuclear or biological warfare, we have to preserve human civilisation….”

    We need to preserve the very “civilisation” which threatens to destroy our precious and beautiful planet?

    Does anyone else find this hilarious?

  5. Celtic Death Star

    And I don’t know why they don’t do more terra preta, (charcoal soil), instead of just burning down the Amazon!

  6. Celtic Death Star

    They seem to know a “lot” about soil and agriculture?! Yes? No??

    So why don’t they sort out the soil down here?

    Soil needs friendly bacteria, friendly fungi, friendly worms, maybe other bugs?! Modern agriculture dumps herbicide and pesticide (Monsanto) on the soil and it loses its friendly bugs. Modern soil is depleted of friendly bugs and essential minerals.

    Biological transmutation: bacteria (and maybe plants and animals?) can do alchemy and convert certain elements into other elements. If the soil is dead then there are no bacteria to create the essential minerals. If there are no friendly bacteria in your stomach then you (the bacteria) cannot create the essential minerals you need, neither can you digest certain minerals in your diet.

    You supply boiler chickens with the right minerals and you get higher yields. You need yttrium, rubidium, magnesium, etc for your DNA to function properly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some kind of metal DNA complex… some kind of chelation.

    You have at least 3 operating systems; your conscious mind, your autonomic subconscious and your DNA. If your DNA is not nourished properly you run into problems like cancer, degenerative diseases, etc.

  7. “Scientists are developing an interstellar Noah’s Ark … and investigating new bio-technologies that could one day help to create a self-sustaining spacecraft to carry people beyond our solar system.

    The spaceship would incorporate into its structure organic matter such as algae and artificial soil, ==>> using the Sun’s energy to produce biofuel and a sustainable source of food.” <<==

    Well, that was a good laugh. It reminds me of one of those very un-PC ethnic jokes that went around when I was a kid: "A scientist in (chose your laughingstock country) holds a press conference to announce the first manned flight to the sun. The reporters, puzzled, ask, 'But won't the astronauts burn up and die when they get too close?' And the scientist replies, 'Oh, don't worry, we're going to launch the rocket at night.'"

  8. Of course, one cannot view the now much publicised plan to tug an asteroid into lunar orbit under the guise of mining without being cynical.

    In lunar orbit away from prying eyes, one can employ Orwellian “Double Speak” and build just such a sustainable colonisable city inside a large enough asteroid.

    Those familiar with Dr Farrells works will immediately get the connection with the many theories about just such a complex in orbit around Mars.

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