1. How does the economics work? You spend hundreds of billions to mine an asteroid, flood the metals market with your mined metal, prices drop to nothing and you make no profit. Your own success is your undoing.

    1. Well, there is the “De Beers” model that keeps diamond prices artificially high… or maybe the metals would be used directly off-planet!

  2. Aridzonan_13

    The “Red Pill” possibilities are starting to throw a Godzilla-esque shadow. If the $17T/Q??? in derivatives are for real.. It would portend off world financial input?!! So, how much longer can they hide all this tech and wealth being pumped into private hands at tax payer’s expense??

  3. Robert Barricklow

    In the near future they will begin to transfer funds from
    Off-Shore Tax Havens to Out-Of-This-World Tax Havens.

    1. marcos toledo

      Are you sure our elites haven’t been doing that for years already. Since they are getting ready throw the USSA under the bus, train for some years now.

  4. nobodyouwantoknow

    NO NO NO !!! All that extra weight from asteroidal imports will squash the Earth and cause quakes and stuff and other problems we can’t imagine yet !!! And besides all that, the asteroids are populated by huge astral bugs — The movie “Final Fantasy” was no fantasy !!! Beware !!! Beware !!! Look to your skies for a warning !!!

  5. marcos toledo

    This story is two years old where o where are those robot space miners are. I wonder how much money these guys rip off from Uncle Sap as usual.

  6. One could foresee a farcical scenario playing out in which Earth’s black project players stealthily cause the mysterious failures of such private space mining launches in exactly the same manner as UFOs may have sabotaged NASA/black project rocket launches.

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