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May 30, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then, I have to pause, and wonder at what is going on, and the world my generation is leaving behind. Sometimes, quite often in fact, I think we owe an apology to that generation in junior high or high school now, for what we have done to them. But...


As most of you know, one of my friends is Dr. Scott de Hart, whom I have known for over 20 years, and his sons. And in this case, his youngest son, Benny, started a blog site(which I didn't even know he had done), and there were two articles on it that I have to share, and these articles are news, and you'll see why, once you read them. Here's the first one, by Bennett de Hart(and you may find both articles here:

"Apartment complex bans kids from playing outside!

"Fliers around the Sterling Park Apartments in Portland, Oregon have been posted to notify residents that kids living there are not allowed to play outside. As reported by KPTV FOX12,the notifications were hung on Thursday morning. The station spoke to several residents who said it was the first time they heard of the “no play” policy. OK, seriously?! You actually banned kids from PLAYING OUTSIDE!? I mean what's next, "No leaving your house until you play your video game"?! I'll admit that I'm not an "outside person" but to BAN kids from going outside and PLAYING is straight up just wrong."

Hear hear! A fourteen-year old calls a spade a spade, calls insanity insanity, calls nanny-ism nanny-ism, and puts it no-gloss country simple: "to BAN kids from going outside and PLAYING is straight up just wrong." Of course we can all imagine all the stupid "explanations" that will be proffered for this latest bit of "let's interfere in your life," and they'll run the gamut from local ordnances, city codes, legal liabilities, insurance... in other words, all the modern crapola that is shoved in our faces every minute of every day that tells people they are no longer simply allowed to LIVE without someone in "authority" telling them what they can or cannot do, by the terms of their "lease."

It gives me hope, that spontaneously, without prompting, a young teenager can take the initiative, and call it like it is, and put it both eloquently and simply: it is "straight up just wrong."

And it IS just plain wrong.

Then there was this comment, a little further down the site, from Amy, a young lady of 16 years, whom I have met along with Benny and Dr de Hart, and she posted this:

"So an introduction is in order I suppose. The name's Amelia. Amelia Pond. Time-traveling, bitterly sarcastic, Scottish redhead with an affinity for trouble.
No wait, my name is John Lennon. Legendary music icon, whose music has inserted hope into the hearts and minds of millions of people.
Wait, maybe I am Hermionie Granger. The girl whose intelligence sprung from doubt and whose bravery surpassed the strongest of men.
Or maybe I am all of them. Maybe I am more.
I find it funny how the people who shaped me the most, are ones who I never met and/ or don't actually exist.
I read the books. I watched the movies and TV shows. I listened to the music. They became apart of me.  My soul.
They became my friends, helping me through things without ever actually being there. Providing their stories, teaching me lessons, leaving wisdom in the folds of pages or the notes of a melody.
It's a scary thought that some people don't read and listen with the same thoughts in mind. That the characters and musicians are people just like them, each bearing a story or message that can be heard if one only looks.

Now, I don't know about you, but this, too, is good news. It's good news, because there is still wisdom, and light, and eloquence, and the acknowledgement that all of us owe those who carried that light before us, and passed it on. It's good news, and I don't have to tell any of you who are regular readers here, why it is. You already know. And you already know because that light shines in all of us, if we let it, and thanks to Benny and Amy for reminding us to do so.

I thought, in the previous week's insanity, that you all could use some relief, and light, and good news, and I hope that these two comments, touch you, in the same way they did me.

See you on the flip side.