cosmic war


June 26, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's a rather thought-provoking article that appeared on the Huffington Post. It seems the call to colonize other planets "or face extinction" may be the newest meme being promoted. But there's a twist, as one will discover when one reads the article:

We Must Colonize Other Planets Before We Go Extinct, Says Astrophysicist

The article, which announces yet another television show involving the subject of contact between terrestrials and "extra-terrestrials", makes the point that this show will contain interviews with "real scientists." And what are the "real scientists" going to be talking about?

That's where it gets interesting. The first thing emphasized is the good ole "humanity unites in the face of potential alien threat" meme:

"Oluseyi, one of several prominent scientists featured in "Alien Encounters," is currently involved in research that may usher in an era of new propulsion systems for spaceships. Such technology could eventually be used to take humans from Earth to other Earth-like planets.

"'Just as we could have regional differences within our own country,' he said, 'in times of serious crises ... we'll all come together if something like [the arrival of an alien race] happens, and we'll see ourselves as Earthlings and recognize how precious our little island home is.'"

Then there's the "arrival of mothership" over planet Earth meme, which we've seen in countless films and televisions series like Independence Day and V, but this time with a twist, as the series with "real scientists" is apparently willing to combine memes into one grand architecture of a "scenario", and combines not only exploding motherships, but alien health threats in the form of a virus, which just so happens to produce hybrid babies of human-alien genetic composition, who in turn possess "strange powers":

"Tuesday's episode explores the scenario of a huge alien mothership exploding above Earth, raining space trash and a flu-like virus onto us, resulting in alien/human hybrid babies with strange powers."

Thank God for real science and real scientists, because I was beginning to doubt whether or not to continue to share my high octane speculations or not. But apparently whatever they're dropping into the coffee makers on the sets of this show that the writers drink from is having its intended effect. Motherships, explosions, viruses, and hybrids all in one fell swoop.

I don't know about you, but what really nags at me here are the memes and attitudes being subtly promoted: the meme of human survival, which is dependent on human expansion and colonization in space, the subtle promotion of ET as hostile, the theme of interbreeding and hybrids. Uhm, the last time I checked, that hybrid thing didn't work out too well for anyone concerned. As readers here know, I'm definitely not opposed to the idea that the national security apparatus might, and in my opinion, probably did conclude that the UFO phenomenon represented a potential, though not perhaps immanent, threat, and that some UFO actions could be understood to be provocative if not hostile. But, in the context of recent papal homiletical pronouncements about baptizing ET if "it was requested", combined with memes of "survival" and "colonization", reassessments of NASA's priorities as per the blog yesterday, the inclusion of China in international efforts, raise the stakes considerably.

None of this, in my opinion, is coincidence. We're watching social engineering once again, and engineering on a planetary scale. The question is...why? The answer to that, is anyone's guess.

See you on the flip side..,.