June 21, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

In case you missed it, early last month a French court upheld a ban on GMO corn:

"France’s General Association of Corn Producers had asked the Council of State to weigh in on the parliament’s restrictions on GM corn, but the court also rejected their case on Monday.

"The council said that the current ban on MON810 had not brought about an urgent economic crisis for the corn growers, as they had alleged.

"France adopted a decree in March halting the sowing of Monsanto's insect-resistant MON810 corn, the sole GM crop allowed for cultivation in the European Union.

"The law also applies to any strain adopted at EU level in future, including the GM variety Pioneer 1507, developed jointly by DuPont and Dow Chemical. That product might be approved by the EU executive later this year, after 19 of the 28 member states failed to gather enough votes to block it.

"France is pushing to cut Brussels out of the process entirely, with future GM authorisations taken only at the national level."(Emphasis added, for the full article see French Court Bans GMO corn)

In other words, Brussels, ever the dictatorial oligarchical creature of the Anglo-American finance wizards and technocrats that it is, has been entirely bypassed and, indeed, defied, by the French legislature and courts. 

I believe the significance here, while rather obvious, should be clearly stated, and it is a geopolitical one. In the first place, such defiance on the crucial issue of GMOs can only serve to illustrate to the European population how distant the Fuehrerbefehlen coming out of Brussels are from the growing public concerns about GMOS, particularly in Europe. The GMO issue could become a bellweather issue, in other words, for the future direction of the EU, even to the point of whether or not there will be an effective EU. It's a message to the Brussels technocrats that the Maastricht Treaty which created the EU debacle is a disaster, and that true and genuine representation must come to the EU, or the individual nations thereof will inevitably have to follow their own national course. But in the second place, it's also an indicator of the wider problem: through the heavy handedness of western agribusiness corporations, the GMO is fast becoming a divisive political issue, not only domestically, but as a geopolitical issue on a global scale. And as the science against GMOs grows, their corporate advocates, notwithstanding all their power to manipulate the media and to promote corporate scientism, are going to have to change their game if their advocacy of GMOs - and GMOs themselves - are to survive.

See you on the flip side.

(Thanks to Mr. G.B. for informing us of this article!)